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Who Are Advanced Laparoscopic Specialists

By Marci Nielsen

These are the medical doctors of New York city who are trained in endoscopy (a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical technique) with a focus on helping the morbidly obese lose weight. Advanced Laparoscopic Specialists are skilled in gastric by-pass surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach. The operation itself is only a first step in the weight-control program

In spite of what many think, this is not a frivolous field of medicine. Those who are one hundred pounds or more above their ideal weight are prey to severe health complications. Among these are hypertension and other heart conditions, type 2 diabetes, and sleep apnea. Any of these conditions can be life-threatening. All of them, as well as the excess weight, lower the quality of life for millions of people.

The fact is that obesity makes it impossible to get the recommended amount of exercise, which does not help any weight-control plan. Without exercise, circulation of blood and lymph is compromised and digestion is impaired. This weakens the immune system, so the person is susceptible to many ills. A lack of muscle tone also makes burning calories less efficient, as less are burned for energy and more are stored as fat.

Excess weight puts great stress on the feet and joints, which can make even walking difficult. If those who cannot exercise also have hormonal issues, losing weight is even harder. Poor eating habits add the final touch to obesity. This condition is second only to smoking as a dangerous habit that can cause death. In fact, sitting is now called 'the new smoking', as doctors realize its negative effects.

Laparoscopic surgery carries less dangers than open incisions. In this technique, long metal tubes called endoscopes are used to allow the surgeon to operate through tiny incisions that may be far from the actual site of the surgery. There is less chance of infection, less pain and scarring, and a greatly reduced time for recovery.

Special cameras and lights allow the surgeon to 'see' what he's doing. Advances like these make surgery feasible for many whose health might not allow conventional surgical procedures. Gastric by-pass used to be major surgery with inherent risks. These have been greatly reduced with the less invasive procedures.

The clinics that offer this service also provide comprehensive support. Dietitians and nutritionists hold classes on proper eating habits and good lifestyle choices. Support groups help both before and after surgery and recovery, giving people the encouragement they need for success. Behavioral counselors help people understand the emotional aspects of obesity and the ways that people can cause themselves to fail.

This pre-op and post-op program involves both surgeons and trained professionals, as well as patients themselves. The personalized approach has proved very important in the success of this weight-loss measure. Without lifestyle and dietary changes, people who have the surgery often gain the weight back. With them, a whole new life is possible with everything needed for happiness and health.

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Key Aspects To Consider When Searching For The Best Anxiety Therapist Sarasota FL

By Marci Nielsen

Dependable shrinks can be hard to find especially if you are dealing with a psychological problem as serious as anxiety. From the parades of expert who practice within your area, you owe yourself the favor of doing a bit of sleuthing around in order to find a specialist who matches your needs and preferences. An expert who is right for you will be one you can trust enough to confide in and to follow his or her advice. During research for a dependable anxiety therapist Sarasota FL could provide you with a decent number of highly competent shrinks.

Finding a professional who is right for you could make the much needed difference in your life. Anxiety problems are known to take a toll on ones life and even result in depression, despair and in worst case scenarios suicidal thoughts. When the problem is approached before it gets out of hand, some patients are able to make a full recovery within a few months. In serious cases, continued therapy would be imperative.

The primary step to successful therapy is finding a shrink who has your complete trust. You need to point out the deciding factor that could win your trust. Consider the educational qualifications of various professionals, their levels of experience and even their records of accomplishment. You may also want to deliberate on aspects such as gender, personality and even the office environment where you can find a particular professional.

A good number of competent shrinks offer consultation free of charge. You have the chance to interview different experts who interest you without having to spend a single coin. During consultation, ask questions that could assist you in understanding the values and approaches of potential therapists. Any expert who is worth the salt will also ask you an array of questions with the aim of understanding your mental health and finding out how best to help you.

Quality assistance will not come to you cheap. The majorities of professionals who are really good at what they do may charge a fee that is much steeper than that of newbies in the profession. Take time to shop around for services that are within your financial means. Even so, you should not let the aspect of cost blind you from seeing the importance of accessing quality services.

The availability of a potential anxiety therapist in Sarasota FL should also be considered. Through regular sessions, you would be able to put the pieces back together and get the much awaited relief. The last thing you should do is to hire someone who can barely spare time for you. At the very least, ensure that you can see your shrink once every week.

The location of an expert is another crucial factor to consider. If possible, choose professionals who are located close to your home or office. The accessibility of a specialist could play a major role in ascertaining that you diligently attend your sessions.

Therapists differ in a variety of aspects including their credentials, rates and values. To be on the safe side, do not overlook the importance of choosing an expert who has a good success history when it comes to working on issues like yours. Your research should enable you to make a reliable choice, the first time.

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How To Become A Fitness Instructor

By Mattie Knight

Nowadays, most people engage in various activities during their leisure time as a way of improving their health and flexibility. Physicians recommend engaging in sweat triggering activities for the purpose of improving and maintaining proper health. Obesity and heart attack are some of the various conditions that can be eradicated by constant body exercises . Exercises can be promoted by the training of a professional keeping in mind that it is not every individual can become a fitness instructor.

Inexperienced trainers have been the great cause of accidents during training sessions. Accidents that occur in the gym for instance can result to permanent or temporary paralysis. Therefore, the demand for better-trained instructors has been on the rise with each passing day. There are individuals with a passion to teach or train fellow human beings regarding various fields. However, for a person to qualify as an instructor there are several steps they are required follow.

Since the fitness industry is a wide area, a person needs to specialize in one field or several to become a competent professional. Hence, it is recommended that a beginner should at least attend all the classes to be able to choose the particular class that best fits him. Aquatic classes, bodybuilding sessions, mind-body training, and dance training classes are all essential sessions that should be attend. All these classes can gives a person detailed knowledge of the new developments in the fitness industry.

Normally, most trainers are not certified or regulated by a particular body. This puts individuals in danger since most do not have the required skills and techniques to deliver effective and safe training. Nonetheless, the world is changing with the development of certification programs for instructors. These programs provide professional trainers with the relevant skills and education required to carry out their classes. Obtaining certification for a particular line of training gives you an added advantage in the job market.

Consistent training to perfect the skills and expertise is important. This improves the ability to stay relevant in the industry . Through various activities that include frequent watching of other industry professionals, reading and staying updated on new techniques and practices keeps your training skills sharpened.

A beginner should ask a more superior trainer to be his mentor. It is important to choose a successful person in your field of specialization. He or she will help you by offering wise counsel regarding the industry. In addition, you should attend his sessions to pick a few techniques, training strategies that concern the particular field that you will be training upon completion of your education.

The end move is the most important after training and certification. This is whereby the qualified trainer seeks for a job in the industry. You can opt to be a personal trainer for individuals such as athletes, actors and performing musicians. In addition, various places and institutions require fitness services such as gyms.

Fitness training requires building a network of clients. As you grow in the industry, it becomes about the people you know. This is very important especially upon creating a business because the people you know could turn out to be potential customers.

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Food Safety News - November 26, 2015 Salmonella Found in Raw Milk Sample From New York Farm

Food Safety News

Salmonella Found in Raw Milk Sample From New York Farm

By News Desk

Consumers are being warned not to consume unpasteurized raw milk from the Jerry Dell Farm at Freeville in Tompkins County, NY, because it could possibly be contaminated with Salmonella. According to the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, no illnesses associated with the product have been reported. A routine sample of the milk... Continue Reading

E. Coli Outbreak Traced to Chocolate Dessert Served at Reno Restaurant

By Cathy Siegner

The source of the E. coli contamination which recently sickened patrons of a popular Reno, NV, restaurant has been identified as a chocolate mousse dessert. “It was a chocolate marquee mousse, basically a chocolate cake with frosting,” Phil Ulibarri, public information officer for the Washoe County Health District, told Food Safety News. The Washoe County Health District... Continue Reading

Costco: FDA Tests Indicate Vegetables in Chicken Salad May Be E. Coli Source

By News Desk

Initial testing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) points toward a vegetable mix sourced from a California produce wholesaler as the potential source of E. coli connected with Costco’s rotisserie chicken salad. At least 19 people in seven states have so far been sickened with E. coli infections linked to the chicken salad, which Costco... Continue Reading

USDA Plans to Begin Catfish Inspections in March 2016

By Dan Flynn

Long-awaited U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) catfish inspections, mandated by Farm Bills since 2008, will begin next March, according to a final rule establishing an inspection program for fish in the order Siluriformes, including catfish. The final rule, which applies to both domestically raised and imported Siluriformes fish, was developed by USDA's Food Safety and Inspection... Continue Reading

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