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Should you give yoga a try to ease depression?
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Managing Depression Mayo Clinic ranked #1 in more specialties
than any other hospital in the nation
July 29, 2015
Yoga: Fight stress and find serenity
Yoga is more than a trendy exercise. Its mind and body focus may help ease depression, anxiety and stress. Here's how to get started.
Depression (major depressive disorder)
Get the facts about depression, including which treatments work and what you can do to help yourself.
Discover 4 simple steps to live a resilient, joy-filled life!
The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness is a great companion to The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living. Anchored in science and accessible to everyone, this book focuses on building resilience to stress and difficulty through a simple 4-step plan. Learn more.
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Is it heart smart to eat fish each week?
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Heart-Healthy Living Mayo Clinic ranked #1 in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation
July 29, 2015
Omega-3 in fish: How eating fish helps your heart
Why is adding fish to your diet heart smart? Because of its omega-3 fatty acids, which may lower triglycerides and your risk of stroke.
Coronary angiogram
This procedure uses X-ray imaging to see your heart's blood vessels. Find out why your doctor may recommend it and how you can prepare.
The Mayo Clinic Diet
This plan for weight loss and better health is based on Mayo Clinic research by identifying the leading habits of people who maintain a healthy weight and the habits of those who don't.
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Options On Treatments For Prostate Cancer

By Olive Pate

There are so many diseases. Prostate cancer being one of them. Most people fear this kind of illness. This is because the disease is fatal. Many people have died out of the illness. However, you might be lucky if prostate cancer is diagnosed early. In its early age, the disease can be cured. A person can only go for treatment at its early stage. Below are preferences on treatments for prostate cancer.

Is important to discover the disease at its early stage. However, not every person have been cured. This is because such people did not consider some factors. Aspects such as age and health should be considered before going for treatment. Side effects resulted from the treatment should as well be considered. Though, not everyone will take those aspects into consideration.

Is tricky to have prostate cancer when you are old. When you are old, your immune system is weak. Even though, this should not discourage you from going for this treatment. But it is important to be aware of risks you may putting yourself into. Surgery together with radiation surveillance have some side effects. The side effects are critical to handle especially for an old person.

Most young people are healthy. Being young and healthy can help you put up with side effects. These effects are experienced during treatment of this illness. Such a young person can undergo the processes of radiation. This is regardless the side effects which might be experienced. This is a risk you have to take to get cured. However, this should not discourage you from undergoing this treatment.

Many ill individuals find it hard to have the best preference. To compare effectiveness of every option is tricky. The reason for this, all preferences have complicated protocols. Those protocols are not simple to understand. Surgical processes and radiation procedures are hard to comprehend. Hence, it would require and advice from a learned person.

The decision of going to have those treatments is not easy to make. This is particularly when making the decision by yourself. Is advisable to enquire from the family. The family might help you to make the right decision. Friends as well might be found useful too. Have a liberty of taking to them freely. They should be able to help you.

Is stressful to choose the best option for treatment. This is especially if there are two contradicting options. Furthermore, it is expected of such person to have fear. The fear to choose the wrong option might be experienced. Normally one option cannot be convenient for you. Two options at a go can be useful. Consult any specialist friend to guide you making appropriate decision.

The essence of writing down this article is clear. The main reason is to enlighten people regarding options to take. This options concern the treatments for the this particular cancer. Therefore, when you take the above preferences into consideration, you can have a successful cure protocols. Furthermore, the article encourages you as well that you are not alone. Therefore, you should not fear at any cost.

About the Author:

Know About Prostate Cancer Staging

By Olive Pate

In our modern times, cancer is key health concern. Prostate cancer staging is the criteria followed by physicians to expound on the prostate cancer on issues concerning its location, how far it has advanced and the chances of it spreading to other organs apart from the prostate gland. This also involves the treatment the rapiers to be undertaken to help contain the tumor.

The cancer staging process involves the physicians using diagnostic tests to tell the tumor's stage. The staging process takes a long time as the patient has to complete all the tests. The doctors have the mandate to look at the test results and interpret them this helps them find out how far has the tumor spread and the areas it has affected. By knowing the stage of the tumor the doctor is able to determine the most favorable form of treatment and help foretell if there's any chance of recovery.

There are various stages in the the spreading of this form of cancer. In the first stage the tumor is found in the prostate gland only. It cannot be sensed in the process of any screening tests. A first stage cancer is usually made up of cells that look more like healthy cells and is likely to grow slowly and is unlikely to be detected or felt by means of an examining finger.

On the second stage, the tumor is too small to be figured on any tests. It is described as slightly larger lump that is felt around the gland. In this second stage, the tumor is still limited to the gland. The cells are always abnormal and grow steadily which increases the risk of the tumor spreading to other parts of the body.

On the third stage the cancerous cells start circulating to other organs both around and past the gland. This adversely affects the seminal vesicles in some cases. This stage is critical as it affects the pro static capsule which causes the lump to be felt on the glands surface.

On the last stage which risks any chances of survival of the patient, involves the tumor spreading to all the other parts of the body regardless of the location. It attacks organs and causes a breakdown to these organs such as the liver, lungs and bladder.

Through the process of recovery, there are two medical stages of the prostate cancer that involve the recovery procedure. The stage that is based on the test results that were previously done which is the clinical stage. The clinical stage involves various tests such as MRI scans, X-rays, bone scans. These tests are not always deemed necessary unless recommended by the physicians. They mostly come advised depending on the tumor's size and its stage of advancement.

The pathologic stage is grounded on information given during surgery and laboratory results of the prostate tissue removed. The surgery mostly if not, involves the removal of the entire prostate and some lymph nodes.

Recurrent prostate cancer which is a reoccurred tumor after treatment is common in many cancer situations. It may be reverted to the gland or other organs of the body. If this happens the tumor may need to be reviewed again. This helps in earlier detection which in turns leads to an early treatment for the patient which increases the chances of recovery and elimination of the tumor.

About the Author:

Choosing The Best Ameriplan Healthcare Policy

By Amalia Odom

You never really know when you might fall ill. You just know that if this happens, the expenses are often going to be sky-high, this is why being prepared for those surprises in life would help give you the peace of mind that you need. Signing up for the right health plan is crucial.

You want coverage whenever you get an appointment to a doctor, a dentists, or when you get hospitalized. You want to coverage for the medicines that you or a loved one has to take on a regular basis for maintenance. A good AmeriPlan Healthcare should be able to offer that. So, take the time to shop around before you settle for any health plans.

Carefully assess your needs. A lot of people often end up getting overwhelmed by their choices due to the fact that the market is overstated with choices. They even have a harder time making a choice due to the fact that they have no idea what it is that they want from such a policy, the best way that you can choose right is to ensure that you will ascertain your needs and pick the ones that work for you best.

Know how much your budget is for seeking out these policies. Consider the fact that this is a monthly contribution that you are going to make. This is an addition to the monthly expenses that you'll have to pay on a regular basis. So, take enough steps to ascertain how much off of the pockets can you afford to spend this time without disrupting your financial stability.

In plans like these, remember that the higher it is that you will choose to contribute, the lower deductibles you are likely going to be subjected to. For instance, if you will choose to contribute a much bigger monthly premium, then you will be able to benefit from having to pay less as far as co-payments and medicines go. If you can afford it, then opt for a higher premium.

Do your part on researching more details about these plans too. Do not expect to make the right choices when you have not even taken appropriate steps to find out about these policies that you are being offered with, this would be the right time for you to read up on their brochures and the information that they are providing. Read the fine print to, so you know what you are getting.

Do shop around, you cannot expect to find the right offer when you are not even taking proper steps to find out about all the choices that are available for you. Use this opportunity to find out as many details about the plans that other policy providers can offer. Compare apples to apples too, so you can settle for the best offer there is that you can find.

Try not to over-insure too. You have to remember that this is added expenses. Sometimes, buying more is actually not getting you more, but is only costing you more, but getting you less. As long as the coverage is sufficient, over-insuring is not a really good idea. You can always choose a complete coverage for a lower cost if you just know where to shop and what to look for.

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The Major Significance Of Anxiety Therapy

By Amalia Odom

A lot of people experience anxiety because of so many reasons. One is being hooked on drugs or abusing themselves by using it. They indeed need to be treated because they need it. In fact, the treatment includes explaining to them how it can ruin their lives as young individuals that suffer from those problems. Their lives are different but they develop that illness for some reasons.

Clinical treatment has to be given to the people to achieve a long lasting act of sobriety and to make their lives newer and better than before. One act that can surely help is the process of addiction counseling that is basically offered by a lot of professionals these days. There are other types of treatment as well like anxiety therapy in Frederick.

One way is to lessen its overall enablement. It is for those who tolerate the substance use of those kids. They often approve the addiction because of great fear that the relationship will not be great. Aggression and rebellion are few of the many things that they should also get rid of.

Some parents are also allowing themselves and the main reason is their fear of risking their relationship with their kids. In any case, the enablement must be ceased immediately to make high or lasting recovery. Parents need to accept whatever the outcome will be to save them from drug addiction problems.

It can indeed happen if they stand or stay firm against its continue usage. Another method is the process of supervised detoxification. For those who are greatly dependent on drug like heroin and cocaine as well as alcohol, the first thing to do is to give them the required detox treatment.

The doctor must carefully monitor a weekly act of drug deprivation. It may be painful but it is very necessary as part of the overall recovery. They can also administer those medications designed to help the teens in dealing with the effects like insomnia, depression and other cases.

Another way is called residential inpatient overall setting that is given to those who truly need it. Like any other adults, teens need to attend this type of rehabilitation program to fully change how they live. This is also required for their complete transformation. They have to undergo the required facilities like special boarding, which is also intended for people who suffer great complications and disorders.

Some whose overall condition is more difficult can also attend the program. It is basically when they have completed their high school years. Experiencing this can surely help them recover from too much substance addiction. This process is vital as well in helping them survive. Their parents can also monitor them during the procedure.

The group will certainly discuss the methods to improve the lives of those teens. Their relationship with their parents and other family members will be improved as well. The rehab specialists will make this thing happen with the cooperation of the patient and his or her family.

About the Author:

Food Safety News - July 29, 2015 Citing Fecal Contamination, FDA Issues Import Alert for Some Mexican Cilantro

Food Safety News

Citing Fecal Contamination, FDA Issues Import Alert for Some Mexican Cilantro

By News Desk

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Import Alert on Tuesday about cilantro from the state of Puebla, Mexico, due to concerns about fecal contamination which investigators reportedly found in fields and in cleaning and processing facilities in that area. The alert affects cilantro being imported to the United States between April 1-Aug. 31,... Continue Reading

IAFP 2015: Taylor and Almanza Share the Same Stage in Portland

By Dan Flynn

Tuesday’s schedule at the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) annual meeting in Portland, OR, featured the "Mike and Al Show” competing with lunch, but there still was a large crowd at the Oregon Convention Center to hear two of the nation's top food safety officials. Mike Taylor, Deputy FDA Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary... Continue Reading

How to Use the 'Best-By' Dates on Your Food

By Lydia Zuraw

With food waste and ugly food making headlines again in recent weeks, we wanted to give you a reminder of what food date labels actually mean. The key takeaway is that a "best-by" or "sell-by" date is not an expiration date and doesn't necessarily mean that the safety of the food product declines after that... Continue Reading

IAFP 2015: Experts May Have Determined How Caramel Apples Caused That Listeria Outbreak

By James Andrews

In November 2014, health officials began investigating two concerning clusters of Listeria infections that seemed to be related. The two strains of bacteria had already killed at least five people and hospitalized a few dozen others by the time they got on the case, and they wanted to find the source and stop it as quickly as... Continue Reading

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