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Can Bread Harm Your Heart?

Bread is made with salt. Eat bread with each meal all that salt adds up, sending blood pressure soaring. But not all news about bread is bad.
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Sunday, June 14, 2015
Can Bread Harm Your Heart?
Can Bread Harm Your Heart?

If you eat it with every meal, the salt in it adds up -- and that can send your blood pressure soaring. But not all news about bread is bad.
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The Benefits Of Having A Patient Advocate

By Elaine Guthrie

The health care system is complicated and difficult to navigate. There is so much information to know and processes to carry out. Patients who receive care and also caretakers of patients might feel confused or overwhelmed by it all. These people should seek the support and services offered by a patient advocate. This refers to a professional who work with patients as their representative. They offer a wide variety of services.

Whether a person is well or ill, managing their health could be overwhelming. If something goes wrong, it might be difficult for them to get what they need or feel that they are being heard by their health care providers. These professionals might not intend to make it difficult and complication for patients, but this is a frequent problem in the complex health care system. The industry and people who work in it do not always have compassion and understanding for patients, survivors or caretakers.

Advocates can provide a lot of aid. They often guide their clients through the different processes, remaining sensitive and caring to their needs. In fact, most of their focus is on patient needs and helping them with sorting out problems and concerns related to their care. Advocates will ensure that their patients are heard by the doctors and involved in the decision-making processes.

These professional advocates are available through hospitals, as well as for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. There are even some that work independently. It is important that people do research to find professionals available in their area. These advocates work all around the world, including in Sydney, AU. When possible, patients should look into their ratings and available services.

Most of these advocate services are not covered by insurance companies or plans. Therefore, patients are expected to pay out of pocket for this help. Costs will vary based on many factors, such as services offered, expertise and background of the advocate, and location. Search to find what is available at your price point.

There are a lot of services that these professionals can provide to their clients. It is common for advocates to focus on privacy matters, patient rights, informed consent or confidentiality, awareness building, education and support of patients, survivors and the people who care for them, and patient representation. Essentially, the work of these professionals is to give a voice to survivors, patients and caretakers. They can be allies in navigating the health care system.

Patients should stand up for what is right, especially when it involves their health and well-being. It is essential that caretakers or patients, and patients themselves, speak up if something is wrong or does not feel right. People often voice concerns or file complaints when they receive poor service at a store or restaurant and should do the same when it happens with their medical care.

While advocates can be support in these cases, they can otherwise help patients. They might go to the doctor with them, offer clarification on procedures or diagnoses, help fill out or manage paperwork, consult with a physician about patient questions or concerns, and more. These advocates may have different areas they work in or specialties. Patients need to find one that offers the support and services they want and need.

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