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Liposomal Encapsulation Can Serve To Make Medicines More Effective

By Ida Dorsey

Liposomes have the ability to be bonded for improved medications effects. Liposomal encapsulation is a method that is used by the medical profession to move drugs that help with healing to specific body organs. This delivery method offers targeted distribution of essential compounds to the body. These doses can be reduced as much as fifteen times less than the normal supplement one would be taking.

The founder Mr Brooks Bradley showed that by combining water, lecithin and vitamin c together and then adding this little mixture to an ultrasonic bath it can produce a medical product. A simple recipe on how to make liposomes involves lecithin getting dissolved in a solvent. This could be chloroform or acetone and then once it has evaporated it will leave a thin layer on the container.

When ultrasonic waves are produced the sound waves then break up the lipids causing the liposome to trap the watery drug. Working outside a laboratory helps to save money and also improve one's health. There is a book available that will help those budding scientists to create this new technology themselves.

The word liposome comes from two Greek words; the first is fat and the other body. They were first discovered while scientists were testing a new electron microscope and added a negative stain to dry phospholipids. This negative staining is a method used in diagnostic microscopy, for different small specimens with an optically opaque fluid.

The actual specimen will not be touched but the background will be left stained and easier to see. It can also be done with a positive staining and in this way only the specimen will be stained. The ink used is called nigrosin and is a mix of synthetic dyes which are made up by heating a mixture of nitrobenzene, aniline hydrochloride with some copper or iron catalyst.

The factors that play a role when it comes to the side effects can be ones age, lifestyle as well as the treatment they are getting and health issues before getting sick. In some cases once the treatment has ended so the side effects will diminish but in a few cases it will never go away. Some of these drugs are so strong that they affect the cells in the digestive tract, mouth, bone marrow as well as the hair follicles and reproductive system.

Aniline or amino benzene is a toxic compound consisting of a phenyl group and is attached to the amino group. The main use for this is in the making of precursors to polyurethane. It is very volatile and ignites very quickly leaving a smell of rotten fish in its wake.

With this newest technology of liposomal encapsulation by medical researchers transferring different drugs that promotes healing to different organs in the body can be done at a much faster speed. Many nutritional companies are finding this method much better and are utilizing this technique. This is an oral way of taking dietary supplements.

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Symptoms can be similar. We explain the difference and help you figure out when it's OK to go to work, and when it's not.
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