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Is Weight Gain Just a Fact of Aging?

What's the role of menopause when it comes to weight? And is eating too much the main reason for weight gain at any age?
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Sunday, July 12, 2015
Weight, Metabolism, and Getting Older
Weight, Metabolism, and Getting Older

What's the role of menopause when it comes to weight? And is eating too much the main reason for putting on pounds at any age?
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Always Tired?

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Methods On How To Treat Lyme Disease

By Francis Riggs

Lyme disease is an illness caused by bacterial organisms that are spread by tick bites. The responsible bacteria are generally known as spirochetes but exist in different species. The affected person complains of a wide range of symptoms that include among bothers, skin lesions, joint pains, and nervous system effects. There are a number of options on how to treat Lyme disease that one may wish to know.

The bacteria are transmitted by ticks found on deer in various geographical locations. A bite of the human flesh leads to the release of the bacteria into the blood stream of the affected individual. There is an early phase in which the condition is localised to the affected site and a later phase in which it spreads to other parts of the body as it becomes a systemic illness.

During the first phase, there is flu like illness a few days after being bitten. The second phase follows an incubation period of about two weeks. More advanced conditions may manifest as meningitis, cerebral palsy or arthritis. In the long term, some persons have been found to be extraordinarily anxious and depressed. To diagnose the illness there is need to corroborate the history with the appearance of specific antibodies in the blood.

The antibodies can be detected in blood by use of a special technique known as ELISA. The main disadvantage of using this method us the fact that there may be false positive results in some cases. This may lead to treatment where there is no indication. Another major challenge experienced during diagnosis is the lack of specificity of symptoms. Consequently, misdiagnoses are fairly common.

Treatment is mainly through the use of antibiotics. There are numerous antibiotics that are very effective and the choice depends on disease severity and the area of the body that has been affected. Oral drugs have been found to be highly effective for early phase illness while intravenous drugs are useful in the advanced forms of the disease. The most important thing to remember here is that prompt treatment has better outcomes.

Some of the oral antibiotics that are used for this purpose include doxycycline, amoxicillin and cefuroxime. They are very effective for the early disease especially when started in good time. Doxycycline is, however, unsafe for pregnant women and young children and is not used for these groups. The commonly used antibiotics include penicillin G and ceftriaxone. They are most effective for second phase of illness.

Other drugs that are used are mainly for supportive treatment. For instance pain relieving drugs are often necessary for the pain associated with joint swelling. These drugs also help in reducing the associated inflammation. For the severely swollen joints, drainage of joint fluid is usually useful.

Research has established that this illness has the highest incidence among children 5 to 14 years. Another peak is at 40 to 50 years among adults. The biggest risk factor to contracting this illness is living in an area with tick infested deer. Fortunately, transmission does not occur through contact or across the placenta.

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Getting Familiar With Cataract Surgery San Antonio

By Edna Booker

The human body can be really complex at times. One minute everything is functioning perfectly then the next, everything falls apart. Cataract surgery San Antonio is a procedure necessary for those who begin having problems with their vision. A person who has this particular condition experiences cloudiness around their eyes. This leads to blurry vision.

This condition should definitely not be ignored. As it worsens the eyesight of a person could be damaged forever. People often undergo the following symptoms. They find it difficult to handle the sun as the rays may seem too bright. Car headlights could also bring the same effect. Most bright colors also appear dull to the affected individual.

The eye lens has protein and also water in it. There is a certain balance to these substances. With the time the balance shifts and all hell breaks loose. The protein ends up forming a whole other layer where it is not supposed to be. This is what causes the whole issue. Damage from surgery could also lead to this not to mention harsh UV rays.

The surgical method used here is meant to remove the already damaged lens and replacing it with another one. The other lens that is used is usually the artificial kind. More and more people are going for this treatment as it is safe. After surgery most patients get to go home. Before individuals go under the knife there is always consultation with San Antonio TX doctors.

Their job is to see if there are other conditions that may be affecting your eyes. The measurement of the eyes is then taken. This is important so the right size of artificial lens gets to be used. During this consultation, a patient can ask questions so that they get familiar with what will be done. If both eyes are affected surgery for both will be carried out at separate times.

Surgery will not always be a pleasant experience. That is why doctors say yes to the use of aesthetics for the patients. This makes them not suffer much as they undergo treatment. Since the eye is quite delicate drops are often used. Part of the eye is then cut using surgical blades. Often this happens to the region known as the cornea.

When the lens is broken, small pieces of it remain around the eye. Removing them is key to going on with the procedure. They are then liquefied and finally sucked out. The next step involves putting in the replacement. This is done through the area that was cut at the beginning of all this. This is a simple treatment where the plastic lens gets to take position of the previous one.

Patients usually go home with a patch around their eyes. They may need people around them to help them a little bit when it comes to doing things. They will definitely experience some discomfort before everything settles down. In case of complications, it is advisable to visit a San Antonio TX hospital. However, such cases are not common as doctors put their best into them.

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Things To Consider Before Having A Brazilian Wax

By Francis Riggs

Having a smooth, fair skin is something that a lot of women is working on. To some, its more than just about the looks. Its more like the good feeling that they have in the absence of those hairs on legs and arms that can sometimes be irritating during the hot season.

There are many things that you can do to enhance your looks. One things that both men and women invest to is waxing. Services such as the Brazilian wax Columbus is one its popular types, attributing to the fact that its generally considered as safe and convenient by many.

Waxing comes in variation and any type can offer their own unique selling proposition. Its possible that more than one will work best for you. Your job is to identify which of the options that you have is the best. Once you decide to start your selection, the following things will be an important part of your consideration.

Quality of the spa. While you can do the procedure yourself, experts still suggest that you visit a spa who is offering the service to do it for you. This is very vital especially if its your first time undergoing it. Finding a high quality spa who can do the procedure will increase the safety factor that you will experience.

Safety of the material used. Be sure to take some time as well to verify the authenticity of the material used. How good are they. Brazilian wax has standard brand of wax so you have to be sure that the one you use is among the best. This will ensure safety on your part. The wrong choice of item can cause some issues of skin irritation.

Details about the advantages and disadvantages. Even if you hear a lot of good things about waxing, you should still the time to do a quick search on your own to make sure that indeed, you are willing to take the risk. We are not just talking about the things that you will get after you have undergone the process. More important than that is the risk that it will have. Skin irritation is a good example. Are you willing to take the risk.

Reviews or comments by other people. To add validation to your pick, you can go ahead and ask other people, especially those who have tried the procedure of their experience. How was it. Do they feel something weird after. What spa can they recommend.

Personal reason. Last but not the least, evaluate your reason for doing it. Are you really feeling uncomfortable or do you just wan to ride with the trend of waxing. Does your reason for having it outweigh the risks.

You cannot just underestimate what looks can do to your overall bearing. If you really want to undergo waxing, then you should at least take some time to make sure that you know enough of what you are getting yourself into.

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