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Secrets of Lush Lashes

How many coats of mascara look best? Who should never wear glittery eye makeup? What's the best way to apply falsies? Brush up on your skills.
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  Women's Health
The Look-Younger Diet
Learn which foods can smooth wrinkles and improve elasticity.
Fall Allergy Relief
Best bets to relieve itchy eyes, a runny nose, or asthma flare-ups.
Wish You Were Happier?
Find out what happy people do every day that you may be missing.

Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

See how building muscle, snacking smart, and powering up with protein can work to rev your metabolism and help you lose weight.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014
Woman Walking
Best Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

See how building muscle, snacking smartly, and powering up with protein can rev up your metabolism and help you lose weight.
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Exercising Outside?
Exercising Outside?

Check pollen counts before hitting the pavement with our free allergy app.
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Winning Snacks for Game Day    
Learn how to make your game day buffet a little lighter with healthy foods.
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The Right Supermarket Choices
Get tips you can use as our lead nutritionist walks you through a grocery store.
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Secrets to Successful Stretching
Why is stretching important? When is the best time to do it? Get all the facts.
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Better on-the-Go Breakfasts
See which fast food breakfasts are filled with sodium and fat -- and which are better.
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Know the Risks of Fasting
Slideshow: Grocery Smarts
15 Healthy Indulgences
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Diabetes: Is Alcohol Off-Limits?

Like many things, moderation is key. And some research suggests wine may help the body use insulin better.
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Saturday, September 27, 2014
Diabetes: Is Alcohol Off-Limits?
Diabetes: Is Alcohol Off-Limits?

Like many things, moderation is key. And some research says wine may have certain health benefits.
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Free Allergy App
Free Allergy App

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