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Foods That Actually Help Fight Fat

Find out about delicious foods like yogurt, cinnamon, and spicy peppers that can work with your body to burn fat.
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Sunday, April 26, 2015
Foods That Actually Help Fight Fat
Foods That Help Fight Fat

Delicious choices like yogurt, cinnamon, and spicy peppers can work with your body to burn calories.
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The Future of Health
The Future of Health

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Should you have the PSA test or not?

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Protect yourself with the latest information from Harvard Medical School.

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April 26, 2015

Special Announcement Harvard Medical School

Could you suffer complications from prostate treatments you never needed?
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2014 Annual Report on Prostate Diseases
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Four of the scariest words a man can hear are: “You have prostate cancer.” Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in American men and the second-leading cause of cancer death.

Sometimes the side effects of treatment, which include erectile dysfunction and incontinence, are worse than the disease.

That's because some prostate cancers found using today's high-tech diagnostic techniques would never have caused any health problems or shortened life. That's one reason many doctors are advising men not to have a routine blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) to detect early prostate cancer. How do you decide what’s best for your health?

Check out Harvard Medical School’s 2015 Annual Report on Prostate Diseases.

This potentially lifesaving report helps you understand why experts are now saying if you don’t have symptoms, don’t get a PSA test. It brings you the latest news on every major prostate disease, from prostate cancer to benign prostatic enlargement (also called BPH) to acute and chronic prostatitis. Click here to discover:

The prostate medication that increases your risk for cancer
How to lower your risk of BPH by 25%
The improved PSA test that saves 20% of men from needing to have a biopsy
How to lower your risk of prostate cancer by nearly 30%
2 foods that may increase your risk of prostate cancer — and the ones that help prevent it
An effective prostate cancer treatment without risk of erectile dysfunction
5 new medications that can help men with late-stage cancer.

Plus, you’ll get a Special Bonus Section on biomarkers — the future of detecting and treating prostate cancer! You’ll read about a urine-based biomarker that could prevent you from undergoing unnecessary surgery, an FDA-approved test that can help determine if your cancer is high-risk, and even a genetic test that accurately rules out prostate cancer 90% of the time!

Harvard Medical School’s 2015 Annual Report on Prostate Diseases is a must-have for all men and the people who love them. That’s why we’re offering it to you right now at 50% OFF the cover price.

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Marc B. Garnick, M.D.
Editor in Chief, 2015 Annual Report on Prostate Diseases
Clinical Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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Foods Effective In Helping Reverse Insulin Resistance

By Aimee Schwartz

Preventing diabetes is a given if you do not want to endanger your life. That is why you have to eat the right food that can help reverse insulin resistance. There should be a a variety of foods you can have for the sake of that. Here are those important food items that you should have to avoid getting diabetes.

First in the list is turmeric. This is one of the food items certainly effective in preventing diabetes from afflicting a person. In the turmeric, one can find the active compound curcumin. You can say that this is an ingredient that is more effective than prescription drugs when it comes to activating the glucose uptake of a person.

Ginger is another one of the items to have if you want to fight off the said illness. You have the option of eating it raw or using it as an ingredient for your dish. With the ginger, you can significantly lower your fasting blood glucose. You should take it for a period of time to gain the results you desire.

There is cinnamon for this fight as well. You can say that this is one of the best food you can take to reduce the body's blood sugar levels. As a food item, it has been the oldest and the most popular spices for people. Because of its flavoring and medical qualities, it has already been used since the ancient times. Just take less than one-half teaspoon of cinnamon a day then.

Olive leaf extract. Not all people store olive leaf extract in their cupboard. However, this is a necessary food item that all diabetics must have. You should have this as one of the supplements you take after meal. When you do that, you can get positive results against the disease, one similar to what you would experience in common diabetic therapeutics like metformin.

You will find it less necessary to get insulins for your sugar balance right after the meal when you eat berries. This should be a good thing for you. You can add the berries to your bread, either with the white bread or rye bread. You can have a wide variety of berries such as bilberries, strawberries, chokeberries, lingonberries, and even a mix of them.

Black seeds, otherwise known as Nigella sativa, can also help you with this task. You just need to have at least two grams of the black seed to get the results that you are looking for. One gram is not enough and three grams is too much so make sure to have the right dosage a day to get your best results.

Spirulina is another one that you should take advantage of when you are diabetic. In recent studies, having spirulina a day can increase your sensitivity to more than twice the usual effect of other options. The study used 19 grams of the spirulina. It is fine to take advantage of this ingredient.

Berberine should be included in the diet as well. You can find this just as effective as most of the prescribed diabetes drugs you can buy off the pharmacy. Berberine is the bitter compound that you will most likely found in the roots of plants like Oregon grape, goldenseal, and barberry. Its results can be comparable with metformin.

About the Author:

Basalt CO Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy And Intervention

By Princess Allice

Many men and women will report back pain at some stage whether attributed to trauma, spinal misalignment or recurring conditions. A Basalt CO wellness chiropractor advises on methods to enhance full function and to alleviate the strain that is placed on regular movement. A thorough examination can aid in identifying the cause for symptoms and methods required to improve lumbar states.

Chiropractic therapy focuses on spinal balance and the importance of maintaining structural alignment. The support of biomechanics with safe and natural technique can facilitate healthy nerve operation and alleviate large amounts of pressure. A complete physical examination must be performed to identify the source for symptoms and movement that is free from limitations.

The misalignment of the spinal column can place pressure on the surrounding nerves and tissues. The poorly positioned vertebrae can compress the delicate nerves leading to limited mobility and increased pain. Reliance on medication delivers temporary results, but it cannot correct the mechanical dysfunction that may be the root cause for discomfort.

A chiropractor can identify the misalignment of the spinal vertebrae that requires physical improvement. Manual methods must be applied to return the spine to its original position and to ensure that the dysfunction of nerves is alleviated. Naturally based techniques can protect from invasive surgery and includes pain management strategies.

Muscle strain and scar tissue must be rehabilitated with the performance of structured exercises. Slow stretching and technique that targets the muscles aims to relax and strengthen the soft tissue. Improvements in spinal support and the ability to cope with strain can assist in improving movement over time.

Therapeutic intervention has been developed to improve physical dysfunction and to support healthy structures. A physical evaluation of the back must be completed to identify the source for symptoms. Natural and safe measures can be applied to improve full function and to decrease the stress that is placed on joint and muscle operation.

About the Author:

Perks Of Dental Implants Maui

By Alta Alexander

Oral hygiene and health concerns are increasingly more difficult for people to keep up with as major complication arise. Daily routines and maintenance habits that people implement for the gums and teeth are often not enough to prevent major risks and challenges from arising which prompts the search for procedures that help create a healthier mouth. When concentrating on dental implants Maui consumers are often able to uncover a significant amount of advantages associated with their decisions.

Tooth implants are designed to take the place of real teeth in the event they are no longer part of the gum line. Consumers mostly consider these items when current teeth are decayed or have been pulled and are trying to maintain a pleasant and attractive smile. Making the decision to under the procedure for this particular option can be challenging and often performed with a large amount of hesitation.

People in Wailuku, HI that are concentrating on this particular option have a vast assortment of professionals to consult with. Many potential recipients are uncertain about where to begin when trying to consider whether this option is right for them at all in order to ensure their efforts are carefully considered. The benefits of implants can help anyone make a viable decision in the end.

One of the main benefits of this dental option is the significant number of great reviews posted by former recipients. Review posts are commonly read through by people that are unfamiliar with items and services and are trying to make safe and viable decisions for their mouths. Reading through such a significant amount of reviews often helps people feel much more confident about their decisions.

An additional perk of this kind of dental technology is the real appearance and feel that is offered. Implants are specifically created to go into the space on the gums where a tooth would be set which can help create an even and functional gum line. Consumers learn that they are then able to avoid the embarrassment often associated with visible and obvious oral surgery when smiling or showing their teeth.

Availability is also a major advantage that people are focused on when considering this procedure. An increased amount of focus has been placed on oral aesthetics and health which has launched an impressive assortment of doctors in most cities that are capable of performing this procedure. Potential recipients are able to consult with multiple professionals prior to making a decisions as to which should be used in order to find the best guidance.

Potential recipients are also focused on the advantage of a quick and much less painful recovery. Dealing with post surgical needs for major dental procedures used to be a drawn out and complicated process which is often why they were avoided entirely. Doctors are now equipped with technologies that help patients deal with their recovery in a quick and simplified manner.

Affordability is also a major benefit of considering this kind of procedure. Costs have come significantly down over time due to enhanced competition and the cheaper manner by which these items are now able to be created. Many doctors even offer flexible payment plans while insurance carriers are now more likely to cover the procedures for medicinal reasons.

About the Author:

Go Vegetarian Without Going Hungry

Here's how to make a meat-free diet work for you.
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