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Womb Transplant: An Infertility Game-Changer?

See our special report, the Future of Health, to learn about this fascinating procedure and the hope it provides for infertile couples.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Womb Transplant: An Infertility Game-Changer?
Womb Transplant: An Infertility Game-Changer?

See our special report, the Future of Health, to learn about this fascinating procedure and the hope it provides for infertile couples.
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Tips For Effective Menopausal Weight Loss

By Leslie Ball

The greatest concern for women at menopause and post-menopause period is the ease with which they gain weight and how hard it is to loose it. However, menopausal weight loss is very easy to achieve by following simple tips. The tips provide a long term solution to that does not take you through strenuous exercises or tasteless crush diets.

Gaining or loosing fat is largely determined by your diet. Engaging the services of a qualified nutritionist ensures that your dietary needs are evaluated and healthy recommendations made. This will lead to necessary adjustments that will make your body fat easier to manage. The nutritionist works in conjunction with a dietary psychologist and an exercise physiologist. They provide a well thought-out plan that will deliver long term results.

The foods recommended by nutritionists ensure that you do not gain body fat and at the same time loose the excess. Professional nutritionists recommended that a woman should take more vegetables and fruits. There are different categories to ensure that your taste preferences are considered.

Sweetened deserts and foods containing processed sugars should be avoided in the diet. They are easily digested and converted into body fat. Other foods to avoid are cheese, meat and sweetened drinks.

Checking your body weight offers numerous benefits including avoidance of lifestyle diseases. Risky diseases at this age include arthritis, high blood pressure and heart complications. The parts that are most affected by arthritis are the knees and hips. Women are also exposed to diabetes complications.

Every woman should form a habit of exercising on regular basis. This does not necessarily mean enrolling in a gym. The healthy and effective alternatives are gardening, dancing or working out for at least thirty minutes. Do not concentrate on a single exercise. Several exercises will help different parts of the body which leaves you feeling light and healthy. There are many opportunities to improvise exercise routines at home including use of stairs and lifting improvised objects.

A discussion about the content of your diet is crucial. During the discussion with a qualified nutritionist, you will be surprised by the unhealthy foods in your fridge. Slight changes or the choice of healthier but equally tasty alternatives are available with incredible results.

Your choice of soft drinks should consider the presence of sweeteners and the amount of calories contained. The sugars in soft drinks are easily converted into fat. The effect is a reversal of gains made through weeks of strenuous exercises and dieting. Nutritionists have recommended healthy alternatives like seltzer water with a touch of lemon or lime wedge. The alternatives provided are both healthy and tasty.

Part of effective body fat management is to avoid hunger. You are advised to keep a bowl of fruits within reach. The fruits are healthy for snacking and will keep you full. A snack or sliced apple also works wonders in keeping away the temptation to eat excessively.

A weight management partner or team gives you the necessary support in your endeavor to keep fit. Company makes exercise sessions memorable, exciting and fun. The group or pair should work out a schedule and form a routine. Consistency in the suggested measures produces excellent long term results.

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Aloe Vera Juice Benefits To Your Health

By Leslie Ball

Aloe Vera produces two principal substances known as latex and gel. The gel is the jelly substance that is inside the plant. The Aloe Vera juice benefits seem to be endless. But we are going to look at the effect of the juice to human health. The juice comes from the plants fleshy stems. The uses of vary from skin, to hair and then consumption. For the consumption, it relieves irritating bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, and inflammation. It can also be used as a health tonic when taken early in the morning to reap other benefits that improve our general health.

The Aloe gel is an excellent detoxifier. The sap from the herb is a cleanser that helps in digestion and removing toxic wastes from the body. It has a cooling and soothing property that clears inflammation, an irritated skin, and other ailments.

The jelly-like substance from the herb helps the growth of the good bacteria in the stomach that helps in the digestion process. It is also an immune boosting substance that would assist the body respond to diseases. These soothing herbs can prevent and slow down the symptoms of certain diseases like asthma.

There is also enough evidence that shows that the herbs can lower cholesterol levels and stabilize the sugar standards of a person. When your cholesterol levels are managed, you will easily control diabetes and obesity. If you are suffering from chronic stomach complications, the gel will give you a healing and soothing effect that will relieve the symptoms.

Researchers have identified the presence of vitamin A, B1, E, B2, B6, B12, and B3. There are also other minerals such as folic acid, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium that are healthy micro nutrients that the body needs. It is also an excellent hair food that is used to treat and grow healthy hair. The gel has enzymes and vitamins that help in the development of hair. It is for this reason that manufacturers use it to make oils that are good for both the body skin and hair.

People who have muscle and joint pains only need to put the Aloe fluid on the affected areas. Using the gel is one of the most natural ways to maintain your weight. The gel stabilizes the rate of metabolism in the body by checking lipid level and burning out excess fats. When you are healthy, your blood circulation will be effective because cholesterol that would affect the heart is no longer a worry.

Those with dental complication should try the aloe sap. Studies show that regular consumption of the gel improves oral hygiene. It helps in reducing plaque and other bacteria formation in the mouth. Th gel will help the user by relieving mouth ulcers and cold sores. The dentists commonly use it in dental procedures such as scaling and root canal.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of using the aloe juice. And beauticians also use on the skin to improve on looks.

About the Author:

Looking For The Best Eye Doctors

By Leslie Ball

People should place great importance on their physical health. They should eat healthy meals. They should also perform regular exercises. However, there are also certain body parts that will need special attention and care.

For this, people will have to consult their physicians for tips on how they can properly take care of these parts. For those with eye conditions, they will have to look for good eye doctors in San Antonio. The following tips can help the clienteles find the good ones who will be suitable for their needs.

If he is confused regarding who he should be choosing from among many physicians available in his area, he could be asking recommendations from his family members, friends, or colleagues. He could also be gathering referrals from a hospital or clinic. These persons will definitely be aware of several good ones in the industry. They could be providing the client with the names and contact information of the practitioners. The client could be using the information in contacting each practitioner and discussing further matters.

The individuals should look for the licenses that are in the possession of these professionals. These licenses will allow the physicians to legally render their services to their clienteles. The practitioners will be able to secure these licenses after they finish their college degrees in Medicine and pass certain licensure examinations. These examinations will typically evaluate their expertise and preparedness to practice their professions.

The clienteles should consider the locations of their clinics or hospitals. It will be good if they will choose those that are located near their homes or their offices. This way, they can immediately reach their destinations for their eye check ups or during emergency situations. They will also be able to minimize their gasoline expenses.

It will also be good if they will go with those who already have a lot of experiences in this field. The experiences that they have will help them become familiar with the steps that they need to perform so that they can render their services to their clients better. The experiences that they have will also help them to provide solutions to possible situations that may arise during the check ups.

The clienteles should also check on the personalities of these physicians. It will be good if they will choose those practitioners who have similar personalities as them. This way, both parties can expect good working relationships between them. With their good working relationships, they will be able to finish the check ups smoothly.

They should also consider the fees that they will have to pay so that they can avail of these medical services. The physicians consider several factors so that they can determine and establish these rates. The clients should know and compare some of these rates. If they have set aside certain amounts as budgets for this undertaking, they should go with those who offer affordable services.

The client might need to be spending a big amount for the check up depending on the gravity of his condition. For this, he should be checking if the physician will be acknowledging his current health plan. The plan will be covering some costs which the clientele may be spending for the check up.

About the Author:

Tips For Choosing The Best Acls Classes In Houston

By Leslie Ball

The people who offer their services in the health facilities encounter very dangerous emergencies that need urgent medical attention. When a patient is in such a state, any ignorance might lead to death. Panic is also inevitable when you do not know what to do. Therefore, it is key that you should know the guidelines for choosing the best acls classes in Houston.

The information regarding the reputation of the institution is very accurate since most of it comes from the experiences of the past students. That makes it a factor that cannot be taken for granted. However, some information can be exaggerated because it is passed by word of mouth. Therefore, it will be worthwhile to carry out further investigations to obtain the raw facts.

It is important to note the fact that an instructor has the ability of rendering his training based on the knowledge that he has. Therefore, you should first determine the quality of education that you would like to possess. If you desire to have a high quality training, you should obtain the help of highly knowledgeable tutors because they have a wide scope of knowledge that you can tap from.

An experienced institution is the most outstanding of all the others. This is because it has been established in offering this course. Apart from that, due to its many years of operation, its instructors and staff members have acquired relevant experience in their various fields of work. Therefore, you will be assured of getting trained by highly experienced professionals.

The course that you are planning to study is more of a practical skill than theoretical. Therefore, the management of the institution should have prepared in advance to give their students the best practical lessons. This practical lessons can only be done when there is the presence of the necessary machines and equipment needed. Therefore, ensure the school is equipped with machines.

The work that is to be carried out in searching for a suitable institution is not easy. The process will involve a series of interviews and comparisons between the qualities of training offered by several institutions. The vast task required to be done cannot be effectively handled by an individual. You can engage other people indirectly by seeking for referrals and recommendations.

The size of the class can also be a greater challenge to you achieving the best training. When a school has classes that contains many students than the number that an instructor can handle, then the quality of training will be low. This is because the teacher will be incapacitated in satisfying the attention of the students. It will also be tough to note the weaknesses of individual students.

Your financial capability will influence the school you select. This is because you will be limited to the institution that you can afford its services. However, the main challenge is following your budget after drafting it. This requires a high level of discipline. Going against your budget is dangerous because you will spend more than expected. It can also push you to borrowing, which will land you in unnecessary debts.

About the Author:

Most Common Trans Fat Foods To Avoid

By Leslie Ball

There are numerous types of ingredients used in food that individuals should avoid. The reasons for this often pertain to the health. With more people becoming health conscious, there is a trend growing - looking for a list of trans fat foods to avoid. This type of fat is linked with various illnesses and diseases. There are fewer foods with this ingredient but still, some common products still have it. Such things as fries, fast food, margarine and other things are included on this list.

Some companies are still using ingredients that are not only deemed as unhealthy but are considered to be dangerous. Additives and preservatives of various sorts often top the list but there is another one that people are learning more about. This product is known as trans fat. While there are fewer items being made with this substance, some of the most commonly consumed foods are.

There are a number of reasons why a person should avoid this substance. It has been linked to heart disease and other such things. It raised the level of bad cholesterol while decreasing good cholesterol levels. It also causes inflammation.

French fries from fast food restaurants are often first on the list of foods that have this component. Many restaurants have stopped using this ingredient because of the dangers associated with it. However, the top fast food chains still use it and these are places that sell millions of dollars worth of fries per year.

Fried foods in general tend to be made with these fats but it is not just anything cooked this way. The list really includes those products that are battered. Often, restaurants used hydrogenated vegetable oil which means they have trans fat. Because this type of information isn't always readily available at the diners, you may be best to avoid them all.

Whether you buy pie at the restaurant or at the store, you may be looking at consumer several grams of this ingredient in one slice. Many pie crusts have the substance in it because of the oils used. The good news is that the top fast food chains have finally stopped using that compound in their pies, at least for the most part. You can try to avoid this ingredient by avoiding anything that says it has hydrogenated vegetable oil.

The next few things on the list are those items that are readily found in homes. These items include sticks of margarine, shortening, margarine spreads and other similar products. Of course, there are also the oil or dairy based frosting, coffee creamers, and ice creams. Most of these items in addition to microwave popcorn, individual pudding cups and more contain this fatty substance. These are all things that you should avoid when possible.

A person's health often depends on their diet among other things. Trans fats are elements linked with numerous illnesses and diseases. For you own benefit, you may want to stay away from products made with it. These items include fries and fried battered goods from restaurants, microwave popcorn, margarine and various other things. You can often avoid buying goods with the substance by not purchasing products with hydrogenated oils.

About the Author:

Fusing good taste and good nutrition

Fusing good taste and good nutrition

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Focus On Nutrition Harvard Medical School
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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

Despite major advances in drugs and medical treatments, maintaining a healthy diet, being physically active, and not smoking are still the best approaches to preventing heart disease. Improving your diet lowers your risk for heart disease in many ways, including helping to lower high cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar and insulin levels, as well as preventing obesity and improving the function of your heart and blood vessels. Fortunately, a heart-healthy diet is relatively easy to define, and you don't have to give up great-tasting food to eat for your heart.

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Fusing good taste and good nutrition

Every spring, Harvard Medical School's Department of Continuing Education, The Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School, and The Culinary Institute of America present a special event called "Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives."

This four-day conference brings together doctors, dietitians, and health care professionals for an experience that combines the latest nutrition research with healthy cooking demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

Here are some practical tips for nutritious and delicious home-cooking from a recent Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives.

Make plants the main attraction

A substantial amount of research shows that people who eat a plant-based diet — mainly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes — live longer and enjoy better health than people whose diets consist mainly of animal-based foods like meat.

Many cultures developed their cuisines around plant foods out of necessity. Traditionally, animal protein was expensive, so limited quantities were available. Mediterranean, Latin American, and Asian cultures are known for pairing healthy plant foods with lean protein (fish, chicken) and monounsaturated fat (olive oils, nuts).

These diets can have substantial health benefits. For example, a Mediterranean-style diet has been found responsible for:

•    longer life expectancy

•    reduced heart disease

•    relief from rheumatoid arthritis

•    lower rates of Parkinson's disease

•    lower rates of Alzheimer's disease

Here are three tips to get creative with your plant-based meals:

1.    Follow the motto "If it grows together, it goes together." For example, try the Spanish sauce called romesco over grilled vegetables. It's made from roasted red peppers, olive oil, and nuts.

2.    Make olive oil really shine by matching a bold olive oil, such as a Tuscan varietal, with other bold flavors, such as rosemary and pine nuts.

3.    Complement a milder olive oil, such as a French varietal, with subtly flavored foods.

Eat locally

Locally grown foods may be fresher and have higher nutrient content. Since they spend less time being shipped and handled, they may look and taste better.

Spice it up

Despite the lack of research on their health benefits, spices, herbs, and aromatics (any plant, herb, or spice that adds lively scent to a beverage or food) make other plant foods mouth-watering treats. And they are definitely a healthier option than piling on the salt. Unlike salt, spices have not been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, or stroke.

Here are four ways to ensure the quality and flavor of your spices:

1.    Buy them in small quantities and in their whole form to ensure freshness.

2.    Store them in a cool, dry space.

3.    Grind them right before use.

4.    Toast them dry in a hot skillet or stir-fry them in oil over medium-high heat (both for just 10-20 seconds).

Get excited about whole grains

Rich in fiber, vitamin E, and magnesium, whole grains (such as whole-wheat bread or pasta, or brown rice) are far better nutritionally than refined grains (such as white bread or white rice). And they make you feel fuller longer. Because the starch inside of them is absorbed more slowly, they're less likely than refined grains to quickly be stored as fat. Regular consumption of whole grains also reduces the risk of:

•    diabetes

•    cancer

•    heart disease

•    stroke

•    diet-related depression (usually associated with very low-carbohydrate diets)

Here are five ways to incorporate different types of whole grains into your diet:

1.    Use whole-grain bread, pasta, and brown or wild rice.

2.    Try grains from around the world such as teff, spelt, farro, kamut, and amaranth.

3.    Blend whole grains with colorful vegetables, spices, and olive oil.

4.    Eat whole-grain cold or hot cereals, adding fruit, low-fat milk, or nuts.

5.    Season whole grains with sweet spices like nutmeg, allspice, cardamom, and masala spice.

Go a little nuts

In a large trial of men and women, eating nuts five times a week or more lowered diabetes risk by 27%. In another large study, women who ate nuts just about every day lowered their risk of heart disease by 32%.

However, since a one-ounce portion of nuts can pack 160 calories or more, eat them in moderation to help prevent weight gain. Two tasty suggestions: toasted pine nuts sprinkled over whole-grain pasta, or almonds on cereal.

Following the above advice will not only make your meals nutritious, but will also allow you to enjoy some of the most delicious food you've ever eaten.

For 39 delicious heart-healthy recipes, buy Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart from Harvard Medical School.

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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart
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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart

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