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Could Your Back Pain Be Sciatica?

See our visual guide to learn about this condition's painful symptoms, causes, and risk factors, as well as treatment options.
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Sunday, April 19, 2015
Could Your Back Pain Be Sciatica?
Could Your Back Pain Be Sciatica?

See our visual guide to learn about this condition's painful symptoms, causes, risk factors, and treatment options.
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Why doctors are rethinking cholesterol -- and you should too.

Discover the latest ways to control your cholesterol and improve your heart health.

Discover the latest ways to control your cholesterol and improve your heart health.

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April 19, 2015

Special Announcement Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School experts reveal...
Ways to lower your chances of heart attack or stroke without medicine... How to reduce cholesterol by 50% or more... The 5 foods that can help sweep cholesterol out of your body

Managing Your Cholesterol
3 easy ways to improve the accuracy of your cholesterol test
The type of cholesterol particle that is actually good for your arteries
Why some people may be able to take lower doses of a cholesterol-lowering statin
9 heart disease risk factors you can change
Plus, you get a special bonus section: Lifestyle changes to improve your lipid levels
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Dear visitor,

Too much "bad" cholesterol coursing through your bloodstream can cause cholesterol-filled plaques to develop. These deposits not only clog your arteries and slow blood flow, they can break apart and cause a heart attack or stroke.

Fortunately there’s plenty you can do to help keep your arteries from filling with plaque, and even get rid of plaque that is already there. It’s all in a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School — Managing Your Cholesterol.

You’ll discover...

Why your doctor may not be as concerned about your cholesterol "numbers" as he or she once was
How elevated blood sugar can damage the lining of your arteries and make your blood more likely to clot
Why some margarines that claim to help lower cholesterol may NOT work for you
How walking just two hours a week can cut your chances of dying early from cardiovascular disease by up to 53%
The popular ingredient that could make you twice as likely to die from heart disease
Why you SHOULD get a CRP test — a marker for cardiovascular risk — even if your cholesterol levels are fine
And so much more!

Managing Your Cholesterol brings you the best ways to control your cholesterol and improve your heart health. And you’ll get a special bonus section with lifestyle changes you can make to improve your cholesterol levels.

Click here to learn more and get a sample from this important Special Health Report.


Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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Helpful Advice For People Who Cant Fall Asleep

By Iva Cannon

Getting adequate rest is very important for our bodies. Our bodies must use sleep as a means of healing itself and resetting itself every night. If you have insomnia or cant fall asleep easily, there are many helpful tips you can try.

Try to reduce your stress by learning different relaxation techniques to soothe the mind and body. You can use muscle relaxation therapy, deep breathing exercises and meditation to calm yourself before going to bed. You can even consider trying cognitive therapy, which helps certain people with insomnia to identify negative thoughts that may contribute to their sleeplessness and correct them. Cognitive therapy can also help you understand sleep patterns as you age and set reasonable sleep goals.

If you have temporary insomnia, this means that you are getting inadequate or poor-quality rest. This can last from one night to several weeks. There are no set guidelines for diagnosing a patient with insomnia. This is because most people have their own sleeping patterns. What constitutes adequate rest for one person may not be adequate for someone else.

It is also a good idea to exercise regularly, as this can improve your sleep quality. However, if you exercise immediately before you go to bed, this may have a stimulating effect on your body. Try to complete your exercises at least two or three hours before you go to bed to allow yourself time to wind down.

If you struggle with insomnia, try to make your bedroom a comforting and inviting place to be in. Keep clutter out of the room and make it neat and tidy. Make sure that you have the right bed size and the right type of mattress that is not too hard or soft for you. The wrong mattress type may cause musculoskeletal problems and this can lead to sleep disturbances.

It is also wise to avoid watching television while in bed. The glare from the screen can keep you awake and increase your alertness. This will make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Try not to eat or drink before you go to bed. Snacking or having a late dinner before bed can activate your digestive system and keep you from sleeping well. People with heartburn should especially avoid eating or drinking just before bed, as this can aggravate symptoms. In addition, control your fluid intake, since drinking lots of fluids before bed can fill your bladder and cause frequent trips to the bathroom throughout the night.

You also need to try to establish a regular sleeping cycle. This will teach your body to set its internal clock to a regular schedule and help it to respond to various cues for waking up and going to sleep. You can program your body this way by waking up at the same time every morning. Do this every day, even on the weekends.

About the Author:

Tips For Choosing The Best Hair Salon In Nashville TN

By Iva Cannon

When talking about beauty not all styles can make everybody to look good because we are all unique in some way. It is vital that to know your style first before beginning the search. The search procedures can be tough but you must commit to it because it is your only guarantee in finding a worthy place. Therefore, know the guidelines for choosing the best hair salon in Nashville TN.

Many places render beauty solutions in the town and this is good for you because you have many options in your hands. However, locating the best one will be the trouble because in this case the huge numbers become a disadvantage. Therefore, to make the search easy, you should use referrals and recommendations. You can obtain them from the locals living within the area.

For a stylist to deliver a satisfying work on you, she/he must have the knowledge necessary for rendering beauty solutions. This is because an ignorant person due to the technicalities that are involved cannot render such services. Therefore, you should look closely and find a stylist that is learned in these skills. This will guarantee good quality beauty services.

Find a beauty shop where the stylists uphold a high degree of professionalism when dealing with the clients. One of the most abused aspects by these professionals is time. A good stylist will set an appointment at a certain time and ensure that he/she is available at that very time. Laziness in time keeping by the stylist might lead to time wastage and poor services too.

When you go to the beauty shop for the service, you will have to stay there until the stylist is done with you. I know you understand that some styles may take a very long time before the stylist finishes it. Therefore, you should check on the environment of the beauty shop. The environment is supposed to make you feel good while you are there. Avoid a bad atmosphere.

The time the beauty shop has operated has an impact on the quality of services you can receive from it. Understand that for a shop to have the ability of offering good customer care services, it must have interacted with a number of clients in the past. In the process of interactions, they made mistakes and rectified them. Therefore, they are prepared to offer better services to their clients.

When the beauty shops are referred to you, it is advisable to take a step and visit them. This is because some information you might have received can be misguiding. Visiting the shop will grant you an opportunity to see everything for yourself. Understand that you cannot share a common opinion with some people. They may think the place is good but to you it is not good at all.

The beauty shops operate independently and their management determines the prices they set. This is because price is used as a strategy in marketing their services and increasing the profit margins. Some managers will use high prices to increase their profit margins per sale of service while others will prefer cheaper prices to attract more customers. Choose a cheaper price to boast affordability rate.

About the Author:

Attributes Of Good Pediatric Occupational Therapy Los Angeles Professionals

By Iva Cannon

Unique attributes assist professionals take on jobs perfectly. In the present day, most customers are not able to precisely determine virtues that can guarantee the best services. Listed below are a number of the attributes dependable pediatric occupational therapy Los Angeles professionals have you need to always consider.

Good professionals have expertise and substantial level of knowledge. Specialty is the most valuable characteristic that any customer ought to regard. It will be unfortunate if you hire a service provider who lacks information and applicable skills. This is because there is good probability you will be let down. Additionally, research studies shows that individuals with great technical competence are likely to carry out the job quickly and thoroughly than experts who have minimal competence.

Outstanding specialists have experience in giving related services. The experience of an expert substantially contributes to the quality of services customers obtain. Undertaking any job has its own obstacles. Part of the troubles repeat and in many cases can solely be resolved using a specific procedure. Because the seasoned specialists have formerly come across the difficulties, it will be easy for them to handle the hurdles and within a short span.

Dependable specialists ought to be great in time management. The projects delegated by the client should be undertaken as planned with no excuses. You do not want to employ a service provider who will continuously have reasons for not showing up in planned meetings and delay in meeting deadlines. Outstanding professionals need to easily work under pressure using the limited funds to render services in time.

Factor in the credibility of the professional. The comments offered by prior customers will provide you a clue on the credibility of the specialist. Client reviews also aid you determine the weak points of the specialist and aid you prepare sufficiently for your initial consultation meeting. Credible professionals are mindful and work hard to safeguard their credibility and the reputation that takes some time to establish.

It is important to get an honest professional. A great specialist must disclose all details that would assist the customer make better decisions. Experts need to manage to transfer details freely to the customers and they should not be afraid to confess when they are unable to provide services that meet the customer expectations.

Effective service providers must be confident. Merely hire service providers who show that they are self-assured in their abilities and skills. Keep away from people who are on the fence of what to do when it come to your project. This is given that they are likely to subcontract the project to more proficient individuals to assist you out. Consequently, subcontracting could increase the cost of completing the job and might as well negatively affect the quality of services.

Excellent experts should be flexible. They must have the ability to adapt to adjustments quickly to attain deadlines as agreed with the customer. Furthermore, professionals will have to go to various areas and interact with various people, they must hence be able to adapt to any changes and deliver services effectively.

About the Author:

The Benefits Of Having A Life Coach To Make It In Life

By Iva Cannon

It is important to be always well organized in order to overcome day-to-day challenges. However, at times they may be overwhelming prompting you to seek advice. That is where the benefits of having a life coach comes. Even though you may not want a third party manning how you live, life coaches play an imperative role. But if you keep all these problems to yourself, you may know no peace.

We must agree that some of the most successful people know the importance of seeking the right advice from the right people all the time. However much successful you are you can never know everything in the world. Different people go through a stress because they refuse to open up and get the right solution to the problems we are going through. Private coaches always know how to assist us reach our goals with the right advice.

The lessons these people teach us include how to ensure that we plan everything well. They cause us to become good planners and not to rely on luck only to claim our success. Every person who has worked hard know that planning makes us sustainable in life.

Each and every activity has to be handled with a proper plan in place. You cannot quantify the extent of success of your target goals if you do not plan. The cause of action you have chosen ought to be clear and pinpoint to the exact direction you want to head. And for all these to happen, a coach is necessary to encourage you to remain focused regardless of challenges you come across.

The modern world has made things easier because with the right advice every person can succeed. Personal advisors have different ideas that can be helpful and accelerate the road to success. Most of us make decisions that are costly in the long term, these people know how to ensure you plan effectively.

Even though you may have the experience and talent, lack of motivation can make it difficult to attain your set goals. The coaches always have a way of putting psychological factor into use. Just like actors, bodybuilders and models require personal trainers from efficient sticking to their programs, you also need a coach. They will work around the clock to ensure that you become accountable for each and every action you take.

They will help you remain motivated and focused all the times. Most individuals often need to be pushed and evaluated to ensure they make progress. If you are this kind of person, you need a life coach. They will help you accept positive criticism and lend you support shoulder whenever you need one during tough times.

When you get the necessary support you are sure that you will overcome challenges and as a result you will achieve great success. Some issues require that you work together and brainstorm for the best possible solution. The advisors have the experience to help you out.

About the Author:

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It's also known as a sinus infection, and symptoms include a stuffy nose, headaches, and postnasal drip. Here's how to get relief.
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