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Are Your Food Habits Dangerous?

Do you drink milk past the date on the container? And when you see a spot of mold on bread, what do you do?
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Sunday, September 14, 2014
Are Your Food Habits Dangerous?
Are Your Food Habits Dangerous?

Do you drink milk past the date on the container? And when you see a spot of mold on bread, what do you do?
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Food Safety News - September 14, 2014 Publisher’s Platform: And now, we wait

Food Safety News

Publisher's Platform: And now, we wait

By Bill Marler

It is now in the hands of the jury. In 2009, the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) peanut plant was found to be the source of a Salmonella outbreak blamed for the deaths of nine Americans and the sicknesses of 714 more — many of them my clients. Former PCA owner Stewart Parnell and his... Continue Reading
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Letter From the Editor: Week Seven of the PCA Trial

By Dan Flynn

Anyone involved in a big trial, even as a casual observer, probably feels a little unsettled when the case goes to the jury as we are all just left sitting around and waiting. We don’t wait well. But now, in the federal criminal trial in Albany, GA, we wait. The case involving those three former... Continue Reading
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Why You Need To Take Sulforaphane Supplements

By Kerri Stout

Your body requires every level attention when it comes to protecting it from cancerous disorders. You should do every possible to keep every form of cancer away from your body organs. Although people try to keep cancer off from their lifestyles, some of them still suffer these conditions through mysterious ways. To boost the cancer prevention programs, doctors are advising people on the different foods they should refrain from and the supplements they should instead be taking. The sulforaphane supplements are some of the best products that scientists front.

These products are very crucial when it comes to enhancing the enzymes perform their duties. To be precise, they are able to stop the carcinogenic reactions that take place in the body and cause uncomfortable in humans. The enzymes are also identified by the scientists as the carcinogenic activators. These would cause cancer since the cells would start mutating the wrong way.

These products are significant for the health of your brain cells. To be precise, your brain cells are very prone to cancerous conditions due to numerous factors. However, consumption of these products ensures that the cells do not mutate in any abnormal way and also ensures that the cells do not die. This happens through activation of various gene related pathways in your brain system.

You would find many women taking the anticancer products. In fact, most of them would ensure that they take them on daily basis. This is because; women are more prone to the cancerous conditions that would affect their breast. Breast cancer affects young girls young enough to be teenagers. This is a life threatening conditions. For this reason, women have found these products as a greater gift.

When it comes to men however, the leading type of cancer is prostate cancer. This is even more alarming as its infection cause infertility among men; implying that no more reproduction will take place. Some many fatalities have been witnessed out its infection. It is sad however that many die without the knowledge of some existing remedy. These substitutes have worked wonders for many. It is hence as a result that scientists are highly recommending their use.

Consumption of any substitutes should always be taken from doctors recommendation. These particular ones are no different. Pregnant women are advised to consult their doctors consent before taking them: this is despite the known factor of curtailing cancerous cells. Such women are to be subjected to some tests to ascertain their health before using them.

The other groups of people who need to be cautions is the mothers who are breastfeeding their young ones. The doctors need to be aware of this so that they can prescribe the right dosage. In this case, a lower dosage of the extras is considered in the right manner. This is to ensure that the children are safe from inappropriate nutrients. Some of these particles may not be good for children who are breastfeeding.

The other categories of people that require such consultation are people under other medication. This implies that you are being treated for a different ailment. This is more so for people juggling with blood sugar problems. The others are those with heart complications. If you fall under this category, be sure to consult your physician before using the substitute.

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