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Basics On Anxiety Therapy Toronto Residents Should Know

By Daphne Bowen

Getting anxious is an emotion most people experience from time to time when faced with dangerous stimuli. Situations that may elicit this reaction include sitting examinations, attending job interviews, going for a first date and so on. In some people, this response is too extreme and may be present even for what would be regarded as harmless situations. This type of response is abnormal and requires therapy. There are several important aspects of anxiety therapy Toronto residents need to understand.

The disorder is diagnosed when affected persons show excessive assessment of danger in their environment. As a result they tend to either not react at all or they react with an excessively protective response. There is accompanying impairment in the performance of normal duties. Put in other words, persons with anxiety disorder exhibit abnormal responses to normal situations as opposed to other people who respond normally to abnormal situations.

There are a number of different subtypes of the disorder recognized. They include obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, panic disorders, posttraumatic stress disorders, PTSD, specific phobias, social phobia and agoraphobia. There are minor differences in the symptomatic patterns as well as the therapies that are used. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is one in which the client is anxious about a wide range of activities or events. They cannot identify the exact events.

GAD is usually associated with other comorbidities such as depression. There may be complaints such as generalized fatigues, chronic pain and insomnia. The symptoms are typically intermittent and tend to recur even after treatment. Patients become alcoholics after some time and a number of them even contemplate suicide. It is important that therapy is instituted promptly. The available modalities include hypnosis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, systemic desensitization and hypnosis among others.

Persons that have persistent intense fear that is associated with a compelling need to flee so as to avoid the phobic object or event should be evaluated for social phobias. Such people are extremely fearful of being publicly embarrassed by engaging in impulsive acts. As is the case with GAD, this fear interferes with normal routine and affects social activities and relationships. This phobia is the commonest of all phobias that exist and has a lifetime prevalence of about 8%.

Specific phobias are fears of specific objects or situations. These include animals, insects, heights of buildings and dental procedures among others. Simple phobias do not always impair normal functioning and many people with this problem lead near normal lives. The most important thing is to avoid the phobic situation. The onset is in the years of early childhood. Treatments for this therapy include pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

It is important that proper investigations are done. This is because there may be medical conditions that are presenting with these symptoms. This means that one has to undergo a physical and have some tests done. Imaging studies using the CT scan and MRI are some of the most sensitive investigative modalities.

There are many types of anxiety disorders that exist all with unique symptoms and treatments. The process of finding the effective therapy starts with classifying the disorder. Therapy is administered by psychiatrists, psychologists and other trained professionals.

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Working In The Physical Therapy Seattle Sector

By Daphne Bowen

Entering a medical program involves many steps and stages in terms of education and training. This is certainly the case for the physical therapy Seattle, WA sector of the bourgeoning healthcare field. It is a wonderful career, however, involving work with all kinds of patients who have body functions and physical disabilities.

Being part of a rehabilitation program means addressing pain and improving mobility and strength. Patients can variously be accident victims or those afflicted with disorders (some congenital) like cerebral palsy, brain damage, heart disease, arthritis, and more. Many are extremely debilitating. A PT, as the profession is known, works on a team with other providers to ensure correct diagnosis and a prescribed appropriate treatment plan. The result will be better motor function and posture, improved muscle strength and performance, and smother coordination of body movements.

A skilled therapist understands and utilizes various tools and types of equipment, not to mention techniques such as electric stimulation or massage therapy. They are also well-versed in walkers, ultrasounds, prosthetics, leg braces, and wheelchairs among other mobility devices. Each patient's physical being is assessed and diagnosed before treatment is prescribed.

A therapist must understand the role of various techniques and tools will plying his or her trade. Ultrasounds are common, and in the patient assistance area there are walkers, prosthetics, leg braces, and wheelchairs. Electric stimulation is favored by many along with palliative approaches such as deep tissue massage, hot and cold packs, etc. It is usually a long process to recovery requiring patience and dedication.

At the higher level, the student pursues a master's degree and/or doctorate before taking qualifying exams for licensing. It is a matter of what kind of career the student wishes to pursue within the umbrella field, and there are 200 institutions in the US alone from which to choose.

To become a therapist in the field, most states require the NPTE or National Physical Therapy Examination. There may be others, but this is the most common. In additional, each candidate must show English proficiency if foreign. All the required documents are presented before entering the program of choice. Finally there is the matter of licensing in one's state of residency.

To practice as a therapist, the student must take the NPTE or National Physical therapy Examination along with any state requirements as mandated by the state board. Foreign students also have to show an English proficiency certification. When all documents are presented and accepted, qualified candidates will have licensure granted. It is important to note that it is required for any post-professional programs.

Thus, it is not an easy road to follow and it takes many years, but it is a rewarding and lucrative one. The salary for the average therapist is in the $80,000 range. It depends upon one's education and experience and whether one wishes to work in a hospital setting, a rehab or orthopedic center, or on one's own in private practice, which is a less common choice. It is a competitive field, but if you have what it takes you can be part of one of the most expansive fields in healthcare today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment is expected to rise by 30% in the near future. Those who are dedicated and caring will surely find their niche.

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Vitamins and your heart

Do vitamin and mineral supplements really promote heart health? Some older studies suggested that calcium supplements have heart health benefits.
Harvard Medical School

Vitamins and your heart

Image: iStock

Do vitamin and mineral supplements really promote heart health? Some older studies suggested that calcium supplements have heart health benefits. Studies on fish oil showed it was is good for your heart, too. But calcium supplements have come under scrutiny following a report that men who took more than 1,000 milligrams of supplemental calcium daily over a 12-year period were 20% more likely to succumb to heart disease than those who didn't take the pills. And while some studies have found that popping fish oil capsules lowers the chance of having a heart attack or other related problem, others have failed to find such benefits.

Some observational studies have also shown links between heart health and higher intakes of certain vitamins — specifically, vitamins C and E, beta carotene, and three B vitamins (folic acid, B6, and B12). But more rigorous studies that compared people who took specific vitamins with those who took placebos have come up short. In fact, guidelines from the American Heart Association state that supplements of the vitamins listed above should not be taken to prevent heart disease. Not only do they not help, there's even some suggestion that taking vitamin E supplements may slightly raise the risk of heart failure and hemorrhagic (bleeding) strokes.

Product Page - Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Disease
Most people fear heart disease — and with good reason: it’s the leading cause of death for both men and women. But something that people may not realize is that preventing this disease is often within their control. Most people who develop heart disease have one or more major risk factors that are within their power to change. These include lack of exercise, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels. There are surefire ways to tackle these risk factors that you can include in your daily life.

Read More

The bottom line? It's better to get your nutrients from foods, not pills. When you eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains, you don't get individual nutrients in isolation — you get a blend of vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, and healthy fat, all of which have been proven to be beneficial for heart health.

For more on the latest advances in treating coronary artery disease, buy Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Disease, a Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School.

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Product Page - Diagnosis: Coronary Artery Disease

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Finding The Best Weight Loss Solution For Women

By Della Monroe

Those interested in wellness pay close attention to their weight. If the body carries too much weight, it can compromise health. It is also problematic when people are underweight. In the modern day, many people struggle to lose weight and are considered overweight or obese. There are several different techniques that can be used to lose the excess weight. There is no one answer that works best for all people, but some might be in search of the best weight loss solution for women.

The body differs in many ways and no one has the exact same composition. The rate people gain or lose will range, as will the areas in which the pounds surface. It is often the case that men lose faster than women.

A lot of factors can contribute to gain, including diet, lifestyle, stress levels, age and medical conditions. Some are so overweight that their only option for losing the pound is surgery. While this can be effective for some, it is not ideal for all or most. There are many potential risks that come with going under the knife. People who choose this option are encouraged to talk closely with their doctor, research the procedure as much as possible, and know what all is involved with maintaining results post-operation.

The natural way requires more time and effort. However, it can be just as effective and even more rewarding. This require changes to diet and lifestyle. People who have an addiction to food might find it more difficult to make the necessary changes to their diet. However, working with primary care doctors and nutritionists can help. It is also important that people dig deep to feel motivation to exercise and engage in physical activity. Physical therapists and personal trainers can be of aid in this area. There are numerous health care providers willing and able to assist people trying to lose.

Being informed is important for those who want to achieve optimal health. They should know how the body works and what it requires to function at its best. People with other medical problems should talk with their doctors before implementing any plan. Safety needs to be a priority during the process.

This might involve a mental struggle as well. Sometimes people benefit from going to therapy or developing a strong system of support made up of medical professionals, friends and family. A person needs to be motivated and have the own personal desire to change in order to make progress.

It is recommended that people set goals so that they have something to strive for that motivates them. This can help make it more rewarding. People might also find it easier to stay on track when they have something to work toward.

The results will range based on many factors. There is no single solution that works best for everyone. This is why people should consider working with medical professionals to achieve goals. To be successful, people need to commit to the process completely. There will be lows and highs on this journey. Exercising, eating food that is balanced and all natural, and managing stress can all help when it comes to promoting positive results.

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The Advantages Of Affordable Life Coaching

By Sharon Weeks

There are several definitions of what is coaching is all about. Basically, coaching is a process used to support and help someone achieve all his or her personal ad professional life goals. It also means building an informal relationship between two people of whom one has the experience and knowledge to offer important guidance and advice.

Actually, there are many reasons why hiring coaches are important. This is useful for both personal and business intentions. The responsibility of most life coaches is to ensure you are achieving all your goals Take note that coachable goals can be accomplished through affordable life coaching. Also, it becomes a huge part of the human improvement. So when done properly, the procedure is quite effective.

Once you learn several things about the approach, you are able to make the best decisions. Everyone are now able to achieve valuable and career intentions through the process. Basically, the procedure cannot be obtained elsewhere. Every client will then become happier and healthier. Basically, the process is quite fun, rewarding, and exciting for everyone.

Individuals who have done a certain type of life training including leadership, career, personal or business can also achieve their goals faster. Typically, the whole life coaching industry has boomed because of so many aspiring coaches. Actually, anyone can call themselves a life coach.

There are no specific standards, qualifications, or training requirement to become a trainer. Becoming one is simple and you can be one of them in just one click of your finger. Today, there are many training schools that are selling their programs to teach individuals in becoming coaches. Anyone can graduate from these programs.

It is also a misconception that people who are successful in this field are good and expert in their own specialization. But, sometimes, this is not true. The training is not about telling the clients what to follow and what to do. This is about helping them to understand the process and focus more on their goals.

Just like other professions, most of the coaches may also charge their clients for session fees. Most of them are sellers of time like lawyers do. Mostly, coaches may demand a long term agreement for their clients and commit 6 to 14 months to work on the process. With the latest advances in technology, individuals may already take training over the phone.

One of the best advantages of online or phone coaching is its efficiency and low cost. It is better to be coached over the internet than a one on one session. As a client, you can choose what type of procedure to use. You may also find coaches online in the most convenient ways.

Before hiring someone, determine first what you really want and need. So, whether you need someone to achieve your goals, or conduct the coaching of your own, you have to understand every aspect of the method to obtain better outcomes. It is also useful to hire someone. You can find someone who has the full capacity to handle the procedure. This undertaking is not that difficult if you play the cards properly. Just be sure to hire a reliable coach.

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Study: Less Sleep Means Less Sex

Ninety-four thousand post-menopausal women were recently surveyed by the North American Menopause Society, and it was found that those who got less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night were far more likely to report less sexual activity and sexual satisfaction. The same appears to be true for everyone else, too. But what can menopausal women do to improve their sleep, and are the rules different for the rest of us?
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Study: Less Sleep Means Less Sex

Ninety-four thousand post-menopausal women were recently surveyed by the North American Menopause Society, and it was found that those who got less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night were far more likely to report less sexual activity and sexual satisfaction.

The same appears to be true for everyone else, too. But what can menopausal women do to improve their sleep, and are the rules different for the rest of us?

Nicholas English
Content Manager of Health
The Biggest Sexual Health Concerns for Menopausal Women
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A Complete Guide to Managing Menopause Symptoms   
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Sleep-Deprived Men Over-Perceive Women's Sexual Interest   
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How to Get the Best Night's Sleep of Your Life   

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