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Appetizers That Can Make or Break Your Diet

Don't start another meal with something battered, dipped, and fried. Try these delicious, diet-friendly alternatives instead.
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Saturday, June 06, 2015
Appetizers That Can Make or Break Your Diet
Appetizers That Can Make or Break Your Diet

Don't start another meal with something battered, dipped, and fried. Try these delicious, diet-friendly options instead.
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Choosing The Right Massage Therapist

By Ericka Marsh

There are huge benefits that can be achieved through a regular massage treatment from certified massage therapist. It does not matter what level of relaxation you need, you may want to reduce muscle tensions, obtain relief from chronic pain and reduce stress levels, a massage is perfect to your overall well being.

Engaging to a massage therapy brings a lot of benefits to your general health status. It is helpful to reduce muscle tensions, improve circulation in the body, improve joint mobility, eliminate or reduce pains and, most of all it improves your life. Thus, to enjoy these benefits, make sure to find the best and highly qualified massage therapist Everett WA who has the knowledge and skills to perform the task.

Before dealing with someone trained in this field, make sure to determine first your health condition and goals. Make sure to identify whether you are setting a goal to reduce stress levels, reduce muscle tightness, improve your work performance or enhance your overall health and improve your ability in sports. Once you have identified your goals, the next thing to consider is to find the best therapist Everett, WA.

Whether you are seeking for a physical therapist, medical doctor or a chiropractor, be sure to check their license and other certifications. Once you have already checked everything, you will now come up to certain ideas and make a decision. Recommendations from friends or relatives are also helpful to end up with the best.

One of the best source of referrals is a medical specialist. Experienced therapists can provide you a list of qualified therapists that possess the skill, have experience and training in techniques that are efficient in treating your complaints or condition. You may check out local fitness clubs, chiropractic offices, wellness centers, schools and spas.

Everyone must be careful of your choices that are solely based on website listings, newspapers and local magazines. This is because, most advertising sites do not perform pre screening for therapists who are running business illegally, self taught and giving sexual or escort services. Thus, research is highly recommended.

Consider your own preferences when looking a therapist. You can actually include or remove potential therapists depending on how they provide the massage styles or techniques. It is important to be comfortable with their presence, thus it is essential to choose either a female or male therapist/ On the other hand, location is another factor to consider if you plan to get a massage on a regular basis. Look for one close yo your work or home.

Look for a professional one who came from a reputable and certified school, have passed the training and written exam and qualified in a professional association established by professional therapists. If you are unsure, it is important to clarify the techniques or styles that they use and the type of service you are booking.

The cost is also one of the most factors to keep in mind. You have to ask for their charges or fees. Find out the length of every session, for additional charges, if there is any, the techniques and styles they use and for possible additional fees for the service.

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Keep your living will and health care power of attorney forms safe but accessible

Here are some people who should have copies of your advance directives and some other places where they should be filed.
June 6, 2015
Harvard Medical School

Keep your advance directive safe but accessible

Many people understandably want to keep their living will and health care power of attorney forms in a secure place. But if these documents are locked away in a safe deposit box, they won't be much help if you're unexpectedly hospitalized. Here are some people who should have copies of your advance directives and some other places where they should be filed.

  • Your health care agent and any alternative agents. All should have a copy of your health care power of attorney (and your living will, if you have one). In an emergency, your agent may need to fax the documents to doctors or a hospital.

  • Your doctor. A copy of your advance directives should be in your file and medical record.

  • Your hospital chart. If you are in the hospital, ask to have a copy of your advance directives put in your chart. (Your health care agent or a family member should do so if you are unable to do it.)

  • A safe spot in your home. File the original documents in a secure place in your home — and tell your agent, family, and friends where you put them. Hospitals may request an original, so it's important that someone can find the documents when necessary. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization suggests noting on all copies of the documents where the originals are stored.

  • Carry it with you. Put a card with your health care agent's name and contact information in your wallet or purse. Also note on the card where you keep the original and additional copies of your directives.

Product Page - Living Wills
Living wills and health care proxies — documents known as advance care directives — give you a voice in decisions about your medical care at the end of life. Without these documents, choices may be left up to a doctor or a judge — someone who does not know your values, beliefs, or preferences. This Special Health Report, Living Wills: A guide to advance directives, the health care power of attorney, and other key documents, will help you plan ahead and create legal documents to guide decision makers at this important time.

Read More

If you have a do not resuscitate order (DNR), remember that you or your health care agent may be required to produce a signed form, or you may have to wear a special bracelet identifying that decision. If a lawyer drew up your advance directives, ask whether he or she will keep a copy, and for how long.

For additional information on the legal documents you should prepare and keep, buy Living Wills: A guide to advance directives, the health care power of attorney, and other key documents, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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