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Food Safety News - August 19, 2015 Washington State Woman Sues Whole Hog Supplier for Salmonella Illness

Food Safety News

Washington State Woman Sues Whole Hog Supplier for Salmonella Illness

By News Desk

Kuivikko vs. Kapowsin Meats Inc. is the first lawsuit filed against a Graham, WA, slaughterhouse for allegedly causing a Salmonella illness that may be resistant to antibiotics. The Seattle lawyer for Tara Kuivikko, a Thurston County resident who is one of 134 sickened in the current outbreak, says that as much as the defendant is responsible... Continue Reading

Oregon Vet Ramps Up Campaign Warning About Xylitol and Dogs

By Cathy Siegner

An Oregon veterinarian is expanding efforts to get the word out that a sugar alcohol-derived sweetener used in an increasing number of foods poses a serious, and potentially fatal, threat to dogs. Dr. Jason Nicholas of Portland (Preventive Vet) has posted a list of products containing xylitol, along with two online petitions seeking warning labels from manufacturers and related... Continue Reading

Senators Still Want Answers From Antibiotic Resistance Task Force

By Lydia Zuraw

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) are still waiting for answers to animal antibiotics questions posed eight months ago. The senators originally wrote to the co-chairs of the Interagency Task Force for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in December 2014 wanting to know about how the task force plans to address issues in enforcement,... Continue Reading

Half the States Have Joined the 'Powdered Alcohol Prohibition'

By Dan Flynn

The “powdered alcohol prohibition” rose up quickly. Before 2014, according to the bipartisan National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), just two states had existing statutes that would affect the sale of powdered alcohol products. Alaska had a law banning the sale of any powdered form of alcohol which contained more than 76 percent alcohol by volume. And... Continue Reading

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For An Incomparable Experience In Waxing Columbus OH Deserves The Priority

By Nancy Gardner

Hair can be removed from various parts of the body at the root using a process called waxing. The process is semi-permanent but hair does not start growing in the waxed areas in a long time. Hair may never start growing again for another 4 to 6 weeks. However, in some cases, people start seeing hair just after a week. This difference is caused by difference in hair growth cycles among different people. When in need of a profession in waxing Columbus OH should be the first location to visit.

This technique of hair removal has been around for a while now and it keeps getting better. Currently, hair can be removed in almost any part of the body using this technique. Some of those body parts include the face, pubic area, arms, eyebrows, abdomen, back, and feet. When done around the pubic area, people refer to it as bikini waxing.

There are two major ways of waxing, that is, the hard and the soft method. The two methods are different because in the soft method, thin wax is applied, allowed time to cool and harden before being removed. A paper or cloth is pressed on the wax to help in pulling. This also happens in the hard method only that there are not papers of clothes involved. Additionally, the layer of wax applied is normally very thick.

The hair is required to be at least an eighth of an inch long for it to be able to get waxed. However, some beauticians prefer a quarter an inch because it gives better results. The hair attains a quarter an inch in length in about two or three weeks, but it depends on the body part and weather. Some places grow hair fast than others. Hair also grows fast during cold seasons than during summer.

The amount of pain felt depends on a few factors. Nature of the skin is the main factor that determines how much pain is felt. More pain is common among people with sensitive skins. Nature of hair is also another factor. Course hair causes more pain than soft one. Additionally, pain may also depend on which part of the body the process is being done on. More sensitive parts like pubic areas are more sensitive, hence likely more painful.

Different people experience different side effects from waxing. Irritation is one of those effects. Some people also develop a rush and bumps in the region. The side effects should go away shortly because they are only temporary. Beginners are likely to experience worse side effects.

If one is afraid of the process or is not sure of the outcomes, there is always another way to find out what will happen. One can do a test patch, which involves waxing only a small part on the body for observation purposes. If the results are severe, it may be best not to go ahead with waxing.

Certain health conditions can render body waxing a dangerous exercise. For example, skin and skin-related conditions may make it dangerous to wax. In fact, it may be better to consult a doctor before deciding to go for a session, just to be sure.

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