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In this issue: Sun safety, no-cook recipes, signs of burnout, natural depression remedies and more.

How can you enjoy the sun without getting burned?
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Vol. 16, Issue 61 | August 3, 2015
Sunny days aren't the only times when you should worry about sunburn. You're at risk on cloudy days, too. Here's what to know.
Weight-loss goals: Set yourself up for success  
Are you tired of thinking about losing weight and finally want to take action? Here's how to create goals to stay focused and motivated.
Water exercise: Does pool temperature matter?
If your workout includes aquatic exercise, the water should feel soothing and comfortable, not hot.
Natural remedies for depression: Are they effective?
So-called natural remedies for depression need more research, but these supplements show promise.
Frequent urination
Hoarding disorder
Complementary and alternative medicine: Evaluate claims
No cook recipes
Use our Symptom Checker to explore possible causes of your symptoms based upon Mayo Clinic's patient care experience.
Use these simple calculators and self-assessments for personalized health tips.
Heart disease risk calculator
BMI calculator
Stress: Don't be blindsided by burnout
Before you commit to taking on anything new, pause and think about what's already on your plate.
Put this natural healing wisdom to use for your better health
You need reliable, easy-to-understand information about complementary and alternative medicine. Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine explains the various products and practices, guiding you to those that may help treat or prevent disease, and those that may be of no benefit or potentially dangerous. Learn more.
Hundreds of slimming recipes!
The Mayo Clinic Diet is designed to help you lose 6 to 10 lbs. in 2 weeks with recipes and meal plans.
Peaches a la mode
Vanilla poached peaches
Peach crumble
Peach floats
Don't grocery shop on an empty stomach
If your stomach is growling, you may be tempted to put potato chips and chocolate chip cookies into your cart. Avoid unhealthy choices by eating before you shop. If you find yourself getting hungry while grocery shopping, drink some water or buy some nuts to munch on.
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Value Of Family And Marriage Counseling

By Kathrine Franks

If you are married and are about to hire a counselor, it is best that you take the needs of your loved ones into consideration. Your schedules, kinds of advice you require and transportation resources should be taken into consideration as well.

It is advisable for married couples to check the reputation and credentials of the counselor. For those who are concerned about costs or do not have insurance, they should find one that offers his or her services on a sliding scale, at a low cost or for free. As much as possible, they should choose a counselor that specializes in family and marriage counseling.

Contacting a counselor for assistance is certainly a great idea especially if you, your spouse and your kids are going through tough times. The location where you live in often affects the availability of experts. As expected, larger towns as well as cities located in Temecula, CA are equipped with more counselors than those smaller or rural areas. You can ask for referrals from the social worker in your kid's school, your doctor or your office's worker assistance program. Furthermore, you can ask your religious organizations clergy person if it is offering such services.

Speaking to an intake working person would really be helpful when they contact the counselor. It is necessary for the husband and wife to open up about their issues including the issues that their children are facing. A few counselors mainly focus on providing aid to families facing comparable issues. An experienced counselor is always worth hiring especially when one of the couple's children are involved in drug or alcohol abuse.

Appointment scheduling is one important thing that couples should be asking about. Everyone would agree that weekend or night time appointments are frequently the most convenient. Picking a center that is close to where everyone frequents is advisable. This is one thing that couples should bear in mind prior to getting the services of a specific counselor.

You have to make certain that you deal with a professional that is licensed. You can do so by inquiring about the counselor's credentials from the intake worker. You have to find out if the counselor is equipped with certifications in areas just like anger or addiction management because he or she can certainly help you in terms of dealing with a number of specific problems.

They should remember that some centers especially those that are offering sliding scale or low-cost services may be composed of graduate students. Graduate students can offer excellent services. However, the abilities of a graduate student counselor may not be enough for their needs.

Majority of the time, counselors specialize on different issues that married couples usually face. They usually meet with married couples that are experiencing some issues such as trust issues, conflicting opinions about raising children, intimacy problems and financial concerns. The counselor does not only evaluate the issues of the couple, but the issues of their children too. The counselor will help the married couple maintain a good relationship by providing ongoing therapy and suggesting ways to improve them. Some counselors are called by their clients outside of business hours especially if there is an emergency or crisis when their help is needed.

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Tips On Finding The Best Dentist West Bloomfield MI

By Jordan Schmidt

When searching for a dentist out there, you need to proceed with caution. Note that dental health care providers are not created the same. For that reason, you need to interview several of them before settling on one. Always invest your time well so as to settle for the most reliable and trustworthy doctor. For the right professional dentist West Bloomfield MI patients may search locally or online.

Before settling on any dental health care specialist out there, you need to look at a few things. Bear in mind that these professionals are not created equal. So, you have to interrogate them fully so as to pick the best. Explored in this article are some helpful tips on selecting the most competent dental health care provider in West Bloomfield MI.

To begin with, you need to look at their qualifications. Just like other professionals, dentists are required to go to school. You are advised to choose a doctor who has undergone the right training. It is also good to look at their designations before selecting one. A well-trained dentist is either designated as DDS (doctor of dental surgery) or DMD (doctor of dental medicine). If you want, ask to see the qualification certificates. If they cannot provide their credentials, then consider looking elsewhere.

Experience level is the second aspect to look at. Just like other specialists, dentists gain experience over time. It is obvious that a person who has been handling patients with various dental complications for about 5 years is well-versed in that field. Always go for a highly knowledgeable doctor. Do not be afraid to ask them how long they have been practicing.

Again, you may want to know the dental technology they apply when treating patients with similar problems. You need to ask your prospective doctor about the dental procedure he utilizes so that you may stay informed. Always go for a doctor who uses a method you and your loved ones will be comfortable with. Also, you should inquire to know the type of pain relievers the dentist gives to his patients after the treatment.

Location of the office or clinic is another vital aspect to observe. Remember that you will be going for appointments with your dental health care provider. For that reason, you have to go for a nearby clinic where you can easily reach. This will enable you cut costs since you will only have walk to the hospital. Also, in a nearby clinic your emergencies will be handled.

Also, the doctor you choose should be ready to take your dental insurance cover. This is great because sometimes dental treatments are very expensive. As such, your insurance cover can cater for the treatment if at all your doctor is going to accept it. So, you should find out whether he is going to take it. You may ask your insurer to give you a list of dentists who are ready to take your insurance cover.

To conclude, consider choosing a dentist you feel comfortable with. Remember that some dental procedures are not easy to carry out, and thus you want a doctor you feel at ease when he is around. Invest your time well to research several dentists and painstakingly interview them in order to settle on the best.

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Why One Would Need Anxiety Psychological Services Calgary

By Eula Clarke

Stress is something that is very common today because of what one is faced with on a daily basis. This is why one should look for a place like anxiety psychological services Calgary. It is far better that a professional assists with a problem like this. Dealing with this on your own can be hard and it can just become worse.

There are different types of anxiety, of which some are more serious than others. A professional will help people learn to manage their stress and that should be the goal. However, some people have more than a little stress caused by a work deadline. They will need to look at what has caused this and if there is an underlying issue.

There are certain kinds of anxiety that are worse than others, and seeing a professional is always recommended. They will guide you through this time in baby steps so that you know which direction to take and when you come to a point in life where you don't know what to do, you always have the help of the therapist to back you up.

Some people prefer the individual attention because they feel that they get more out of talking to someone and make use of this. Others like to combine this with group therapy where they are able to talk to others in the same position. This is also a nice way of building up relationships. It may be something that people with social anxiety can do.

Psychologists will use a variety of methods, depending on the client and what the issue is. This will be different for a child and an adult. For a child psychologist, you may find that the therapist will use their skills to be more practical. Music and art are a good way of helping them express themselves. Being creative always helps. Pet therapy will help someone learn to love and develop a sense of compassion.

Adults who are not as expressive because of a certain traumatic experience, such as a death in the family or because of abuse will take to another therapy. There is something like cognitive therapy which works very well and this does not require as much talking. Getting the patient to be still and meditate is also something to do in order to help get rid of the worries and stress in their lives.

Some people enjoy working in a group because they find what others say about their anxieties is interesting and may apply to them as well. Clients enjoy coming to these sessions and connecting with others who are going through the same thing. It is led by someone who knows what they are doing and has been trained to run a group because it is quite specialized.

Some people don't cope very well in a stressful situation whether it is at work or in their personal life. Stress is very common, but it is not good for anyone. Ignoring this is never a good thing to do and it will just keep on growing. Contacting someone in Calgary will be very helpful.

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The Rise In Concussion Treatment In Toronto

By Jana Serrano

Head injuries among young sports players in Ontario are on the rise. The Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) reported in 2014 that from 2003 to 2010, the number of youngsters seeking concussion treatment in Toronto was on the rise. There are those who think that this is not necessarily a bad thing, because it may indicate that parents are more savvy about their children's injuries.

The Mayo Clinic defines concussion as a traumatic brain injury that alters the way the brain operates. Such alteration may be temporary or permanent and varies in severity. The symptoms include problems with balance, coordination and concentration or loss of memory. The seriousness of the injury does not always correlate with the level of symptoms. Even a slight blow to the head can cause serious or permanent damage.

The symptoms of concussion may be very subtle and may not present themselves for days, weeks or even months after the injury. They include loss of memory, headache and confusion. They may also include slurred speech, nausea and vomiting, ringing in the ears, seeing stars or a feeling of pressure inside the head. Toddlers and children may become irritable or cranky, cry excessively, display altered eating and/or sleeping patterns or lose interest in their favorite toys.

A trauma to the head does not have to seem serious in order to cause serious brain injury. Many sports players, when injured, insist on continuing to play after receiving a blow to the head. Sadly, this can end in tragedy, as the death of British actress Natasha Richardson, shortly after refusing treatment for a bump on the head while skiing.

People who take part in vigorous contact sports are particularly prone to concussive head injury, especially in the sport of hockey. In this sport, there is a defensive move called bodychecking in which the defensive player throws his entire body weight against the player who has the puck. The defender uses his or her hip, shoulder, upper arm and elbow to make contact.

Bodychecking was outlawed in 2010 in order to protect younger players from suffering concussions from a body check to the head. However, this strategy does not appear to be working. Not only are the overall numbers of concussions on the increase, but women are receiving more head injuries than the guys.

The increase in numbers of concussions in female hockey players, and indeed sportswomen in general, is not confined to professional or even college players. Pee wee coaches of girls aged 9 and 10 are reporting high numbers of head injuries. Despite the absence of bodychecking in the women's game, women are experiencing similar, or even higher, levels of concussive head injury.

The chief of neurosurgery at a large Massachusetts hospital seems to believe that women may just be more vulnerable to concussion than men, and that there should be more research into this. Another possibility is that women do not work as hard to train their neck muscles as men do. This is most likely for cosmetic reasons. Women may also be more forthcoming about reporting head injuries.

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Nutrition therapy And Weight loss article: The short-burst diet: Is it safe?

Nutrition therapy And Weight loss article: The short-burst diet: Is it safe?: Plus: Adult acne treatment options, 10-day plan to stop acid reflux, and more! VI...

Win at Losing! Weight-loss Tips from Harvard Medical School

Set yourself on the road to success with a weight-loss program you can stick with ��� and enjoy!

Put an end to dieting disappointment with this report from Harvard Medical School

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August 3, 2015

Special Announcement Harvard Medical School

Don't put it off — take it off! Then keep it off!

Don't risk another dieting dead-end. Set yourself on the road to success with a weight-loss program you can stick with — and enjoy!

Lose weight and keep it off
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Dear visitor,

Have diets failed you in the past? Put an end to dieting disappointment for good with this report from the health and nutrition professionals at Harvard Medical School.

Why do most diets not deliver as advertised? In a word: boredom. We start well, but after too many meals that are too restrictive, we lose interest. We're justifiably bored. And we quit.

So, how do you find a weight-loss program you can stay with to the end — and beyond? How do you lose weight and keep it off?

Healthy Solutions to Lose Weight and Keep it Off reveals the two keys to successful weight loss. The first is finding a diet and exercise program that suits you, your lifestyle, your likes, and your goals. The second is "skill power," a powerful set of specific habits that can make all the difference between setbacks and lasting success.

In this revealing report, you will learn how various popular diets — from Atkins to The Zone, South Beach to Mediterranean — stack up for long-term results. You'll read how Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers compare. You will discover the wisest choice for "good carbs," the one diet the American Heart Association warns against and, as a bonus, you'll get a week of daily menus with delicious entrees even non-dieters will love.

In a special section, Harvard's experts share the ten skill power techniques that will reinforce and reward your progress. From setting the right goals to finding a support network, these habits will move you to your weight-loss goals with greater confidence and certainty.

You'll get the facts about popular weight loss medications, the dangers of weight-loss supplements, and the latest on advances in bariatric surgery. The report will give you insider tricks for spurring weight loss. You'll read six ways to burn 150 calories in just 15 minutes...four ways to avoid overindulging when eating out...and the one way to trigger your stomach's "I'm full" signal even though you've eaten less.

If you want to lose weight, you can make it happen! Order your copy of Healthy Solutions to Lose Weight and Keep it Off now!

To your good health,

Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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Food Safety News - August 3, 2015 An Epidemiological Model for HACCP Verification

Food Safety News

An Epidemiological Model for HACCP Verification

By Roy Costa, RS, MS (MBA)

(Roy Costa is a registered sanitarian and president of the consulting firm Environ Health Associates Inc. More of his articles can be found here.) Knowledge and Capability of Auditors HACCP systems have grown and changed remarkably over the past 50 years, yet the fundamental scientific reasoning for critical controls has not changed in any substantial way. The goal... Continue Reading

FDA Warning Letters: Pests, Drug Residues, Seafood HACCP Issues

By News Desk

The latest group of warning letters posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) includes one sent to a food warehouse and repacking facility in Fremont, CA, regarding pest activity. In a July 13, 2015, warning letter to Bharat Bazaar Inc. of Union City, CA, FDA stated that inspectors visiting the Fremont facility this past April... Continue Reading

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Your customized metabolism makeover plan

Plus: Favorite dessert recipes made healthy, 6 at-home cellulite solutions, and more!
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For an at-home cellulite solution, start your day with flaxseed. Flaxseed helps support estrogen levels and collagen growth. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue; by strengthening the skin, it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Sprinkle two tablespoons each day on oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt, or you can eat the seeds alone.
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