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Food Safety News - October 30, 2015 NE Couple Wins $11.37-Million Judgment in Salmonella Case

Food Safety News

NE Couple Wins $11.37-Million Judgment in Salmonella Case

By Dan Flynn

Back in October 2010, Chris and Heather Gage were 120 miles away from their home in Bridgeport, NE, and decided to dine at the Old Country Buffet in Cheyenne, WY. Chris Gage was medically compromised going into the restaurant, but when he left, he was infected with Salmonella bacteria, which left him forever damaged. Gage’s reaction... Continue Reading

Science, History, and Real-World Use Support Safety of Reusable Packaging

By Tim Debus

Reusable containers for the transport packaging of food have been used around the world for generations. Billions of reusable packaging products are used each year in North America alone to safely transport fresh and nutritious foods from farms to consumers, and there has never been an identified or detected risk to food safety as a... Continue Reading

Australia's High Court Grants New Trial to Raw Milk Dairy Farmers

By News Desk

Despite calling their cowshare program a “scam,” Australia's Supreme Court has ordered a retrial of raw milk dairy farmers Mark and Helen Tyler over their sale of raw milk. The Tyler’s dairy is located in Willunga Hill, which is south of Adelaide. A Magistrates Court had found the couple guilty of one count each of... Continue Reading

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