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In this issue: Tips to tame stress, fitness ball workouts, prostate tests, veggie benefits and more.

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Vol. 16, Issue 73 | September 14, 2015
Stress relievers: Tips to tame stress
Looking for ways to restore a little calm to your chaotic life? When stress gets out of control, try these tips, such as listening to music, for relief.
Prostate cancer screening: Should you get a PSA test?  
It's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Screening guidelines vary, so here's a guide to help prepare you for a talk with your doctor.
Heart rate: What's normal?
A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. A heart rate above or below that may signal a problem.
Vegetable juice: As good as whole vegetables?
Eating vegetables has more health benefits than drinking vegetable juice. Find out what they are.
Human growth hormone (HGH): Does it slow aging?
Slide show: Healthy meals start with planning
Fitness ball exercises: How-to video collection
Use our Symptom Checker to explore possible causes of your symptoms based upon Mayo Clinic's patient care experience.
Use these simple calculators and self-assessments for personalized health tips.
Heart disease risk calculator
BMI calculator
Living with cancer: Mayo Clinic invites public to discover more about individualized medicine
Precision medicine. Personalized medicine. Individualized medicine. What do these terms mean? Find out at a Mayo Clinic symposium.
Your home reference for the most common conditions
With the Mayo Clinic A to Z Health Guide you'll find everything you need to know about signs, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common medical conditions. Featuring helpful illustrations and straightforward writing, this is a must-have health resource for every home. Take a closer look!
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Yellow lentils with spinach and ginger
Penne tossed with cherry tomatoes, asparagus and goat cheese
Curried cream of tomato soup with apples
Quick bean and tuna salad
Take headache relief into your own hands
Nearly everyone experiences occasional tension headaches. But frequent tension headaches can interfere with your daily life. Aside from medication, do you wonder what you can do to stop the pain? The answer may be as simple as taking good care of yourself: 1. Eat healthy foods. 2. Exercise regularly. 3. Get enough sleep. 4. Cut back on caffeine. 5. Reduce stress. 6. Massage tense muscles. 7. Take a break when you feel overwhelmed.
Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover even more healthy lifestyle topics at
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Benefits Of Colon Cleanse Products In Canada

By Shawn Hunter

If you want to live a comfortable life, then you must know how to remove toxins from your systems. In this day and age cancer is common problem, and therefore you must check on what gets into your body. In this article, the focus wants to be on the importance of colon cleanse products in Canada for a healthy life. There are a number of cleansers in the market.

Regardless of the product you will buy, the essence is always to help you have a clean gut. You can find them at the pharmacies, online or supermarkets. Studies show that cleaning your colon reduces chances of developing large intestine cancer in the future. What are the benefits of cleaning the intestines?

The process of cleansing the bowel is one that involves removing the wastes products that is in the large intestines. When these waste products accumulate, they end up being toxic, and it leads to diseases. It is because it offers the right environment for bacterial action. Cleaning the bowel also helps in dealing with constipation. Constipation is the condition where food particles leave the digestive system slower than expected. When you absorb toxins in your system, you will feel itchy, and become susceptible to other diseases.

Cleaning is the best way to maintain a constant peristalsis flow and to reenergize the system. The colon is the site of absorption of vitamins, water, and mineral salts it means therefore when it is intoxicated the toxins will get to the blood streams.

You might be wondering why you never have restful sleeps you need to look into the cleanliness of your bowel. When it is clean, you will feel a boost of energy because you body can easily get the nutrients it needs. We become what we eat. It is for this reason that you will realize that those with excess weight have low concentration levels. It is because they get distracted fast and hence less productive in what they do.

Human body is designed such that when you eat you should also remove. However, if you continue eating without eliminating the food. It becomes toxic and affects your normal body function. Food that has plenty of fibers can help in constipation. If you desire to lose weight fast, the first process is to clean your bowel.

You can lose as much as ten percent of your weight if you start using these products. The drinks and food we take are processed to nutrients then absorbed into the blood vessels. The waste products should leave the body as fast as possible to ensure you are always healthy. When you accumulate the undigested food particles in the bowel, it leads to stress. It is because the presence of toxins activates the release of stress hormones. The cleaning process is the best way to enjoy a happy life.

In conclusion, the way to get rid of chemicals in the body is cleaning your gastrointestinal system. The buildup of these chemical toxins can strain your reproductive health and make you infertile as a woman. Use these bowel cleansers because they will give you value for money.

About the Author:

Hints To Help You In Deciding On The Best Intramax 415 Expert

By Shawn Hunter

Working with the right a professional is not simple. It is in fact overwhelming specifically to a person who has never hired one in the past. The main challenge is getting the right individual to employ in a list of much professionals. To make matters worse, there are many service providers claiming to be experts yet they are not. You need to know, exactly how will you understand that is a real specialist and who is not. Also, you need to know just how you will recognize who is the most appropriate candidate for the task. Here are some essential aspects that you should take into consideration whenever employing an intramax 415 professional.

Guarantee that the specialist has a legitimate job permit. A work authorization is the first requirement considering that it exposes whether the professional is indeed qualified. This document is important because according to the authorities, no person should operate without it. It is additionally crucial to work with a certified professional because you will have the ability to submit complaints to the authorities in situation the specialist does not do the work to your requirements.

Find a professional who has prio experience in the given work. An experienced professional is very well-informed and has the ability to stay clear of specific errors that a novice is likely to make. Such service provider will carry out the job effectively and diligently.

If you choose a professional that has little or no skills, the work will take longer to complete and also will not encounter your assumptions. As a result, employ a person that is up to date with new patterns in the market. A competent specialist is able to personalize their services to satisfy the demands of their clients. They likewise have a trained eye that can recognize tricky issues that could impact the entire job.

Choose an expert that has a good credibility. Specialists who are experienced have benefited many customers. This is because outstanding services always draw in more clients. With favorable testimonials, a respectable specialist will consistently shine and will work harder not to tarnish his reputation. It is suggested that you go for a service provider that has a reputation because you will always get excellent services from them.

Guarantee that you use the specialist that has a great network. Considering that you may need an additional project to be taken care of, you need to figure out where will you get an additional dependable specialist. A professional with links will assist you get the next specialist for the work since they know who will best take care of the task. You will therefore not struggle going through the whole process of locating a suitable professional.

Always opt for the specialist that is skillful. The right skill set is crucial because it ensures what sort of services you obtain. A professional that has required time to stay up to date with the new trends on the market is the most effective for the job since they are able to handle brand-new difficulties that might impact the task. With brand-new skills, the work will be successfully done.

A dependable service provider should have the ideal equipment for the work. This will guarantee that the task is done better and will take a much shorter period of time to finish. The professional must likewise have the ability to supply workforce when should assist him with the job.

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Details Regarding Menopause And Slow Metabolism

By Daphne Bowen

Women who reach a certain age range are expected to go through a process known as menopause. This refers to the time period following the last period. It usually occurs in women between 40 and 50 years old. There is no exact age when it can be expected, but there are symptoms that signify that it has started. Menopause and slow metabolism are closely associated. Most who go through this period will gain some weight because of the slowing down of their metabolism and other symptoms that come with menopause.

This process is natural and biological. It is expected to happen in healthy women. The experience will vary by person. Still, there are signs that indicate this stage in life and not all of them are favorable.

Menopause represents the end of fertility. However, this does not mean a woman cannot remain vital, healthy and sexual in the years that follow. Some happily accept the process, enjoying the absence of period and pregnancy concerns.

Symptoms that may arise because of this are not always favorable. Many women experience emotional struggles and hot flashes during this period. They might struggle to manage their emotions, especially feelings of anxiety, sadness and loss.

Women are expected to respond in different ways to this bodily process. Most will go through a stage known as perimenopause. This refers tot the time, be it months or years, leading up to the onset of menopause. Symptoms and signs associated with these stages of life: irregular periods, difficulty sleeping, weight gain, thinning hair, loss of fullness in the breast, dry skin, night sweats, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, slow metabolism and mood changes. Many experience more than one of these symptoms.

There are many ways that a slower metabolism can impact a woman. Metabolism is defined as the bodily process in which food and drink consumed is turned to energy. Even when the body resists, it is necessary for it to have energy to carry out processes like cell repair, breathing and circulation of blood. The amount of calories necessary for proper function of the body is known as basal metabolic rate and may differ based on age, body size and composition, and sex.

Women who are menopausal may notice that they have more difficulty gaining weight than losing it. They may notice that despite their frequent and hard exercise routines, they do not lose weight. The pounds might pack on in unfamiliar areas, often the midsection, and despite the amount of calories that are consumed. Women tend to have cracked skin, dry hair, sugar cravings and cellulite when their metabolism is slow.

Working closely with a doctor is encouraged for menopausal patients. Preventative care involves breast exams, thyroid tests, pelvic exams, colonoscopy, lipid screenings and mammography. It is important that these women have all of the vitamins and minerals they need to reduce symptoms, including the weight gain. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and stress management may also help with regulating metabolism during this time.

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A Guide To Choosing The Most Reliable BPPV Treatment Toronto Therapist

By Kenya England

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is the leading cause of Vertigo. The explanation of this name is that the disorder is not life-threatening, comes sudden, is caused by certain movements, and results in a false sense of spinning. When an individual suffers from this condition, it is advisable to seek professional help as opposed to home remedies. If you need a doctor for BPPV Treatment Toronto is the place to look.

Many people can easily tell when they are affected by this condition because it makes one feel like the room is spinning. While this is easy to notice, proper diagnosis is required to identify the exact variant so that proper medications can be given. This might require a facility that has magnetic resonance imaging.

However, before you approach any health professional, you need to talk to your family doctor. However, a common practitioner also has certain limitation. While they may be able to diagnose the common variant, they may not have the expertise and the tools for diagnosing or even treating the rarer variants. Consequently, they will refer patients to vestibular rehabilitation therapists.

The professional you are referred to you perform a further diagnosis to ascertain the condition. This analysis will also help them decide whether you are a good candidate for therapy. If you do not qualify, then there are various other remedies that you can be put through. In the end, what is important is that you get the best help.

Ask them how they measure progress. You will need medical evidence that your condition is certainly improving. Sometimes the feeling of improvement might be purely psychological as a result of seeing a doctor. In such a case, the symptoms will resurface soon after treatment has stopped. Nevertheless, you should understand that it is not easy to offer quantitative progress results in most cases.

It is important that the therapist have the necessary qualification. They should have proof of training in vestibular rehabilitation. In addition, he or she should also be a medical doctor approved by the state health board. This will ensure that patients get services that are in line with the requirements of the medical practice.

It is important to go to an experienced professional. Most upcoming therapists are good, but they have not dealt with many cases, and they might not be aware of how to handle certain situations. As this is an issue that affects your health adversely, you would not want to take chances.

Choose someone with a good track record. If the practitioner has a website, you can easily check the feedback from their past patients. If there are so many complaints about lack of improvement in their conditions, then consider someone else.

Check reviews. The rating of a professional is very important. Because this might be difficult to get, check online for reviews.

Treating BPPV is not easy as the condition is complicated. However, therapy can help victims live a normal life without any symptoms. Nevertheless, the outcome differs between patients.

About the Author:

Food Safety News - September 14, 2015 The 5 Most Dangerous Foodborne Pathogens

Food Safety News

The 5 Most Dangerous Foodborne Pathogens

By Lydia Zuraw

It can be tricky business to say that one foodborne pathogen is more dangerous than another. Are the criteria the number of illnesses, number of deaths, or percentage of victims who die? Do the severity of an illness or chronic side effects factor into the ranking? The first three pathogens on this list are fairly obvious dangers and ones... Continue Reading

Research Shows GE Plants Produce Proteins Able to Reduce E. Coli on Food

By News Desk

A team of scientists is genetically engineering plants to produce antimicrobial proteins known as colicins, which can then be extracted and applied to contaminated meat and produce to kill E. coli bacteria. In a study published earlier this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team engineered tobacco, leafy beets, spinach, chicory and... Continue Reading

FDA Warning Letters: Misbranding, Acidified Foods, Seafood HACCP

By News Desk

Three warning letters published last week by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) dealt with issues involving food processing companies. FDA considers Wonder Natural Foods Corp.'s Better'n Peanut Butter Original product to be misbranded. The labeling of the Watermill, NY, company's Better'n Peanut Butter Original product online bears the claim "healthy" in connection with... Continue Reading

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11 Ways to Recover From a Setback

Enjoy Food While Losing Weight
Want to learn how to cook delicious, healthy food while losing weight at the same time? Get hundreds of recipes, healthy-eating tips and the weight-loss support you need from the new Mayo Clinic Diet online. Sign up now!
"Make a list of healthy foods to buy and avoid shopping for food when you're hungry. Shopping with a grocery list of healthy items will help you curb impulse purchases."— Adamarie Multari, M.D.
Overcome Obstacles
11 setback recovery tips
Did you indulge a little too much over the weekend? That's OK — stay positive and don't be hard on yourself. It's normal to slip into old bad habits from time to time or hit a weight-loss plateau despite your best efforts. Simply be curious about your choices, and use your experiences as learning opportunities for the future. Don't give up — use these tips to get back on track.
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Healthy Eating
Follow the Pyramid
Unsure about which foods you should be eating — and how much? Let the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid be your cheat sheet to making smart eating choices. It's pretty simple to use. The goal is to choose most of your food from the groups at the base of the pyramid and less from the top — and to move more.

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Today's Nutrition Tip
Shop smart: Focus on fresh foods
Fresh foods generally contain more nutrition and fewer unhealthy additives than do ready-to-eat foods. The produce, dairy and seafood sections of your grocery store are most likely all located on the outside aisles. So focus your shopping there, using the Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid as a guide.


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