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Food Safety News - June 29, 2017 BPI settles with ABC over $1.9 billion defamation claim

Food Safety News

BPI settles with ABC over $1.9 billion defamation claim

By Dan Flynn

"The case is settled," Judge Cheryle Gering told the jury Wednesday morning, thereby making the first public announcement that BPI and ABC Television had settled the $1.9 billion defamation lawsuit in a confidential agreement. “As permitted under the law of South Dakota, neither the court, the jury nor the public will be told the details... Continue Reading

Second class action suit filed in pentobarbital pet food scandal

By Phyllis Entis

Texas pet owner Wendy Black has initiated a complaint seeking class action status against Party Animal Inc. and Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Company, Inc. The suit, filed June 6 in the Superior Court for Los Angeles County's Central District seeks damages "…on behalf of all persons who purchased Party Animal organic brand dog food... Continue Reading

President Trump likely to sign popular agro-terrorism bill

By News Desk

President Donald J. Trump is shortly expected to sign H.R. 1238, also called the “Securing our Agriculture and Food Act,” to coordinate efforts to defend U.S. food, agriculture and veterinary systems against terrorism. Congress sent the bill to the White House for the President's consideration on June 27. The bill amends the Homeland Security Act of... Continue Reading

Canada won't name frozen chicken products linked to outbreak

By Coral Beach

Canadian officials are investigating a Salmonella outbreak that stretches across four provinces and has been linked to frozen, raw, breaded chicken products, but no recall has been issued. With illness onset dates in April and May, there are at least seven confirmed cases of Salmonella infections, according to a notice released Monday by the Public... Continue Reading

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What Do You Do on Your Bad Days?
Week of 06/29/2017 - Featured Blog Post
What Do You Do on Your Bad Days?

It's easy to do a great job on the good days.

On the good days, I wake up full of energy for my workout, my healthy eating, my water, and my other tasks of the day (you know, the job and the parenting and the house stuff and all the other little things I do every day.)

Other days, like today, I wake up and don't want to get out of bed. On those days, I'm on auto-pilot, doing whatever is easiest, or whatever I've planned for, without any added complications. On a day like today I'm drooping, and just following the path of least resistance.

It's easy to lose weight on the good days. But it's what you do on the bad days that really matter. Do you pick up a giant calorie bomb muffin for breakfast? Or do you have a healthy breakfast planned and at the ready, so that it's easier than the muffin? Do you get the salad at lunch, or the giant burger? Do you come home and watch TV on the couch, or do you grab your already-packed gym bag and head to the gym for a workout, even if it's a relatively easy, phoning-it-in kind of workout?

Hopefully, if you've done your homework, all the healthy behaviors are already the path of least resistance. The healthy breakfast is made, the salad is your usual order at lunch, the gym bag is already packed. And you go ahead and do those things even on the bad days.

It's the consistency, the behaviors you take on the bad days, that really determine your success.

Added bonus, the healthy behaviors might actually help your mood! I find that when I am drooping, sometimes I just need a snack (yes, eating snacks is a healthy behavior, if they are healthy snacks -- far better than starving for a few hours until dinnertime and then devouring everything in sight.) Sometimes I just need some cold water. And of course, endorphins are a wonderful reward for a workout -- although there are some days I get to the gym and really do "phone in" my workout, more often than not, once I get there, I realize I'm happy to be there and I work out hard.

So for today -- I'll do what I always do. I may not workout for quite as long or quite as hard, I may eat a few more calories, but I'm still within the range of healthy behaviors. And that consistency is worth a lot.

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