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Health Rules You Shouldn't Follow

Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Don't eat eggs. Take a daily multivitamin. What's true and what's false? We have the answers.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015
Health Rules You Shouldn't Follow
Health Rules You Shouldn't Follow

Which of these are true and which are false? Drink 8 glasses of water a day. Don't eat eggs. Take a daily multivitamin. (You might be surprised by the answers.)
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Improve your chances of staying active and living independently

Proven strategies to ease pain, build bone and muscle, and boost your balance.

Proven strategies to ease pain, build bone and muscle, and boost your balance.

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April 12, 2015

Special Announcement Harvard Medical School

Discover how you can keep your independence as you age with the latest information from Harvard Medical School!

Mobility and Independence
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Dear visitor,

A scary thing about getting older is the thought of losing your independence. The statistics are frightening: 25% of your muscle mass is gone by age 70 — a major reason people lose their independence — and the majority of people who break a hip never fully regain their independence.

But there’s no reason to give up or give in to the symptoms of aging. There is so much you can do to improve your chances of staying active and living independently in your own home for your whole life.

That’s why Harvard Medical School experts have created Mobility and Independence. This Special Health Report is filled with proven strategies to help you ease pain, build bone and muscle, and boost your balance so you can live on your own and stay in your own home.

Click here now to learn about:

6 easy exercises that let you stay active without causing joint pain
The vitamin that may make you less likely to break a hip
Relief for 8 common causes of foot pain — including bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis
Exercises that help keep you from twisting your ankle
The device that could keep you from breaking bones and losing your independence
How to increase muscle power to boost your balance and lower your risk of falling
Where to put lights, grab bars, and more so you can stay in your own home

Plus, you’ll get a special bonus section that reveals how what you eat affects how you move!
Did you know that a diet low in fruits and vegetables is linked to higher rates of frailty as you age? Or that as you age, your need for calories declines, but your need for nutrients increases? In this special section, you’ll see how to make every meal count for better health, mobility, and independence.

Harvard Medical School’s Mobility and Independence is a must-read for anyone who wants to help ensure they can live an active, independent life.


Gregory Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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Why You Should Visit The Medical Weight Loss Clinic Miami Lakes

By Lelia Hall

Losing weight is always an intense process that may make one lose hope but its success can lead to one healthy life. There are numerous benefits of visiting medical weight loss clinic Miami Lakes for a healthy lifestyle. Almost two million individuals lose their lives all year through due to obesity and health disease. For this reason, you ought not to struggle with obesity alone. You will have to take the decision to visit a physician who takes you through the weight loss program at a pace you can follow.

The reason you should look at your weight carefully is that you will reduce the risk of getting diseases such as heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Sometimes you might not realize the danger of these diseases when you have been obese for prolonged periods of time. The benefits you will get when you lose pounds is that you improve your health and life expectancy.

At times, obese people tend to suffer from mood swings and get mental retardation cases. They also cease to attend to their daily duties around the house and at a workplace hence stand a chance of losing jobs and social life. They also suffer self-esteem issues since some family members and friends are not supportive and end up making fun of them.

You should not wait until you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, heart disease, cancer forms, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis to visit a physician. You can slowly begin by losing some pounds that will give you the push to lose more and more weight and make progress towards achieving a healthy life. Most individuals all over the world emphasize more on appearance than overlooking the health factor that is much more important.

Take note of the fact that, being overweight at times results from certain hormonal changes in the body. Your body might stop producing adequate insulin hence making you suffer from diabetes type 2. Even so, you can go to a clinic early to prevent these problems.

At the clinic, you will be told how to check on the blood sugar level. High levels of sugars in the blood can cause blindness and kidney failure. By maintaining the right body pound, you will help protect your organs from damage.

In the current days, most activities individuals engage in are not physically active. As a result, most people are at a risk of getting health illnesses. Bad cholesterol that we consume from junk foods narrow down our blood vessels hence giving us high blood pressure. Having excess fat is dangerous to our health since it releases harmful chemicals into our bloodstream. But, if you take part in exercises, these excess fat will be gotten rid of and leave behind only the good cholesterol in the body.

In conclusion, are you snoring? It is because there is much fat narrowing the airway, overweight people do not always have a comfortable sleep because of snoring. You are hurting your health by being fat and come to the weight loss clinic, and we will restore your life back on track.

About the Author:

How To Get Worthwhile Therapy In Frederick MD

By Lelia Hall

Therapy could assist in solving an array of both psychological and physical issues. The unfortunate fact is that most people tend to focus on their physical well-being and forget their inner well-being completely. Issues of depression or anxiety can be successfully treated yet the majorities of patients suffering from such conditions choose to ignore that they have a problem. When such concerns are left unattended for long, they could ruin every relationship you have and even tamper with your work or school performance. When intending to benefit from therapy in Frederick MD, there are several simple tips that may come in handy.

Once you have chosen to seek help, then the worst is nearly over. You need to understand that most emotional concerns not only hurt you, but also hurt those who are close to you. The ideal assistance could enable you to gain back a grip of your life and even recover some of the relationships you may have ruined.

In order to get a worthwhile service, plenty of research, dedication and patience will be necessary. It is best for you to concentrate on finding facts that could enable you to identify highly proficient therapists. Beware of information found on advertisements online or in the yellow pages. You need to understand that advertisements have always been much unregulated.

One of the best ways to find Frederick MD therapists you could trust is by seeking personal recommendations. Your current primary doctor should be top on the list of the people you approach for referrals. He or she is bound to be well acquainted with some of the finest specialists within your area. You may also talk to close friends or relatives, especially those you could confide in and have a history of seeking therapeutic assistance.

Your relatives, friends, workmates or even your neighbors may also have information that could be of assistance to you. Therapy is not sought after only by mental patients so you have nothing to be ashamed about. People with anger management issues, low self-esteem and even problems in marriage often seek the expertise of qualified therapists.

Plenty of helpful information can also be found online. Most therapists will have websites or profiles online or will at least have their names listed on reputable online directories. Before you decide to contact an expert who interests you, hunt for his or her reviews. What the past patients of a professional have to say about the assistance offered could help you to determine whether or not a particular specialist would be a good fit for your needs.

It is also important to schedule for an initial interview before you make any commitments. It pays to personally ask potential therapists for evidence that supports their credentials. Then again, you may want to know something about their years of practice, success rate and customer rating.

It is vital to ensure that you are comfortable with not only the practices, but also the success rate, customer rating and character of your therapist. The success of sessions would also depend on your commitment to receiving treatment. If you are not confident about the abilities of your expert or you find him or her unpleasant, then there is a good likelihood that you may at some point give up on seeking help.

About the Author:

Life Issues That Require The Intervention Of Depression Counselling Irmo Experts

By Lelia Hall

The current living conditions are not as good as they have historically been. Individuals are facing different social settings. The advancement in technology and general human relations has taken a trip down the inhuman lane. People no longer care about their neighbors as they used to. This has led to people harboring a lot of emotions and this has led to stressful situations. Experts have argued that people secretly go through a lot. Stress is believed to be the root of many related issues that may lead to extreme reactions. During periods of stress and depression it is important to seek the services of depression counselling Irmo. The earlier one tackles the issues, the better.

As the popular saying goes, life is not a bed of roses and even if it were, roses have thorns. Individuals should not think of the possibility of a stress free life. Marriage is no exception to this rule. The current world marriage scene has increased issues as compared to historical marriages. Marriage issues may lead to depression faster than the average unmarried individual might imagine. Couples are advised to discuss issues immediately they come up. Psychological therapists in Irmo, SC 29063 will advice couples to be friends with each other and share their eventualities as best friends would.

Other people face a lot of mental challenges in their workplaces due to some of the demands that their bosses make. In some places, some people are denied their promotions because they do not give in to some demands. Since some of the demands are against human rights, the employees find it hard to meet them and for this reason, everyday in their workplace is a day of sorrow and stress.

The loss of a loved one always causes a lot of stress to the bereaved especially if it was a close friend. If you lose a family member or a close friend, you might find yourself thinking about them always. Some people will use so much time trying to remember the moments they spent with the dead. This usually affects children who are left by their parents. They get worried because they are not sure whether they will get someone to take care of them like their parents did.

You will also suffer more stress when your children seem not to be performing as you expect. In fact, even the child whose grade is below their expectation suffers stress as well. If the members of the family especially the parents do not appreciate the little effort of these children in their academic work, they eventually depress them. For this reason, parents should take such children to professional counselors for mental assistance.

It is surprising to note that some people will be depressed when they lose some of their hard-earned properties. If for instance, you buy land somewhere and pay all the money, you expect that property to be rightfully yours without having anyone to disrupt you. However, some people claim that the property belongs to them and get justification of the same in court, you lose that land. This can stress and depress you greatly.

There are people who have been mistreated in their life. They usually find it hard to forgive and forget about the abuse especially if it was traumatizing. Such people will keep remembering the pain they felt out of the abuse and might not heal from the psychological pain.

When looking for these counselors, you should consider their competence and ability to keep your issues secret. It would really be wrong for the counselor to discuss your disheartening situation with other clients. They should not even console other clients with examples of what you have shared with them.

About the Author:

The Advantages Of Protein Water

By Iva Cannon

The most common advice from nutritionists remains that you need to drink a lot of water every day. Staying hydrated required that you drink up to eight glasses per day if you are an adult. There is no significant difference for the children. Sometimes, though, it is tasteless and one may not be willing to drink as much as required by the nutritionists. This is why you should consider protein water as an alternative.

To many, they are known as the protein shakes and are available in different brands as products of different manufacturers. Whey protein is dissolved in purified water to produce a flavored drink. Depending on the whey content (5-30 grams), the concentration varies. They are available in flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. While it is possible and easy to just buy whey and make your own drink, walking into the shop to buy your favorite brand seems to be the best alternative.

Whichever way you acquire it, what matters are the numerous benefits you are likely to enjoy from the whey shake. It offers are a very good way in weight control. It allows you to get the much-needed protein in the body without having to ingest calories as would normally be the case with meat or other food products. There is zero fat content and very low carbohydrate content (used for flavoring). As such, it is what work best for dieters, bodybuilders, and the vegetarians.

It is also very easy to digest and thus you don't have to worry about stomach aches and constipation. However, the patients with liver problems are required to use it with the doctor's permission as the liver may not cope with large quantities of protein.

The shake also offers a very effective way to deal with the hunger pangs and is thus a very good solution to help avoid snacks. Studies have proved that a meal full of proteins helps one feel full faster and thus helps one eat less by the end of the day. The satiety or feeling fullness helps with appetite control which in turn help minimize unhealthy snacking. By being able to prevent overheating, it is easier to control weight, and thus reduce chances of obesity or overweight and the resulting ailments.

It also increases brain cognition. The diet rich in protein such as whey products are said to increase the levels of tyrosine acid that is responsible for boosting the brain functionality by promoting mental performance. After the drink, you feel highly energetic and improve the level of alertness.

The nutritionists usually recommend that 25% of the total energy requirement should come from the protein products. In addition to several advantages, they tend to digest at a slower rate and produces energy continuously. With slow conversion rate, it can last you for much longer time.

In addition to this, it plays the most important role in repairing the sore and damaged tissues. As such, for the purpose of building, repairing and maintaining tissues, this is the macronutrient that you need for vitality and youthful look. Since amino acid is not stored in the body, it is crucial that you replenish it with daily use of the shakes.

There are several other advantages such as an important role in building lean muscles, improve the taste of water by flavoring it and making it easier to drink. It is also easily available, cheap, and can be easily made at home.

About the Author:

The Significance Of Pilates To Your Health

By Iva Cannon

Tennis players, golfer or runner or new moms, chances are you have heard someone talking about the benefits of Pilates. In fact, there are many types of individuals at many levels of fitness who have started to do Pilates exercises who have proven and say they have seen improvements in range of flexibility, motion, posture, circulation and abdominal strength and decreases neck, back and joint pain.

Actually, the benefits do not stop there. This type of exercise helps to develop stretching and strengthening of the body in improving the muscle strength, flexibility and balance posture. It was created and developed in the year 1900s and incorporated with elements of western forms of exercise routines as well as martial arts and yoga. Since then, Pilates in Pittsburgh has grown in popularity.

Initially, it is adopted by many professional dancers in Pittsburgh PA as an effective form of recovery after injury. Although many have reported on the health benefits of Pilates, but few of these have been subjected to intensive scientific examination and there is a need for more research in this field. This exercise is helpful to improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility as well as joint mobility and core strength, relieve stress and tension.

It has also been proven that it provides an amount of pain relief to people with lower back pains. To get the most effective exercises, you have to look for the right and qualified teacher. There are some who would consider this as a way to lose weight, but this is not actually the main purpose of taking the workout, but it can actually support weight loss to give you a sleeker appearance.

If you really want to lose weight, you have to consider the combination of aerobic activities such as walking, cycling and swimming and also a healthy diet. Actually, this kind of exercise is best for people of all ages. Whether you are senior just starting to exercise, an elite athlete, the foundations of Pilates movement can be applied to you. Focusing on body and mind approach make this workout accessible to all. With different exercises and modifications, these workouts can be tailored to individual needs.

It is best for people of all levels of fitness. Therefore, you are not required to be fit before starting to consider the program. It has been proven to be effective in raising your activity levels, especially of you have pains, injuries, poor mobility and aches. There are actually people who are considering this workout because they want to be fit.

So, before you start this program, it is better to seek an advice from your doctor if you have some health issues. Typically, this activity is a gentle and low impact form of exercise, so it is impossible for you to get some injuries. However, it is important to find a good teacher to ensure everything.

If you are recovering from an injury, it is better to seek advise from your heath professional and teacher before starting a program. These exercises usually focus on precise movements to target specific parts of the body. It is best to belong in a small group of class, so the teacher can help you develop more your strength and weakness.

It is also essential to pick a teacher who can provide your physical needs, whether it is a health condition budget and fitness levels. There are also other things to take into account, such as their experience and length of training. Choose a teacher you are comfortable with. This way, you can ensure that you really enjoy the class and learn more.

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