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Strategies for strong, pain-free hands

Relieve the pain of arthritis, ���pinched��� nerves, carpal tunnel and other hand ailments.

Aching hands can transform simple tasks into painful ordeals.

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August 17, 2015

Special Announcement Harvard Medical School

Don't let hand pain hold you back
Find out how you can control and quell the effects of arthritis, "pinched" nerves, and other hand ailments and injuries.

Pain Free Hands
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Dear visitor,

Healthy hands perform countless small tasks, from pouring coffee in the morning to brushing teeth at night. But aching hands can transform even these simple tasks into painful ordeals.

Hands may hurt for a variety of reasons. Arthritis is the most common cause of hand pain and disability. Carpal tunnel syndrome can make it difficult to make a fist or grasp a pen. Tendon injuries can leave fingers bent and cramped.

Fortunately, almost every hand problem can be successfully treated. Pain can be significantly reduced. Dexterity can be regained.

In Hands: Strategies for strong, pain-free hands, the doctors at Harvard Medical School give you an empowering understanding of your hands' mechanics, the diseases that compromise their function, and, most important, what you can do to ease the aches, restore range of motion, and prevent problems from recurring.

If you experience arthritis, you are not alone — it affects one in five adults. This report gives you recommendations for treating arthritis. You'll learn how the most popular topical and oral medications compare. You'll be alerted to the dangers of steroids. And you'll be briefed on complementary treatments that are offering positive results in decreasing pain and increasing mobility.

Hands also dispels the myths about carpal tunnel syndrome. You'll find out why computer use may actually lower your risk of carpal tunnel. You'll learn how to distinguish it from other "pinched" nerve syndromes. And you'll discover a host of treatment options, including a surgical technique with a 90% success rate.

This report tells you what causes "cold hands" and how "trigger finger" comes about, and describes a cure for "writer's cramp" and a new injection that's replacing surgery to treat Dupuytren's contracture. It gives guidance for treating a fracture or dislocation. You'll also learn the key questions to ask yourself — and your doctor — before considering joint replacement surgery.

In addition, you'll find a dozen exercises for the hand, plus a guide to more than 40 tools that can make life easier when pain occurs.

So, enjoy life hands-on! Order your copy of Hands: Strategies for strong, pain-free hands now!

To your good health,

Gregory D. Curfman, M.D.
Editor in Chief, Harvard Health Publications

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Food Safety News - August 17, 2015 Australia’s Foodborne Illness Rates Falling Except for Salmonella

Food Safety News

Australia's Foodborne Illness Rates Falling Except for Salmonella

By News Desk

Recent reports show that foodborne illness rates in Australia are falling except for Salmonella. According to an Aug. 12, 2015, story posted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, there has been a 50-percent increase in Salmonella infections in Victoria since 2012, and Salmonella infections have doubled in Queensland so far this year. Salmonella bacteria can be found in... Continue Reading

Spike Seen in Florida Restaurant Closures From More Online Complaints

By News Desk

A Church's Chicken outlet at 1234 W. Church St. in Orlando, FL, was closed more than any other restaurant in central Florida last year. That Church's Chicken location was shut down twice due to consumer complaints and a third time during a routine inspection, according to the Aug. 15 Orlando Sentinel. During that visit, the... Continue Reading

Oregon Outbreak Museum Memorializes What We've Learned About Foodborne Illness

By Lydia Zuraw

When revolutionary epidemiologist William Keene started working for the Oregon Public Health Division in 1990, he also started collecting packaging from recalled products, restaurant menus, and other elements from his outbreak investigations and displaying them in his office. “These exhibits commemorate why we do these investigations and the kind of products and things that can... Continue Reading

Cyclospora and Unanswered Questions About Produce Safety

By Roy Costa, RS, MS (MBA)

Anytime there is a massive outbreak involving produce, those of us tasked with produce safety should be asking the difficult questions about our prevention methods and why they failed. There are emerging trends apparent with pathogens in produce: a trend away from Salmonella and E. coli and toward more novel pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes... Continue Reading

FDA Warning Letters: Drug Residues, Misbranding, HACCP Plan Failures

By News Desk

The latest batch of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning letters made public deal with illegal drug residues in calf tissues, misbranded teas and Brazilian Corn Tamales, seafood HACCP problems, and issues with acidified food regulations. The Rupert Veterinary Clinic in Rupert, VT, was warned about extralabel use of the animal drug sulfadimethoxine. The clinic... Continue Reading

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Marler Clark LLP, PS, 1301 2nd Avenue
Suite 2800
Seattle WA 98101

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Important Information On Gastric Banding Surgery Nj Residents May Need To Have

By Olive Pate

There are many methods of losing weight that exist in Englewood, nj. For many years, engaging in routine physical exercise and dietary modification have been the main ones. Over the years, it has been shown that some patients do not respond to these measures and require a more radical approach. Different forms of surgery are now performed to deal with the stubborn forms of obesity. There are some important things relating to gastric banding surgery nj residents should know.

The procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that is aimed at reducing the capacity of the stomach. With a reduction in this size, less food is required to fill it hence persons that have been operated on achieve satiety earlier than previously. Most of the food that is consumed is channelled by the body towards energy provision and very little is stored as adipose tissue. Over time, there is net weight loss.

The ideal candidate for this operation is a person whose body mass index is more than 40 or weighs 45 kg more than their ideal weight. A lower BMI of between 35 and 40 is accepted if there is a medical condition contributing to the excessive weight. This often happens in the case of hypertension or diabetes. The candidate must be over 18 years of age and should have attempted the conventional methods of weight loss.

There are minor variations between centres with regard to the preparation that has to be undertaken. In most cases, one is asked to modify their diet and frequency of eating in preparation for their new lifestyle. You may be asked to eat smaller portions frequently than few large meals. It is also important to avoid high calorie foods that are likely to increase body weight. If there are any underlying medical conditions, they should be treated before the surgery.

General anaesthesia is typically used in the operation. This may be a downside if you intend to witness the surgery as it goes on. Arranging a video recording may be a good idea in this case. Three holes to serve as entry points for the instruments are made on the abdominal wall. A laparoscope is inserted into one of these entry points and an image of the internal organs of interest projected onto a monitor.

The beauty of this surgery is that there is no cutting of the stomach. Rather, an adjustable silicon band is positioned on the upper portion of the stomach. The compression effect of this band leaves the stomach as a small pouch that can only hold a fraction of what it could hold formerly. Adjustments may be made on the banding position depending on the initial stomach size.

There are several side effects that you need to be aware of even as you consider undergoing the operation. In the period immediately after the operation patients usually complain of abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting. The discomfort may be the result of ulceration caused by the band. Other complaints include weight regain, malabsorption and constipation.

In general, there are very few complications with mortality of just about 1 in 2000. The success of the operation depends greatly on the skill of attending surgeons. The most important thing to remember is that the operation cannot completely substitute the conventional methods of weight loss. Rather, it should be used as a complementary measure.

About the Author:

Things To Consider About Weight Loss Surgery

By Olive Pate

You have always been having issues with your body size. You have been trying to bring down your current number of pounds, but things just seem to be of no avail. You know the choices present for you now are plenty. So, you are ready to explore other possibilities beyond diet and exercise.

You know that undergoing an operation to correct the problem should be viewed as a last resort. There are a lot of people that have shared their success store is concerning weight loss surgery nj. The more that you have learned about he method though, the more that you are convinced that this may be something that you will actually benefit a lot from.

You should have tried out other methods present in Ridgewood, NJ before you will decide to try out this particular procedure. You need to make sure that you have tried cutting on carbs or doing some exercise first. It is only when all these efforts that you have exerted are not really working for you should you decide to go through with the procedure. After all, it has to be a final resort.

A consultation with the right medical professional is something that you need to do too. You have to secure the guidance of a medical provider to determine if this is indeed a method that would be right for you, he can offer you valuable advice on whether you will be a good candidate to go through the procedure. This way, you will know if you have a chance at successfully getting the outcomes you are hoping for.

Know what are the different choices that you can go for as far as undergoing an operation goes. In most cases, you will be given two choices to select from. There is the gastric band and the gastric bypass. Each of these procedures are going to be permanent ones and promises a considerable reduction to your current weight, it does help to research on what they are and what they do though so you can choose well.

Find out what are the advantage of these procedures. You may want to weigh in on the benefits that they can offer to you so you can decide which one is a better choice. It helps too that you will include the disadvantages on your decision. This allows you to learn what are the likely downsides that you have to deal with should you decide to pursue this procedure.

You will need to follow the advice of your doctor in determining what it is that you are supposed to do before and after the procedure. There are specific preparations that you have to undergo and even examinations and tests that you have to go through, this is necessary so your physician is sure that you are indeed ready to go through the procedure.

It matters that you will refer to the best professionals. Your doctor will usually give you referrals to the right specialist in the field. See to it that the specialist is well trained, is an authority in performing these procedures, and that he has the experience to boot too. Thus, you can rely on him to do a fine job this time.

About the Author:

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