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Lyme Disease Warning Signs

A circular, expanding rash and flu-like symptoms are early signs of this dangerous illness spread by infected ticks.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Lyme Disease Warning Signs
Lyme Disease Warning Signs

A circular, expanding rash and flu-like symptoms can be early symptoms of this dangerous illness spread by infected ticks.
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Solving Obesity Problems With Gastric Sleeve Surgeons

By Tammie Caldwell

Gastric surgery is one of the last resorts of obese patients. This procedure is done by cutting the stomach and permanently taking out a large part of the stomach. This is done so in order to make sure that the patient loses weight quickly. Many obese people from Ridgewood, NJ take this option as they take dieting to a higher level.

This is an open procedure and patients must be ready to have their belly opened. Half or more of the stomach gets removed, leaving only a small part. Gastric sleeve surgeons in NJ are adept in the method and they have advanced equipment and device used for making incisions in the belly as well as in laparoscopic method, wherein small camera and tiny incisions in parts of the tummy are made.

The first week is the hardest. Aside from fainting and losing bowels, you can be strained which will cause infections. Hence, to avoid infections, do not lift anything heavy. You cannot do exercises lifting really heavy gym equipment. You will also be restricted to do your normal routines everyday. It will take approximately three months before everything comes back to normal.

In addition, you may also feel loss bowel movement or diarrhea. They say this is normal after the procedure. You will also feel sore because of the cut do you will need to take pain relievers. It will take quite some time before you can actually adjust. This is because you may still have the same appetite but your tummy can only handle enough.

If you have undergone this surgery, you have to be extra careful with what you eat since you now have a small tummy. After the surgery, you only have to eat liquid and soft food. Drinking just the right amount of water will help with the digestion and will keep you hydrated. When you feel full already, stop eating. Do not force yourself to eat some more.

You need to keep watch of your diet. If you will still keep on drinking soda and other high calorie drinks, there is a possibility that you will still not lose weight, which will throw away your aim. In addition, if you force yourself to eat the same amount of food you used to eat, tendency is your tummy will stretch and that will defeat the aim of the surgery.

Avoid food and drinks that have high calories or else, you will not lose weight. You must understand that the operation is only for reducing the size of the stomach. You will not lose weight immediately after the operation. You will still need to take dieting regimens before you can achieve that sexy look.

But you should know that you will still need some vitamins to supplement your food intake. The success rate of the method is high as long as you adhere strictly to the recommendations of the surgeon and the dietitian. Those who followed the recommendations after their operations have lost half of their weight.

There are side effects. So be careful to avoid them. These are blood clotting, leaking of the stomach lining, and developing various kinds of infection. There are also others that have experienced infections in the kidney, bones, and blood.

About the Author:

Things To Expect About Gastric Banding Surgery

By Winifred Christensen

The issue about obesity can no longer be taken for granted. Before it only resided on the boundaries of health problems. Now, it has become a social issue as well. Worse, obesity has now been associated with other diseases as well, making the fight against it more fueled. But with all the foods served in our restaurants at present, we see why this battle remains to be difficult.

Bad thing is, its easier to get fat while losing some weigh takes a lot of effort. The needed effort can be so great that many people would quit midway even before they see some fruits to their labor. For others who have given up on the natural method of treatment, undergoing gastric banding surgery NY is among the top options.

This method has proven to be effective to a lot of its patients. However, it will still be better if you consult your physician prior to deciding on the operation. There are some requirements and considerations that will have to be fulfilled before you can undergo this. If you are considering this option, then might as well keep in mind these basic information.

First, this process is not good for everyone. Ideally, this is only performed for those who weighs 40 kilograms or more. Also, people under 18 years old may not be permitted to undergo this given their young age an the many natural options that they can try out. Your history for weight loss treatments and any diseases that may complicate the surgery will also be determining factors to see if you are qualified.

Second, among all types of weight loss surgery, banding is considered to be the least intrusive and at the same time the safest. This is exactly why there are a lot of people go for this method. Its also reversible any time if you want to. Given that you work with a competent surgeon, you are sure to get the best results that you deserve.

Preparations have to be made. Much of the work will be done by the surgeon. But this does not mean that you can just sit there and wait. You will have to prepare yourself as well both mentally and physically.Talk to your surgeon ahead of time and see what he or she recommends. Some of them may give you specific meal plans that you need to follow few weeks before the surgery. When they do, be sure to follow.

Fourth, there are side effects. Some of the most common ones are nausea, usually accompanied by vomiting, and some irritation in the operated part. Of course, this may not happen to everyone. But there is a significant number of those who do. Some of them will pass in no time. But if there is really extreme discomfort, its best to consult your doctor.

Recovery is generally speedy. Usually, one can already begin doing menial work after a week. Full recovery is expected at around 6 weeks given that there are no other complications at hand. Needless to say, you will need ample of rest and right foods to recover faster.

While there are people who can attest to the efficiency of this process, there are also those who remain skeptical as to its effect. Weigh all the options that you have before going for this. Be prepared and start doing some physical adjustments now.

About the Author:

Major Reasons Why Families Prefer Home Health Care

By Winifred Christensen

Its not easy to take care of someone who is sick. It will need time and effort from the person who is doing it and at the same time from the one who is the subject of the treatment. And of course there is the issue about expenses. It is the need for income that drives people to continue working and earn and have someone take care of the patient on his or her behalf.

Of course, there are other alternatives than this. But when it comes to convenience, this seemed to be among those on top of the list. Home health care Harrisburg PA is a service that reduces the hassle of transporting the person to the hospital, which can be real inconvenient.

Good thing is, there are already a lot of professionals who specialize in taking care of the patient and who are open to the possibility of serving at house basis. If you are considering of having this service, then might as well know about its advantages. Here is a quick look.

Efficient monitoring from the part of the family members. One of the primary reasons why there are many family members who prefer this is the fact that it is easier to monitor. Since the patient is just staying at home, then they can all in every now and then and can personally check his condition every after work.

The environment can be redesigned. This has something to do with how you can adjust the setting of your place to provide maximum protection and convenience to the sick. Since there are no rules to follow like that of the ones available in hospitals, you can recreate the available space to provide more.

Better environment for healing. Many patients who have experienced being confined in hospitals can attest to the fact that hospitals are not the best place to heal. Even if the place has cutting edge technology, it still lacks the atmosphere that homes have. Plus, the presence of other sick people within the vicinity seemed to have this counterproductive effect in healing.

Away from any contagious infections present in hospitals. Also, you do not have to worry about any communicable diseases that a patient can acquire from the environment in the hospital. The healing process is sensitive. Any minor virus can prove to have a damaging effect given that the patients immune system is lowered down.

It costs lesser. If you have tried staying in hospitals for quite some time, then you can attest for yourself just how expensive the bills can be. The longer you stay, the bigger the bill becomes. Staying at home will not have some issues as to the accommodation. The only thing you will need to think of is the salary of the caregiver as well as your foods.

Now that you have a healthier and more affordable option, there is no reason why you should not check it out. We are talking about a persons recovery here. Provide him a space where he can take enough rest and breath some fresh air.

About the Author:

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