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8 tips for buying shoes that are good to your feet

Also: Tai chi can improve life for people with chronic health conditions; Finding relief from calluses and corns.
Harvard Medical School

8 tips for buying shoes that are good to your feet

Image: iStock

Buying the right shoes is an investment in foot health. But how do you find ones that fit properly and provide adequate support? 

Start with your own feet, and look at what's already in your closet. Stand barefoot on a piece of paper or cardboard, and trace the shape of each foot. Now take your shoes, one by one, and place them on top of the drawing. If you're like most people, your "comfortable" shoes will closely match the outline of your own feet.

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Identify the shoes that cause pain. If you're a woman, most of these will be shoes with narrow toes or high heels. Check to see if the toe of the shoe is narrower or shorter than your own toes.

When you're ready to replace some of that uncomfortable footwear, these tips can help:

  1. Wait until the afternoon to shop for shoes — your feet naturally expand with use during the day and may swell in hot weather.

  2. Wear the same type of socks that you intend to wear with the shoes.

  3. Have the salesperson measure both of your feet — and get measured every time you buy new shoes. If one foot is larger or wider than the other, buy a size that fits the larger foot.

  4. Stand in the shoes. Make sure you have at least a quarter- to a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.

  5. Walk around in the shoes to determine how they feel. Is there enough room at the balls of the feet? Do the heels fit snugly, or do they pinch or slip off? Don't rationalize that the shoes just need to be "broken in" or that they'll stretch with time. Find shoes that fit from the start.

  6. Trust your own comfort level rather than a shoe's size or description. Sizes vary from one manufacturer to another. And no matter how comfortable an advertisement claims those shoes are, you're the real judge.

  7. Feel the inside of the shoes to see if they have any tags, seams, or other material that might irritate your feet or cause blisters.

  8. Turn the shoes over and examine the soles. Are they sturdy enough to provide protection from sharp objects? Do they provide any cushioning? Also, take the sole test as you walk around the shoe store: do the soles cushion against impact? Try to walk on hard surfaces as well as carpet to see how the shoes feel.

For more information on caring for your feet, buy Healthy Feet: Preventing and treating common foot problems, a Sepcial Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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Tai chi can improve life for people with chronic health conditions

A recent analysis of 33 studies of tai chi suggests that doing tai chi can help older adults with common, long-term health conditions move about more easily and enhance their quality of life.

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Finding relief from calluses and corns

Image: iStock

Calluses and corns are areas of hardened, sometimes yellowish skin on the foot. They form on pressure points or around bony areas. Calluses usually appear on the bottom of the feet and corns on top, usually around the toes.

Although they aren't necessarily welcome, calluses and corns develop to protect the foot from further damage. The cause is often poorly fitting shoes, but how you walk (your gait) or the bone structure of your feet may make you more prone to these foot issues.

If you develop corns or calluses, cushion the affected area with moleskin, cotton, or lambs wool to relieve pressure. Many pharmacies sell over-the-counter products to cushion corns and calluses, which you may find helpful. Custom shoe inserts that redistribute your weight and take pressure off the affected areas are another option.

Better-fitting shoes will reduce the irritation that caused the problem in the first place, and over time, the corns or calluses will shrink on their own. But don't expect overnight results; the process can take weeks or even months.

To get rid of corns and calluses faster, you can use a pumice stone, which will gently remove the top layers of skin. Soak your feet in warm water first, to soften the corn or callus. Dry your feet, then rub the pumice stone gently over the corn or callus. Afterward, moisturize the area with skin lotion. The key word is gentle. Don't overdo it, or you could hurt your skin. Pharmacies sell various chemical peels and acid disks, but use such products with caution. Most of them contain salicylic acid, which can damage healthy tissue unless you follow the instructions exactly. Some foot care specialists advise against using these products at all.

For larger corns and calluses, consult a foot care specialist. Although some pedicurists may offer to remove corns and calluses, it's safer to seek help from a trained medical specialist, like a podiatrist.

For more information on caring for your feet, buy Healthy Feet: Preventing and treating common foot problems, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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Why You Need Frequent Visits To Tmj Dentist Atlanta

By Kenya England

In this generation, systematic diseases have been an area of concern. Therefore, it is important that you maintain proper health to check on these diseases. Studies show that oral diseases are closely related to some of these systematic diseases. It is for this reason that people should maintain a proper oral hygiene if they are to live healthily. There is always more to dental care than just flossing and brushing. This article will focus on the benefits of visiting TMJ dentist Atlanta as a dental care program.

Going the dental care center regularly would save you money and your health. It is because the overall health in most cases determines the oral health. Most of the susceptible diseases today show their early signs in the mouth. It is for this reason that you need to visit frequently the dentist to detect heart disease, diabetes, and oral cancer. Dentist associations around the world recommend that you visit the dentist at least twice every year.

Making regular appointments ensure that the hygienist make a proper oral program that meets your needs. Depending on your oral health you might be required to stick to the six months program or go for more frequent visits to get the best oral care. For those that go for dental care for the first time, they would receive a more comprehensive examination to ascertain their health history, get some x-ray, get full teeth, mouth, and jaw examination. However, after the thorough examination you will only need regular polishing and cleaning to remove tartar.

Tartar builds up in the mouth after every few months. Tartar is the dark hard substance in the gum and tooth lining. Tartar is always plaque that has hardened. Plaque is the whitish sticky substance that you can see in the tooth after eating. Typically, it takes proper brushing to remove it but you cannot remove it completely that is why you need to visit dentists to remove the tartar during cleaning and polishing. Tartar causes cavities that lead to gum disease and other oral problems.

The best way to save your money in health care costs is frequently visiting dental care centers. Ignoring these preventive measures would be costly because treatment costs are expensive. These regular visits save you money and give you a healthy life. It is because you will only need money for cleaning and not treatments.

The dental experts also thoroughly check the mouth, neck, head, and jaws. The essence of such an examination is that if there are hidden problems causing decay it is discovered. It should be noted that these parts of the body are interconnected such that they depend on each other for proper health.

The other ways to take care of your teeth from home is by maintaining a proper personal oral hygiene. You should learn the best methods to brush and floss. The dentists also educate the patients on the best oral hygiene measures. The beautiful smile you yearn for can only come when you have a white teeth and fresh breath.

For strong, white, healthy teeth, you need to make it your responsibility to frequently visits dentists. It is the best way to keep particular oral needs at bay all the time.

About the Author:

In Reference To David Samadi Md

By Daphne Bowen

Dr. Samadi is a name known all over the world for the contributions made by the doctor in prostate cancer treatment. He practices in city New York and he has a private clinic from where he sees the clients. However, if surgery is mandatory, he refers the patients to Lenox hill hospital. David Samadi md has a highly qualified surgical team who assist him in the operations.

He graduated with a medical degree from Stone Brook University and has been practicing ever since. He has been working in the medical field for the last 21 years. He specialized in the field of urology. Together with thirty eight urologists in the hospital, they are committed to providing high standard care to the patients. He accepts health insurance cards as a payment modality for those who do not have cash to pay for medical services offered. He can speak Hebrew, Greek, Spanish and Farsi.

He has special knowledge and skills in the care of prostate cancer patients using robot surgery. Bladder cancer can also be managed by use of these surgical treatments. He reports that the procedure is highly successful and many of the patients can lead normal lives with no complications seen with the use of other treatment plans.

He also teaches urology in the medical school at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ apart from working in the hospital. Additionally, he takes part in a number of medical programs aired in the television. Fox news and am970 channels are the main ones he possesses an active role in.

He aims to be more to the patients than just a doctor. He uses a holistic approach when dealing with the clients. It is not easy to deal with cancer given how deadly the disease is. However, he believes being there for the person suffering from the diseases and assuring them of a cancer a free and safe future can make a difference. His team is also very support. Surgery is not something that can be done by just one person and having an excellent team is a bonus.

Since he started practicing, he has conducted above 5600 successful surgical operations. His practice was based in Mt. Sinai before he moved to Lenox hill hospital. He took with him all those who were working alongside him. He believes investing in efficient personnel is one of thing that has contributed to his success in the field. They have been referred to as the best prostate cancer care providers in the world.

The robotic center he stared not only deals with active prostate cancer management but also educates men on how to reduce the risk of suffering from the disease. Watch and wait strategy is commonly used and focal therapy too.

Each individual is unique. That is translated into care therapy given to Dr. Samadi patients. Just because they are all suffering from the same disease, they are not to be viewed as having similar needs. Lenox hospital has great personnel. They also have the best technology in town.

About the Author:

Basics Relating To Dizziness Treatment In Toronto

By Kenya England

Dizziness or lightheadedness is a feeling that is fairly common. The causes are many and range from those that are generally harmless to life threatening conditions. When this feeling is experienced once in a while, there is no cause for worry. However, one should seek medical attention immediately if the problem is recurrent or if it is associated with other symptoms such as headache, loss of consciousness, hearing loss, visual blurring and so on. You need to understand a number of important things when seeking dizziness treatment in Toronto.

Dizziness differs from a related condition known as vertigo. The former is a feeling of being lightheaded while the latter is spinning sensation when in actual sense the environment is still. Vertigo results from damage of semicircular canals located in the ear. The canals are responsible for maintaining body balance. The symptoms usually set in when one is assuming an upright posting from a lying position. One of the commonest forms of this condition is known as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

The other common cause of the problem is Meniere disease. In this condition, fluid builds up within the ear. Typically, it affects one ear. The main causes of dizziness that have been documented include tumors such as acoustic neuroma, migraines, sudden changes in blood pressure, low blood sugar, medications, heat stroke, motion sickness, strokes and brain hemorrhage among others.

It is a good idea to keep track of the episodes so as to assess the severity of your condition. This can be achieved by having a dairy at your side to document each of these events. The diary will also be helpful in monitoring the response to treatment.

Since there are numerous causes, proper evaluation is necessary to single out the most likely. The doctor will take a history from you and perform a comprehensive physical examination. The history will seek to establish the timing of your symptoms, the body positions in which it occurs as well as the frequency and severity. Depending on the findings, some tests will be requested. CT scans and MRI are often useful in this area. In some situations the cause may not be found.

The mode of treatment will be dictated by the cause. In some cases, however, the cause may not be established. Examples of treatments that have been used successfully include home remedies, lifestyle changes and the use of drugs. In the case of migraines, for example, lifestyle changes that involve the avoidance of trigger factors have been immensely successful. Meniere disease is mainly managed by instituting proper diet or surgery where the non-invasive options prove unsuccessful.

Athletes and persons engaged in strenuous physical activities are prone to heat stroke, dehydration and hypoglycemia. If these are not properly controlled, dizziness and fainting may ensure. For this reason, they are advised to always have a bottle of water available to keep themselves hydrated at all times. Glucose and energy drinks will help maintain the blood sugar levels within normal limits.

Dizziness is a common feeling. It is on most occasion harmless. However, when it is seen to persist for periods of time or when consistently associated with other medical conditions, medical consultation is indicated. The treatment of the condition continues to challenge many clinicians due to the vague nature of the symptom with many patients having different interpretations. Proper evaluation may help narrow down the possibilities.

About the Author:

For Classes In Professional Martial Arts Portland Oregon Should Be Prioritized

By Florine Meadows

Techniques of martial arts have diverse origins around the world. However, over time, they have been coordinated and organized into a body of useful techniques exercised worldwide in form of classes. People are not discriminated based on any criteria such as age and gender. Most facilities charge a reasonable fees to make classes affordable. Everyone ranging from little kids to old people can enroll for classes. Therefore, when one is searching for a facility to enroll in for classes in martial arts Portland Oregon is the way to go.

In a country like the US, where violence is becoming more rampant by day, gaining some defensive skills sounds like a good idea. One can learn how to defend themselves, how to fight back, and how to get away from an aggressor. However, one should not associate classes with fighting and tough combat techniques because besides learning how to fight, people also take classes for several other reasons.

Some of the reasons why people take classes in martial arts include to improve reflexes and coordination, strength, stamina, and flexibility. Additionally, some aim to be able to manage weight, enhance body balance, do cardio-vascular workouts, and gain skills. Each individual has their own personal reasons for taking classes. However, in the course of achieving a certain goal, there are several benefits that come along with that too.

Improved reflexes mean that one is able to move and react faster. It does not take much to know that being able to react fast has several benefits and can be a life saver in certain situations. Besides improved reflexes, one is also able to improve their coordination, which is equally important.

Improvement in physical performance in all aspects of life is another benefit one can gain. One gains ability to handle tasks that are demanding physically through regular exercise. During an attack, such ability gives one the strength necessary to escape. Additionally, it feels good to be physically fit. Stress levels are lowered when one is sure that they look good and pleasing. People from the opposite sex are also attracted by good looks while spouses remain appreciative of each other.

In most developed countries, obesity continues to cause problems to most citizens. Many people are rendered incapable by it. Surgical solutions have been developed for a problem which is easily solvable through regular exercising. Obesity is at times taken lightly, but it lowers quality of life greatly. Martial art is the perfect weight controller through the many useful exercises learners engage in during sessions.

Generally, it is important to engage in physical exercise for health purposes. Lack of exercise can lead to several health problems that could otherwise be avoided. Many heart related medical conditions result due to poor or lack of exercise. Many people in America die as a result of heart-related medical problems, which can be avoided by taking classes.

Martial art encompasses exercises that are useful for burning body fats. It is the excess body fats that end up being deposited around the heart to cause cardiac conditions. Classes are divided to accommodate people with different physical ability. The most recent ones are more convenient for people with disabilities.

About the Author:

News: Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health

Sitting still is bad for you, being active is good for you, but what about the in between: fidgeting?

A new study of 14,000 sedentary women showed that those who tended to fidget when they're sitting have a lower risk of premature death. Here's why.

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News: Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health

Sitting still is bad for you, being active is good for you, but what about the in between: fidgeting?

A new study of 14,000 sedentary women showed that those who tended to fidget when they're sitting have a lower risk of premature death. Here's why.

Nicholas English
Content Manager of Health
The Surprising Benefits of Fidgeting
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9 Ways to Beat a Sedentary Lifestyle   
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Short Walking Breaks Reduce the Dangers of Sitting for Too Long   
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124 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid   

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