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13 Hazards That Can Ruin Your Summer

Whether on land or in water, danger can be just around the corner. Here are some common -- and some surprising -- hazards of the season.
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Monday, May 25, 2015
13 Hazards That Can Ruin Your Summer
13 Hazards That Can Ruin Your Summer

Whether on land or in the water, use these tips to avoid some common -- and some surprising -- dangers of the season.
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Juicing To Lose Weight Makes Slimming Down Easy And Healthy

By Toni Vang

These days, it seems like there are lots of diet techniques meant to help you shed off excess pounds. Many of them are evidently unhealthy because they require you to steer clear of nutritious food. Juicing to lose weight is perhaps one of the best ways to turn your dream figure into a reality. That's because it involves the consumption of fruits and vegetables that are good for you.

It is generally a good idea to stay away from diet approaches that tell you to eat less food. Other than depriving your body of all the essential nutrients it needs, they also tend to slow down your metabolic rate. A sluggish metabolism will only make it more difficult for you to lose weight. What you need to do is nourish the body to give it all the nutrients and energy it needs as you slim down.

It is highly recommended for a dieter to consume fresh fruits and vegetables all the time. Including fresh produce in your everyday diet provides you with all the fiber you need to maintain good health as well as to effectively shed off unwanted pounds. Fiber sweeps waste products and toxins out of your gut. It also saves the arteries from being clogged up with bad cholesterol.

Fiber makes you feel full instantly and for a long time because it is heavy on the belly. Eating too much food makes it harder for anyone to have a slimmer figure. You are sure to gain weight if you consume more calories than you can burn daily. A great way to save your self from eating more than necessary is by regularly consuming fiber-rich fruit and vegetable juices.

Fresh juices help increase your fluid intake on a daily basis. According to the experts, you should consume 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. You may need to drink more if you work out or during those summer days. Fruit and vegetable juices are packed with water that keeps you hydrated. Water helps promote regular bowel movement and remove accumulated toxins in the body.

Complex carbohydrates in fruits and vegetables provide the body with energy. Working out regularly is essential if you want to get rid of excess pounds. You need all the energy you can get from food so that you may properly jog, dance, bike, swim, lift weights and others. Having sufficient amounts of complex carbohydrates in the diet also helps keep your metabolism running.

Unnecessary cellular damage can be prevented by the consumption of fruit and vegetable juices. Whenever a chemical process involving oxygen molecules takes place within you, free radicals are generated. Having excessive amounts of free radicals is not good because it accelerates aging and damages the cells. The consumption of fresh produce packed with antioxidants helps neutralize free radicals.

With juicing, you will find that slimming down need not be a difficult task. You can juice a wide variety of fresh produce. It's possible to experiment with the combination of different ones to come up with a refreshing drink every time. The consumption of juices lets you slim down without constantly feeling hungry or consuming non-nourishing food.

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