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How stretching keeps your joints moving

Also: A promising new treatment for high triglycerides; Stretching to help arthritis.
Harvard Medical School

How stretching keeps your joints moving

Your range of motion — how far you can move a joint in various directions — is determined by many things, starting with the inner workings of the joints involved. Also important is the amount of tension in the muscles surrounding the joint, which can be affected by scarring or your habitual posture (passive factors), or by involuntary muscle spasms or purposeful muscle contractions (active factors).

Stretching exercises can help extend your range of motion. To understand how, it helps to know what joints, tendons, and ligaments do:

Product Page - Stretching
Stretching is an excellent thing you can do for your health. These simple, yet effective moves can help you limber up for sports, improve your balance and prevent falls, increase your flexibility, and even help relieve arthritis, back, and knee pain. Whether you';re an armchair athlete or a sports enthusiast, this Special Health Report from the experts at Harvard Medical School will show you how to create effective stretching routines that meet your needs and ability.

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  • Joints are the junctions that link bones together. The architecture of each joint — that is, whether its structure is a hinge, pivot, or ball-in-socket — determines how the bones can move.

  • Tendons are flexible cords of strong tissue that connect muscles to bones.

  • Ligaments are tough, fibrous bands of tissue that bind bone to bone, or bone to cartilage, at a joint. An example is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of five ligaments that together control the movements of the knee. Among other things, the ACL keeps the knee joint from rotating too far.

When you stretch, you're working muscles and tendons rather than ligaments. Ligaments are not supposed to be elastic. An overly stretchy ligament wouldn't provide the stability and support needed for a safe range of movement.

For more on ways to improve your strength and flexibility, buy Stretching, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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News and Views from the Harvard Health Blog

A promising new treatment for high triglycerides

Existing drugs for lowering triglycerides aren’t that good at reducing heart attack risk. That’s why a report on a new way to lower triglycerides, published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine, is generating some excitement among cardiologists.

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Stretching to help arthritis pain

Don't let arthritis pain keep you from staying physically active. The less you move your joints, the less likely they'll maintain their full range of motion. Over time, the surrounding muscles can shorten, making it that much harder to keep moving. That can lead to a host of other problems, including weight gain, difficulty walking, and poor balance. A regular stretching routine can help you avoid this vicious cycle.

If you have arthritis, it's best to talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routine, including a stretching routine. Once you get the okay, try these tips to help you get started:

  • Warm up thoroughly. Take extra time to warm up before you stretch. A hot shower or bath, a heated pool, or even warm compresses or a heating pad can also relax stiff joints before you stretch.

  • Stretch during your least painful time of day. Morning won't work for some people, since that's when their joints are stiffest. You might do your stretches when pain relievers are at their peak effectiveness.

  • Adapt stretches. Use pillows or rolled-up towels to adjust your range of motion in each stretch. Choose seated stretches, if necessary.

  • Expect some discomfort. While you should stretch only to the point of mild tension, not pain, you may experience some discomfort. Try this guideline: if discomfort following stretches or other activities lasts longer than two hours, or is more severe than your usual pain, ease up on your routine. Try holding each stretch for less time. As stretching becomes easier, gradually step it up again.

For more on ways to improve your strength and flexibility, buy Stretching, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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Product Page - Stretching
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How Lap Band Surgeons Can Help Overweight Individuals

By Olive Pate

Obesity is now a fast and growing concerns for people of all ages. Even a five year child may already experience obesity problems. Although lifestyle change is still the best treatment for this problem, but surgical options start to become a popular option for many people. One of the surgical options to be considered is the gastric banding which is known as lap band surgery.

Most of the surgeons in Ridgewood, NJ are using appropriate practices to successfully obtain better results. This surgical operation is designed for adults only. Patients need to understand the method and their whole willingness to follow the program that will be given to them. And importantly, the process should be done by professional lap band surgeons NJ.

The procedure is restricted for patients who have difficulties to understand the surgery, those emotionally unstable and dependent on alcohol and drugs. Patients with a history of gastrointestinal problems need to be reviewed properly before making a decision. Similarly, candidates who have experienced medical conditions such as lung and heart conditions may be restricted to take the procedure.

Typically, the surgery is better than other procedures in various ways. One of the advantages you can get from this operation is that, the band can be adjusted to reverse the method, has only less severe term complications. You are required first to recover from the surgical operation before the band will be adjusted for any weight loss purposes.

After the surgical operation, you need pain medicines to help with soreness and discomfort. You will also be encouraged to start moving around to heal the body effectively. You may also undergo an xray a day after the operation to ensure everything is in good condition.

The doctor will also give you specific instructions when it comes to your food after the operation. In two weeks time, your stomach can only consume an amount of liquid whilst you are still in the process of healing. There are some who get full immediately in a sip of water.

It is always important to sip water everyday to avoid dehydration. You will also notice that your bowel movements are irregular after the operation. Do not worry, since this will commonly happen after the operation. Avoid being constipated and trained with your bowel movements.

Everyday, you can add an amount of solid food to your diet. You only have to be extra careful when you are chewing the food stop eating if you are full. This is because, if you overeat, you may feel like vomiting and discomfort. Your doctor will also suggest you to work with a dietitian in planning a healthy meal to provide you efficient protein, vitamins and minerals whilst losing weight.

After the process, weight loss is often slow but steady. You need to visit your doctor regularly to check everything. The doctor can also adjust the band of you are not losing weight. As you see, weight loss surgery is best for people who are overweight and for those who consider exercise, diet and medicine but do not lose weight.

About the Author:

In this issue: Napping know-how, Mayo Clinic Diet weight loss, farmers market celebration and more.

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Dilled shrimp salad on lettuce leaves
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Buying athletic shoes? Check your arch
Athletic shoes should be tailored to your arch type (high arch, neutral arch, low arch). Not sure about your foot type? Dip your foot in water and then step on a piece of cardboard. Examine your footprint. If you see most of your footprint, you probably have a low arch. If you see very little of your footprint, you probably have a high arch.
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Tips On Home Health Care Harrisburg Pa

By Jordan Schmidt

Human health is very important. However they are usually exposed to various issues that may endanger their health. It is therefore an individual obligation to take necessary measure to remain healthy. The kind of diet that one may be exposed to, can as well determine their health. Age is also another factor that may expose one to unhealthy status. This brings in the issue of home health care Harrisburg pa, in Pottsville pa city. Below are a few things that one ought to consider when looking for a specialist in this.

The knowledge required that a practitioner has is very important. In most cases the elderly may require some nursing services. It thus means that they have to be trained on how to handle them in any way. In such a case there has to be a tangible evidence that have the qualifications. To be more precise a well-known institution is preferred.

It is also important to consider the experience that one has. This may be determined by the period that one has been in this field. It will always help in sharpening the skills that these individuals have. This can be similar to fresh graduates from the training. The number of cases that one may have handled can as well help in determining the experience that one has.

Being grant with the permission to exercise their profession is very important. This is usually done by the authorities or a body which has been delegated to. It may be through issuance of a license or a certification. It has to be after payment of some fee which is usually renewable every year or so. This would help in legalizing the operations.

Its very important who can have enough time in attending to the clients. Its thus important to seek the one who do not have tight schedules. This would mean that they can always turn out whenever they are required to. This would ensure that the elders who requires more attention are not neglected.

The kind of reputation that one bears is very essential. It may be described out of how they are likely to interact with other members of the society. This may be well explained by those who know them better or those who might have hired them before. It can usually be defined out of their conduct.

It is important for the clients to request for the kind of services that the practitioner is likely to deliver. This may demand for a description of them. This ought to include the cost quoted for the compensation of the services delivered. In cases of any terms and conditions to be involved in the contract has to be clear to both parties.

The information provided above is very important. It helps in ensuring that the right decision is made on home health care Harrisburg Pottsville pa city. It forms a better basis of providing the required care for the elderly.

About the Author:

The Importance Of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services In Fort Wayne

By Jordan Schmidt

Any savvy physician with a practice knows how to husband his or her time. They know they have to focus on patient care, leaving little time for financial matters and Medical billing services in Fort Wayne. How do they cope? Those in the know use outside companies to ease their office load and cut back on the need for extra permanent staff and space.

Billing is important as it brings in revenues, but it is not the primary function of office staff nor the doctor. It is actually a time and cost-savings to use a professional service. They will ensure that it is done properly and on time. They will communicate collection problems. They will create an even flow of income for the office on a monthly basis and leave the medical primary work to the physician.

In-house people have many delegated tasks already. Why add another that does not relate to patient care? Using a billing service is a great relief for all concerned and the best way to maximize an even cash flow.

Medical care is tough enough these days with government restrictions and reduced fees. Yet more patients are in need of care due to the advancing aging population. Problems are bound to arise. Getting rid of one big area can change the tenor of an organization and send it on a better path. Physicians can refocus their practices by using professional help. Yes, they usually have an office manager, but that person can only handle so many tasks, and billing shouldn't be one of them.

Patient invoices must be followed up if payment is not forthcoming. After an insurance or government payment, often there is a balance due. More time and effort is required to collect resulting in either a payment plan or legal action. Special expertise now comes into play. Once again, the practice must receive reports to get an overview of the practice.

Offshore companies offer attractive rates these days in that the industry is becoming competitive. They have plenty of labor to fill the growing need for insurance billers and collectors. They will speak to the government about Medicare and Social Security or follow up with delinquent patients. They take the burden and the stress.

There are many benefits to outsourcing medical billing and the practice is growing by leaps and bounds. Soon in-house billing will be a thing of the past. Offshore companies are springing up to take the overload and they are getting experienced and adept in the process. They have the resources in cheap and plentiful labor. They can deal with the government (Medicare) and insurance companies and handle collection problems, turning it all into cash. They set up payment plans and write off losses. They are an enormous help to any medical practice, stable or growing.

Don't be surprised if your chosen service resides offshore. This is the trend and the costs are lower due to plentiful resources. Local companies have higher labor expenses. All in all, you can save money if you research carefully and choose a recommended vendor. Meanwhile, with the outsourcing in place, you can grow your business faster and with less stress.

About the Author:

How Soy Protein Benefits Athletes

By Edna Booker

Those who choose not to eat meat need to obtain the nutrients they are missing by eating other forms of them. Protein is one of the major elements of meat and fish and is needed by the body for basic functions such as cell construction. Eating soy protein benefits vegetarians and vegans in much the same way.

Meat has traditionally been thought of as the main way to get complete proteins into the body and athletes tend to eat a lot of it. However, in recent years there has been a trend away from this as meat also contains harmful elements, especially when it is produced on a large scale. Many are now looking to plants as an alternative and the legume family is now consumed in large quantities instead.

Soy is a legume. This whole family of plants is nutritious and people should eat plenty of them. Legumes are high in proteins, micronutrients, B vitamins, fiber and omega fatty acids. They are also low in fat and cholesterol and so are a great way to get lots of nutrients without the bad stuff.

Western scientists have been interested in the dietary habits of Asian people for many years as they have such excellent health. In the far east people live longer, more active lives with lower levels of disease. This has long been thought due to their lower consumption of meat and higher intake of soy and vegetables.

Cholesterol has become a controversial issue in recent years. After decades of official dietary advice that everyone should try to lower it there is now growing evidence that too little can also be detrimental. Some of this controversy has come about due to misunderstanding as there are different types of cholesterol, ldl is thought to be the most dangerous. Soy contains phytosterols which help block absorption of it thus keeping overall levels in the body lower.

Soy powders are used by more and more body builders and sports people to aid in recovery after a workout. It was maligned for many years as research suggested that maybe soy lowered testosterone levels but this has now been shown to be negligible. The benefits outweigh the negatives. Soy is really the only plant with complete proteins and so can be used to build muscle mass.

Fermented soy foods are a better option as they are easier to digest and also contain probiotics which aid absorption of nutrients. These are found in a variety of forms such as, miso, tempeh and nattoo. Miso is an extremely versatile ingredient and can be eaten in soup but also used as a flavoring for other meals as it has lots of umami and is almost like beef in its taste.

There are lots of ways to get soy proteins into the body. Drinking shakes after a workout is a great way to help the body recover and build mass. It is also easy to incorporate into the diet. Fermented soy foods are really great for the body as they contain probiotics in addition to the nutrients we have mentioned. These probiotics help with maintenance of the digestive system and absorption of nutrients so that the body gets the benefit of everything consumed.

About the Author:

7 Strategies to Start a Revolution and Make Cooking Fun!

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Is Facebook Leading Young Women to Dangerous Diets?

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, have an unusually high number of friends, and/or find yourself using the site to contrast your life to your friends’, researchers at the University of North Carolina would say you have a “strong emotional connection” to Facebook.

And young women with a strong emotional connection to Facebook, they found, are significantly more likely to compare their bodies to their friends' and to practice risky dieting.

But those who used Facebook, but weren't so attached to the site that they used it to judge their own bodies? They were no more likely to engage in risky dieting than those who didn’t use the site at all.

It’s an interesting study that sheds light on how much we use social media, how we frame it, and the unknown impacts it can have on us. Here’s what you don’t know.
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Is Facebook Leading Young Women to Dangerous Diets?
If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, have an unusually high number of friends, and/or find yourself using the site to contrast your life to your friends’, researchers at the University of North Carolina would say you have a “strong emotional connection” to Facebook.

And young women with a strong emotional connection to Facebook, they found, are significantly more likely to compare their bodies to their friends' and to practice risky dieting.

But those who used Facebook, but weren't so attached to the site that they used it to judge their own bodies? They were no more likely to engage in risky dieting than those who didn’t use the site at all.

It’s an interesting study that sheds light on how much we use social media, how we frame it, and the unknown impacts it can have on us. Here’s what you don’t know.
Nicholas English
Content Manager of Health
How Social Media and Online Images Are Changing Eating Disorders   
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