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Managing Depression Mayo Clinic ranked #1 in more specialties
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September 16, 2015
Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms
Regular exercise may make you feel calmer, have more confidence and be able to cope better. Here's how to get started.
Vitamin B-12 and depression: Are they related?
Low levels of some B vitamins may be linked to depression. Here's how to make sure you're getting enough nutrients.
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Heart-Healthy Living Mayo Clinic ranked #1 in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation
September 16, 2015
Heart-healthy recipes
Finding dishes that are both good for your heart and tasty is easier than you think. Try these simple, healthy and delicious recipes.
Coronary bypass surgery
If you have a blocked heart artery, this procedure can help restore blood flow. Find out what happens during surgery and afterward.
Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living
Practical skills to help you find joy, peace and contentment in your life and reduce the impact of stress on your health.
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Fascinating Oils That Promote Hair Growth In Black Hair

By Nancy Gardner

There are a lot of people in the world. Each individual is created uniquely. Physical characteristics that each person possess makes them different from others. People are composed of parts of their human body that includes the hair, eyes, nose, mouth and much more.

Among all of the parts, the hair is what can mainly affect the appearance of an individual. Try to recall all how your relatives looked like when they had their hairstyles. Whether you admit it or not, the way they look may alter as their looks changed. This had been why there are people, especially women, would try to do everything they can to keep us with their beauty maintenance like finding the right type of oils that promote hair growth in black hair.

It could appear in different colors such as blonde, red, brunette, and black. Whatever the color the strands on your head are, the duration that makes it grow will usually take some time, especially those who own a black colored hair. Find out all the proven and tested origin of oils that increases its growth rate.

Coconut. When it is crafted as an oil, it could do wonders. It has been known as the wonder oil as it can do a lot of things. It contributes to the decrease of lice production as well as dandruff. This has a special ability to keep the moisture in its shaft. Its chemical composition enables it to penetrate deeply. Through such, it could correct its damages well.

Jojaba oil. If you want to have a natural oil alternative that has characteristics alike to the one we have, this is what you are looking for. American Indians as ancient folks found this on their fields of California, Arizona. Its quality is heightened due to its hypoallergenic characteristic.

Rosemary oil. This may not be familiar to you, but this is what massage centers used to simulate the blood circulation. It could amazingly retain the color of your hair. This is good for those who wear their hair in darker tones. Also, it promotes faster growth as well.

Aloe Vera. This comes from a plant. It could be used in many ways. It can serve like a beauty enhancer. This has already been known all over the world. It is composed of an outstanding component capable of opening blocked pores encouraging moisture and growth to take place. This can also perform better when it would be blended with other oils compatible with it.

Rosemary oil. For darker colors, this is best used. This retains the hue of the hair, making it look more beautiful. It can implement its ability in regrowing it. It is also good for the blood circulation of the scalp. And, it performs at its best when mixed with olive oil.

So, if you are on the verge of planning to regrow your hair, try these things. Reconsider them. They have been proven and tested by ancient people as well as with science. Surely, it would not hurt you if you will try.

About the Author:

The Life And Career Of David Samadi

By Nancy Gardner

The US has several doctors who are the best in the profession and one of them is Samadi. David Samadi has ranked top in the state of New York as the best urologic doctor there is. His wife is of Iranian Jewish ethnicity just like himself. Besides specializing is bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer, he also specializes in treating, preventing, and diagnosing diseases of urinary organs.

The doctor lived in an Iranian Persian Jewish community where he was born with his family. However, with the Iranian Revolution erupting in 1979, he left for Europe. He landed in Belgium and attended schools in London and Belgium during the early years. Later on, he moved to the US and settled in New York where he has lived up to this day.

The academic qualifications of Dr. David are among the highest in his specialty. Besides attending several annual postgraduate trainings and fellowships, he also has a master degree. A full scholarship helped fund his studies for the M. D. Columbia Presbyterian Hospital is where he started his practice in the field of urology. He was given some top position there before he left for Lenox Hill Hospital.

Upon moving to Lenox hill Hospital, Dr. David went with all members of his former team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. It is this same team that he has maintained up to this day. In some reviews written by patients he has treated, the team is applauded for the great job they do assisting the doctor get his job done. At Lenox Hill Hospital, it did not take long before he was made the Chief of Urology and Robotics Prostate surgery.

One of the achievements of Samadi is the invention of the SMART surgical procedure. The procedure is modern, high-end, and is used together with the da Vinci robot for surgical processes. It is based on an older procedure, but incorporates oncologic principles, which it combines with open prostatectomy skills. It takes on a robotic approach.

The only user of SMART so far is David and it is a very successful procedure. Being operated using SMART is almost a guarantee of walking away free of cancer. Cases of cancer reoccurrence are less than 11% among all patients treated so far. Even with a reoccurrence, a second operation always presents even more chances.

SMART has several advantages over other modern procedure in many areas. First, it minimizes blood loss during surgery to appoint that one does not need a blood transfusion. Additionally, it minimizes pain, recovery time, and the time one needs to stay in a hospital after being operated upon. The side effects are also highly minimized. The reduction in blood loss has made SMART to be referred to as the bloodless prostate surgery.

The work Samadi has done has saved a lot of lives in New York and the whole of US. He works hard, he is committed to the work, and has put a lot of effort in specializing in urology. In 2012, he was recognized by the state of New York as the highest paid doctor. Currently, US Dollars 7.6 million is his yearly salary. To say the least, he is the best.

About the Author:

Factors To Consider When Looking For Satisfactory Medical Laser Repair Services

By Kenya England

Medical machines must be kept working all the times and this is why hiring professionals to help with laser repairs is highly advised. There are several technicians, which can help with laser repairs. However, it must be known that, some technicians are not experienced enough to handle such complicated repairs. Because of this, it is highly advised to perform a wide search. When looking for help with medical laser repair services, technicians can be found online.

People who own hospitals usually buy machines to help them offer accurate patient treatments. Machines like lasers are particularly complicated and can stop work without a warning. This is why machine owners are advised to have professional close by to assist with repair services.

There are several aspects, which you require to consider hen picking a technician. The best professional to hire must have good training and this is the first point to consider. It needs to be known that, laser systems are highly complicated and this is why the technician to be hired must have good knowledge. You need to ask for training certificates of a technician and verify. Make sure to choose a professional with the highest grades.

Second factor to consider when choosing a professional is the experience. This means that, you need to choose a professional who has been in the industry for a long time. He must also be properly updated on the latest technology that comes with these machines. Any professional on your list that has not been in the industry for a long duration is not worth hiring.

Another thing you require to look at is the license of a professional. It should be known that, any professional or a company offering services must have a license. If you happen to hire unlicensed technicians, do not expect quality work. The only way of being sure that a technician is licensed is by asking for the document then verify. Again, any candidate on your list not willing to provide such certificates for verification must not be considered for the job.

Maintenance services are given at a fee and this is another necessary point to consider. You can choose to employ an expert for a salary or outsource. Your selection should rest on on the number of equipment available and the rate of failures. Due to this, you require to ask for estimates from all. After you have obtained the quotes, perform a detailed review. It will help you choose an expert whose service rates are reasonable.

Searching on the web is highly advised when looking for technicians. When on the internet, you would be able to locate numerous service providers ready to sign the contract. When planning for a web search, you must have a PC and good internet connectivity. You should also make sure to apply accurate keywords on the major search engines during the exercise.

People who have problems with their laser machines are highly encouraged to hire reliable technicians to help with repairs. When it comes to selecting a professional, make sure to look at his qualification certificates, experience and license. Professionals can be found by conducting a proper online search.

About the Author:

How To Locate Anxiety Counselling Services Calgary

By Kenya England

People at times experience unusual changes in mood and character that greatly affect their social lives and general existence. These symptoms are collectively as a result of anxiety which is a disorder associated with the nervous system. Whenever we experience such, it is advisable to always look for appropriate treatment that will ensure maximum recovery. This is why we are redefining anxiety counselling services Calgary, today.

Every disease is usually characterized by signs that enable medical professionals in determining effective treatment procedures. Anxiety is also dictated by the same principles, which differ from one individual to the other. For instance, insomnia and appetite loss can be predictable symptoms of this condition. Other people may tend to eat a lot and experience sweating. It should be noted that professional assistance is the main action to be taken, because life is very unpredictable.

Anxiety disorders are of various kinds and counselors use these typologies to recommend appropriate mitigation measures in Calgary AB. A generalized form of this disorder comprises of usual materialistic substances that people worry about such as money and diseases. There is also a panic form in which individuals extremely react to unexpected scenarios thus developing fears about the next time such happenings will occur.

Phobia is another form that is typically defined by fear and social shyness towards people, animals and things. Victims of this condition, become anxious whenever they are set to be into contact with these causative agents. Other types may be as a result of mild emotional events and accidents, which leave victims deeply hurt.

The reason why people experiencing such disorders should seek treatment is that these conditions normally have intense effect on an individual. There have been cases of both homicides and suicides reported worldwide, simply because the suspects lacked psychological attention. A patient may also resolve to drug abuse and trafficking, as a therapy to his problems.

There are multiple recovery procedures that can be applied to victims of this mental condition. A psychologist is a person who initiates this process for he has adequate experience. The procedure he adopts is based on the nature of the illness and the damage it has caused, collectively referred to cognitive behavioral technique.

A psychological treatment may take several months to be complete depending on the type of disorder and coping skills of the patient. Depending on an individual, this process can even take a month, provided he or she strictly adheres to instruction given by a psychologist. Monitoring done on a regular basis by the medical professional also contributes to the recovery process.

In summary, Calgary AB has several rehabilitation facilities aimed at initiating recovery to victims of anxiety. It is our role to act immediately whenever such disorders strike, because our future lives depends on our actions. Take precautions and work on the condition in case it crops up.

About the Author:

Food Safety News - September 16, 2015 PCA Prosecutors Say Outbreak Victims are Crime Victims Under the Law

Food Safety News

PCA Prosecutors Say Outbreak Victims are Crime Victims Under the Law

By Dan Flynn

The victims of a foodborne outbreak are crime victims and their written statements and oral testimony should be heard at next week's sentencing of Stewart and Michael Parnell and Mary Wilkerson, according to U.S. Department of Justice lawyer Mary M. Engelhart from the Consumer Protection Branch. She is one of three government prosecutors in the... Continue Reading

Obama Nominates Califf to Lead FDA

By News Desk

The White House announced Tuesday that President Obama has nominated Robert Califf, M.D., to be the next commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Califf, 63, is currently FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Medical Products and Tobacco. If confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Califf will replace Dr. Margaret Hamburg, who resigned earlier this year after nearly six... Continue Reading

Recalled Apple Slices May Have Been Distributed to Florida School District

By News Desk

Appeeling Fruit Inc. of Dauberville, PA, has been informed by one of its customers that some of its Snack Fresh brand 2-oz. bagged red apple slices with Best-if-Used-by date 09/21/15 and production date 310815, which were recalled on Wednesday, Sept. 9, due to potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination, may have been distributed to schools in Florida's Palm Beach... Continue Reading

Undercover Investigation Alleges Abuse of Chickens, Workers at Tyson Slaughter Plant in Texas

By Cathy Siegner

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has released undercover video footage from inside a Tyson Foods Inc. slaughter plant in Carthage, Texas, which the group asserts documents a system exploiting both workers and animals. The videotape includes an interview with the undercover investigator, filmed in shadow to protect her identity. This is the second recent undercover investigation involving Tyson Foods. In July, Mercy... Continue Reading

For Sale: Stewart and Gloria Parnell's 5-Acre Virginia Estate

By Dan Flynn

In any real estate transaction, its almost inevitable that someone will ask why the listing parties are selling. It's a little more rare when the response is because somebody has to go to prison, but some real estate agents in Lynchburg, VA, are likely having those kind of hushed conversations about a prime piece of property... Continue Reading

Report Ranks Antibiotics Policies at Fast Food Chains

By News Desk

Only Chipotle and Panera get an A grade on antibiotics policies and sourcing practices, and most other fast food chains fail, according to a report by the Friends of the Earth, Natural Resources Defense Council, Keep Antibiotics Working, Consumers Union, Center for Food Safety, and Food Animal Concerns Trust. Chick-fil-a gets a B, while Dunkin' Donuts... Continue Reading

More Food Safety News

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