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In this issue: Caffeine routine, hot yoga, sleep and back pain, back-to-school vaccines and more.

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Vol. 16, Issue 63 | August 10, 2015
Caffeine: How much is too much?
Each day, millions of people rely on caffeine to feel more awake and focused. Are you consuming more than you should?
Vaccines: Keep your child's shots on track  
Along with new pencils and notebooks, your child may need certain shots before heading back to school. Are his or her vaccines up to date?
What is hot yoga?
Performed in a heated studio, this intense form of yoga isn't for everyone.
Smoking and rheumatoid arthritis: What's the risk?
For some people at risk for rheumatoid arthritis, smoking may activate the disease and worsen symptoms.
Guide to types of weight-loss surgery
Slide show: Sleeping positions that reduce back pain
Video: Modified push-up
Brain tumor
Use our Symptom Checker to explore possible causes of your symptoms based upon Mayo Clinic's patient care experience.
Use these simple calculators and self-assessments for personalized health tips.
BMI calculator
Heart disease risk calculator
Pregnancy and you: Inducing labor: Good, bad and questionable reasons for induction
Inducing labor is a serious decision. So why is it sometimes done for superficial reasons?
Pain management strategies from Mayo Clinic
As the field of pain medicine continues to advance, so does our knowledge. That's why we've introduced our second edition of Mayo Clinic Guide to Pain Relief. This guide offers the latest pain management strategies from Mayo Clinic experts to help you feel better and effectively manage chronic pain. Learn more.
Free, live webinar — brain tumors in adults
On August 13 at noon CST, join Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon Ian Parney, MD, PhD, and neurologist Alyx Porter, MD, to discuss the diagnosis, management, treatment and recovery associated with adult brain tumors. Participate in a question and answer session following the presentation. Register here.
Beef and vegetable kebabs with brown rice
Pineapple chicken salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Cold potato-leek soup (vichyssoise)
Fruited rice pudding
Stay healthy by making friends
Strong relationships with your partner, friends and other loved ones can motivate you to take good care of yourself. These relationships can also be an important buffer from the stresses of everyday life. Take time to nurture your relationships, starting today.
Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover even more healthy lifestyle topics at
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Tips On Choosing Experienced Filters For Refrigerators Service Providers

By Phyllis Schroeder

The prospect of looking for a qualified expert to deal with some of your tasks for you could be intimidating particularly if you have never had to do it before. The marketplace is full of people who assert to be competent experts and yet their work shows otherwise. This is why some works executed cause being low quality and a poor investment on the part of the employer. However, there are elements of a specific as well as their certifications that could assist you make your choice. Below are several of the aspects to keep in mind when choosing experienced filters for refrigerators expert.

You must think about the credibility of any type of service provider you choose to hire. This is since a specialist's credibility speaks by the quality of jobs they provide. Professionals with an excellent credibility typically have loyal customers that can guarantee the top quality of their work as well as their level of professionalism and reliability. Positive feedback is offered by satisfied clients.

Ensure that you work with a specialist that has a license, which you can effortlessly verify. The license is evidence to you that the national authorities have vetted the professionals and that their services have been confirmed to be of criterion. This is also a method for you to be able to take it up with the regional authorities on the occasion that the services in accordance with you by the expert were not up to level.

Encounter also ensures that the expert is unlikely to make preventable errors rather than one without experience. To prevent troubles with the legislation, it is important for you to check the permits for the individual you plan on hiring. An excellent expert should be authorized and need to have licenses that depend on date. This assists maximize your self-confidence in the specialist's capacity to provide high quality services.

A qualified service provider is one that provides an insurance coverage for his solutions to the customers. This assists cater for any kind of catastrophes that could develop throughout the agreement period thereby, saving you the additional expenses. Additionally, an insurance coverage ensures that the expert is thorough and also prevents unneeded risks that might amount to enhanced costs.

Being an expert means that you should have the best kind of equipment for the job that you are supplying. This in turn indicates that you need to be up to date with the adjustments in the market as well as primarily the developments in technology. Integrating these advancements in your project helps you maintain your customers, as you could be able to serve them a lot more successfully and also ultimately much faster.

A qualified expert is one that reveals ability in his job. This individual has the ability to maintain an ear on the ground as well as continue to be updated with fads and also technical developments in the area of interest. Customers are pleased by this type of devotion and also thus such a specialist does not shed his target audience.

You should ensure that the expert you hire has the proper devices for the activity at hand. The devices must be up to date to make sure that the service is performed effectively. It also makes sure that the high quality of solutions rendered is not weakened by the use olden and ineffective equipment. Ultimately, this ensures fast and also reliable results and aids the specialist execute activities effortlessly and finesse.

About the Author:

Basic Work Responsibilities Chiropractors Are In Charge Of

By Phyllis Schroeder

It is only natural for a professional to have a work responsibility to remember. These are responsibilities outlined to them before they are given their work. Before they can call themselves a professional, they have to bear these work responsibilities into heart. This is even more so if the professional is in the chiropractic trade.

There are work activities that a professional in a chiropractic field should take responsibility for. Every chiropractors in Marina del Rey is actually required to follow through with these work activities so that they can give their clients the best services possible. Here are some of the responsibilities that a professional will need to face.

First, the expert must get the detailed medical history of their patient. This should be done before giving a treatment plan. A medical history can include a lot of information regarding the patient. These information include that regarding previous surgeries and injuries as well as general health, fitness, and lifestyle of a patient in his or her charge.

The expert is also tasked to do a physical examination for a patient. The physical examination is where a professional can focus more on inspecting the spine and posture. The expert will have things he or she will be required to note during the examination. Included in that would be the range of movement a patient has.

There are patients who come to the said professional bearing the x-ray results they have received from the laboratory. If they are referred to the said professional by a general physician, then the main point of the referral is so that they can take a look at the x-ray results. The professional should take and interpret the x-ray results as appropriate.

The patient will be going through some medical tests that can provide useful medical information for the chiropractor to work with. The usual would be the patient's blood pressure. There are other medical tests required too. The chiropractor should be more than capable of taking the said medical information from the patients through the medical tests.

It is the job of the said expert to establish a proper treatment plan for those patients who come to his or her clinic. This treatment plan is devised together with a management plan. This can be used for the after care. The said plans are actually used to ensure that the patient go through swift recuperation

The said professional is capable of performing adjustments to the joints around the spine area and extremities, if they are necessary. They can use their hands to do these adjustments with care. There are cases though when they will have to use specialist equipment to perform the said adjustments without hurting the patients. Not only the adjustments, a patient can also trust the said professional to perform soft tissue therapies like massages.

Educating the patients and giving them advice, especially when they are still going through their rehabilitation exercises, is another job of the said expert. By teaching them these stuff, they can aid their patients with the long-term recovery at hand. Techniques should be imparted to the patients for the proper maintenance of their health.

About the Author:

Bariatric Surgery Conditions To Take Into Consideration

By Olive Pate

Not having the right weight can be a problem for people especially if the age do not match your age at all. Being healthy means that you have the proper body measurements and not too much. Being overweight will put your entire body at risk for certain illnesses. This usually triggers heart problems that does not have any cure yet and this can be very dangerous.

To battle this certain condition, you can choose to do it the natural way. Exercise is the most common method coupled with eating the right type of food every single meal. But in rare occasions, these methods would not work no matter what type of program you decide to use and no matter how long you were doing it. This can be caused by a certain condition that prevents you from losing weight. Individuals from Goshen often resort to bariatric surgery NY to help them achieve the proper weight.

The main target for change and the reason why this procedure is done is to improve the conditions and functions of your digestive system. Several things might have to be cut off and changed to improve all of the functions. These procedures might promote several changes so you must be prepared for these things. There is also a need to consult your attending physician.

One must be prepared for the effects of and the possible treatment. The surgery works mainly in two various ways. It can restricts the intake of food to reduce the possibility of adding to your weight. The changes can also be implemented on the intestines. Through the proper process, the food digesting process can also be interrupted so that the body would not absorb much calories.

The entire procedure will be very critical and can affect you permanently. Changes can be expected but it would heavily depend on the type of conditions that you have. Obesity can usher in other conditions so you must be aware of it. Your age will also matter during these situations.

Surgeons will be asking you several questions. For adults, the first thing they would like to know is if you have tried other methods and considered different programs. Even for experts, this is known to be the last option when all else fails. When you have been doing the weight loss program for too long but there is no change, you will be viable for surgery.

Each patient should be aware of the after effects that this surgery will make for their lives. At times, it might be hard to chew certain food types. Surgeons and doctors would usually ask certain things before they agree to doing the procedure with you. If you still do not have knowledge about it, you will be educated regarding these effects to see if you can proceed or not.

At times you might feel restricted when you could not eat the things you want to. There will be restrictions and this what you should be aware of beforehand. If you do not want to follow it, then you must think about going through all of it.

This is also a procedure that can be done for kids. Certain ages have to be observed and this can only be permitted when the weight reaches a certain level. Because of the extreme changes, this has to be done especially when there is a need to prevent certain conditions from worsening.

About the Author:

Food Safety News - August 10, 2015 Temperature Control: A Critical Food Safety Element

Food Safety News

Temperature Control: A Critical Food Safety Element

By Cathy Siegner

A critical element of food safety is maintaining proper temperatures from the field to the fork. In practical terms, this means keeping produce cold enough to inhibit pathogen growth or spoilage from the time it leaves the farm or orchard until it’s in the customer’s possession. It also means cooking certain foods at high enough temperatures for long... Continue Reading

83 Cases of Cyclospora Infection Reported in Canada

By News Desk

According to a public health notice issued Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is collaborating with provincial public health partners, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Health Canada to investigate 83 cases of Cyclospora infection in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec. A total of 83 cases have been reported in British... Continue Reading

FDA Warning Letter: Tennessee Seafood Processor

By News Desk

T-Ho Foods Inc., a seafood processor in Powell, TN, was sent a July 22 warning letter from the New Orleans District Office of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that is very precise about rodent excreta. In a June 1-3, 2015, inspection of the T-Ho Tennessee facility, the letter stated that FDA inspectors found:... Continue Reading

More Food Safety News

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What Men Need To Know About Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

By Olive Pate

Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth. Sometimes cancerous cells form in tissues making up the prostate, which is a male reproductive gland located in the lower abdominal area. Statistics show that 20 percent of adult males in the United States will develop this disease but it is usually not life threatening, especially with early diagnosis and treatment. Men diagnosed with this condition need to find out more about effective prostate cancer treatment options.

A qualified physician will choose a treatment based on several factors, including the results of a physical examination. Different treatments are effective depending on whether the cancer is recurring or the physician has just diagnosed the disease. The disease's stage of development, the patient's age, and any other health concerns go into deciding the best course of action.

Men who are not having symptoms but show signs of prostate cancer in a screening test will not receive treatment right away. Physicians will wait to see if symptoms ever manifest before exploring treatments. The patient will have regular screening and tests, so the physician can catch any signs that the disease may be spreading or getting worse.

Some patients are treated with minimally invasive techniques while others require surgery. Blocking the actions of various male hormones is sometimes effective for slowing or stopping the growth of cancerous tissue. An extreme form of hormone therapy involves removing the testicles, which are responsible for producing the majority of the body's supply of testosterone. Oral medications may be prescribed to inhibit the action of certain androgens.

If the disease has not yet spread from the gland, surgical removal of all or part of the gland is an option. The surgeon may remove nearby lymph nodes, seminal vesicles, and tissue surrounding the prostate at the same time. Various surgical techniques are used depending on the procedure's scope and goal.

Radiation may be used to kill the cancerous cells or retard their growth. Radiation may be delivered to the gland from an external machine. Some radiation machines use a 3-D image of the tumor to conform the radiation beams into a shape that matches the tumor. Internal radiation therapy is a technique physicians use to implant radioactive seeds directly into the affected tissue through a needle. If the disease has spread to the bones, the physician injects the patient with radium-223, a radioactive substance that seeks out cancer cells in bone and kills them.

Chemotherapy is a treatment method that inhibits growth of diseased cells. Patients receive injections of various chemicals directly into the organ, the cerebrospinal fluid, the veins, or the muscles. In some cases, the patient takes the drugs orally.

The patient's physician will do a thorough physical examination and run a series of tests to determine the best solution for the individual. Patients should be sure to discuss all known side effects and be aware of what to expect before, during, and after treatment. Depending on the situation, certain patients may be eligible to enter clinical trials for new treatments still under development. Some of the new techniques in this area of medicine include proton beam radiation, cryosurgery, and high intensity ultrasound. Patients diagnosed with prostate cancer can go on to live long and productive lives with the proper treatment by a qualified medical professional.

About the Author:

What you need to know about waist training

Plus: How to eat your vitamins, the plan to stop nighttime eating, and more!
Skin Detox
Cleanse Smoothie
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Speaking with guests
Dr. Oz Shows How Waist Training Affects Your Body
How far would you go for the perfect hourglass figure? Dr. Oz investigates waist training, a dangerous trend sweeping the nation.
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Woman drinks milk
8 Nutrition Myths You Think Are Fact
Find out which myths might be fooling you into passing up healthier options!
Working out
Sculpting Workout
Get moving with these routines from fitness trainer Donovan Green. Get toned from head-to-toe without leaving the house!
How to Eat Your Vitamins
Use this simple cheat sheet to get all of your essential nutrients from food.
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Mint toothpaste and mouthwash distort the flavor of most foods. So brushing your teeth right after dinner is a way to curb late-night snack cravings. Chances are, if you know chocolate tastes bad after you brush your teeth, you won't reach for that candy bar.
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