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CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): A Detailed Review

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Is Your Lifestyle Hurting Your Skin?

The choices you make every day can affect how your skin looks and feels. See which habits can help, and which ones can hurt.
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Head-to-Toe Myths About Men Revealed

Will wearing a hat cause baldness? And will tighty-whities affect fertility? We answer these manly questions (and many more).
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Sunday, September 07, 2014
Head-to-Toe Myths About Men Revealed
Head-to-Toe Myths About Men Revealed

Will wearing a hat cause baldness? And will tighty-whities affect fertility? We answer these manly questions (and many more).
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Food Safety News - September 7, 2014 Perdue Recalls Raw Chicken for Possible Temperature Processing Problem

Food Safety News

Perdue Recalls Raw Chicken for Possible Temperature Processing Problem

By News Desk

Perdue Foods of Salisbury, MD, is recalling approximately 720 pounds of raw, fresh chicken products because they may have experienced a processing deviation in temperature during production, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced Saturday. The products subject to the recall include: 80-lb. cardboard boxes containing approximately 28, 2.5-lb. ice-packed,... Continue Reading
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Letter From the Editor: Week Six of the PCA Trial

By Dan Flynn

This past Thursday, a juror in the criminal trial of three former Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) executives became ill about two hours into the court session. Judge W. Louis Sands opted to send the entire jury home and adjourned the U.S. District Court of the Middle District of Georgia early for the day. Even... Continue Reading
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Recognizing Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

By Kerri Stout

Life today for many people can prove to be far more hectic than ever before. Some find themselves under so much pressure at home or work they barely have time to stop for lunches or regular nutritious meals on schedule. Fast food and missed meals cannot provide the nutritional values needed to support a healthy body. Many people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency symptoms and are totally unaware of it.

This essential nutrient can be easily obtained by spending thirty minutes in the sunshine at least once a day. Your body metabolizes natural sunshine into the nutrients necessary to keep levels of D vitamins constant. There are food based ways of obtaining this supplement also and retail outlets carry multiple levels of dosage in the pharmacy department that are available to help boost the amount of D that is needed.

The problem can arise if a person cannot get enough sunshine through illness or obligation to others or if they have darker skin pigmentation and there are some diseases that affect the body's ability to absorb nutrients naturally. Many doctors have difficulty diagnosing this ailment. The specified levels needed vary from study to study and it is difficult to determine the proper amount necessary. The Institute of Medicine has determined what levels are safe for specific age groups according to their nutritional needs. The accepted level rises as people age and senior women are listed at the highest levels.

Doctors list the most common indications of this problem as bone pain and muscle weakness. These signs are very subtle so this malady is often not considered when diagnosis is made. The doctor must ask for specific tests when ordering blood work to determine its existence.

Those who have endured this problem are able to give a more detailed description of the problems they had. Many of them say that their joints and especially their hips are very painful. The pain is so extreme that they have trouble standing up from a seated position. They also relate that they have suffered massive hair loss, cognitive problems that cause problems focusing and thinking and chronic fatigue that sometimes leaves them with no energy to move.

Women who have reached middle age are specifically at risk for this problem. Chemical and hormonal changes in their bodies can cause a loss of calcium available for bone density. Many women report suffering from multiple falls as they age and many of these falls are attributed to a lack of D vitamins. It is important to have bone density scans and monitor the level of vitamins in the body as they age to help prevent fractures.

There are multiple studies regarding the effects of D vitamins on various long term conditions. There are links to serious childhood asthma, heart disease and some forms of cancer that have been identified as connected to insufficient amounts of D vitamins in the body. High blood pressure has also been shown to greatly improve when patients are treated with this supplement and there is evidence that suggests using them can reduce the risk of contracting multiple sclerosis or falling.

Whether you have a shortage of D vitamins or not it may serve you well in the long run to supplement them by sitting in sunshine or purchasing the needed dosage at your favorite store.

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The Importance Of Women Health Online

By Mattie MacDonald

Remaining healthy is one goal that anybody will work very hard to achieve. Of late there has been very complicated fitness problems that are scaring a lot of people. There are a lot of people who have specialized in women health online business. This is so because you may be faced with a very serious health problem that you may not have experienced before.

You can just use your desk top or an internet enable phone to ensure that you access this website. It has a wide range of lessons that are learned hence helping you to avoid fitness problem just because you did not have enough information regarding the subject. Anywhere that you may visit in the internet site searching about this topic you will always get credible information.

To earn more profits to enhance your growth. If you will not make use of these developments in technology in will be very unfortunate for you because this is where the world is heading to. The use of internet. Come up with a website where you showcase you range of services and also the products that you have in store for your clients.

You detailed profile should be clearly be spelled on it. Many people who will want to seek your services will certainly be curious to know what strides that you have been able to make in solving health problems. If they like you profile you may find them starting to locate you and seeking your services.

On the contrary if you do not have a good profile they will not easily seek your services. Try to indicate you line of specialization in that website so that they can be able to make an instant choice as to whether you are the right candidate to offer solution to their problems health wise. It is important that you also remember to indicate the prices at which you services are going for.

This will enhance quick decision making on the part of the client with fitness problems. Clients have different levels of economic living. There are those that are extremely rich and those that do not have a lot of wealth.

Your services should cut across the whole spectrum. In fact you should be mindful of low and middle income earners because of the fact that they do not have a lot of options when it comes to health problems. If you charge very high costs you will find that you may lose the market.

In all this time they would not give you curative medicines except pain killers. When they give you pain killers and as a result the pain reduces significantly you will be deceived that you are recovering very well which is not the actual case. Your fitness situation is worsening day in day out due to these deceptions.

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How To Choose The Best Dentist Lancaster CA

By Kerri Stout

Oral hygiene is an essential thing that everyone must practice. Remember that brushing teeth after every meal is not adequate to maintain high standards of oral health. But regular dental check up will ensure that your teeth remain healthy at all times. If you have been struggling to achieve oral fitness, a dental health care expert can be of great help. When searching for the right professional dentist Lancaster CA patients can look locally or online.

It is true that dentists have established offices where patients go for treatment. These specialists offer comprehensive and affordable dental treatment with aim of satisfying their patients. They also offer relevant information about oral hygiene to the patients. However, there are many dentists who claim to offer dental services out there. Outlined below are some guidelines to help you choose the right dentist in Lancaster CA.

A dental health care provider must be qualified. The person should be in a position to answer all your questions concerning dental health. You can seek referrals either from close friends or your local dental society. Your relatives can also recommend you a specialist in your area. The Internet is another great place to search for a dental health care provider. Always invest your time properly to find a specialist in the field.

Look for a dental health care provider who is licensed to practice in your state. Remember that licenses are only issued to qualified dentists. So, if you choose a licensed dentist know automatically that you have landed a highly trained person. You should also note that the field of dentistry is wide and these specialists have specialized in different areas. Always go for a specialist in the area of dentistry you want.

Look for a dentist whose clinic or office is near your home or workplace. This is good because you will be able to access the place easily in case of an emergency. It will also be easier to plan your visiting schedule. You will also cut the transport expenses. Avoid clinics that are located far away from where you stay.

You should choose a specialist whom you feel comfortable with. The dentist should know when you have a problem that requires special treatment. Also, most patients have anxiety and fear when visiting dentists. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a doctor to offer basic comfort to a patient when carrying out treatment. Look for a caring and understanding person.

Another thing to put into consideration is the treatment cost. It is imperative to know whether or not the doctor will accept your medical insurance. A reliable person will accept payment options such as credit cards and personal checks. You need to agree on a flexible payment plan. Obtain quotes from different dentists before you settle for one.

A good dental health care provider should be able to respond to an emergency. It is advisable to inquire how the person handles emergencies. Consider looking for a specialist with a flexible working schedule. The person is not supposed to refer you to another hospital if an emergency occurs. Instead, he should be able to deal with your situation.

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Racing Tips And Reviews For Making Bets

By Kerri Stout

Horse racing may be categorized by most people as their preferred game to watch. Nonetheless, for the individuals who actually take part in the race, it is not just about the excitement but also about victory. There are hence some strategies that should be utilized for them to get a better probability of winning. Racing tips and reviews normally aid to make this possible. The tips given below comprise a sequence of tests carried out by specialists on the stallions to determine their probability of winning.

An example of the system that can be used by experts is the assassin method. This is a strategy used by experts to eliminate horses depending on the conditions gotten from the probable winners. The list of conditions should be made on the following basis; first of all, the list of the probable winners should be gotten from a good newspaper such as the race post.

In the list of the good horses, the reviewer should include only those horses that have had twelve or less runners. They should make sure that they include all the speed ratings for these horses. For a specific horse to be included in this list, it is mandatory that it has its own speed rating, if not it should be deleted from the list.

The strategies that have been listed above can also assist people to know the best betting amounts for certain horses. However, there are some stallions that have had more than three riders but have no practice assigned to them; they must be avoided because their winning capacity is not truly predictable.

They should also ignore those horses that have never won any race in the same distance of the race they are betting for. The betters should also eliminate the horses that are making a comeback from their list. This refers to the horses that have not been in the racing scene for a long time but they are just coming back. The above two types of horses are likely to let them down making them lose their money.

The horses that remain in the list after all the above eliminations have been done can be qualified for bets. It is however important that people exercise carefulness when allocating funds in a bet since there is still a chance that they might lose it. The winning of the race is usually unexpected and no one wants to be bankrupt after the loss.

All the guidelines that have been programmed above are hypothetical. Although they have been founded on expert researches one can never be 100% guaranteed that they will come out victorious. Every strategy has a chance at winning just like losing. The betting team must therefore never be too confident since there is a probability that they will be defeated.

Make sure you always enjoy horse racing without having tension or any kind of stress. Make sure you bet money that will allow you to have fun. This means the amount of money that you would mind if you lost and also an amount that you would be happy if it doubled.

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