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Are the health benefits of salad overrated?

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Think twice before you drink a 21-ounce soda. In order to work off the calories consumed in that one drink, you'd have to do 54 minutes of lunges.
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Pains You Can't Afford to Ignore
Neck pain related to muscle tension and stress is not uncommon, but if the pain is accompanied by numbness, tingling, shooting pains, or weakness in your arms or hands, you may have compression of nerves in your neck and should see a doctor. A stiff neck that's painful to move could also be a sign of meningitis, which is a dangerous infection of the membranes covering the brain.

Food Safety News - January 19, 2016 The age factor in sentencing for food safety crimes

Food Safety News

The age factor in sentencing for food safety crimes

By Dan Flynn

For all the notoriety around criminal prosecutions over food safety, age is a factor that has not received much notice until now. Take 74-year old William B. Aossey, for example. He is the Halal food exporter convicted of switching out USDA establishment numbers to fulfill orders from facilities not approved for exports. His attorney says... Continue Reading

Retail deli operators unaware of Listeria recommendations

By Coral Beach

Retail delicatessens and their food safety programs are the target of a year-long, nationwide pilot project that begins next week and seeks to determine whether best practices are being used to control Listeria monocytogenes. During a pre-pilot exercise from Dec. 8-15, 2015, inspectors visited 16 retail delis and found that retailers were not aware of... Continue Reading

Educational meetings set on catfish final rule

By News Desk

Educational sessions on the new rule for inspecting siluriformes, which include catfish, are set for Jan. 21 and 27. The rule goes into effect March 1. The U.S. Department of Agriculture published the final rule Dec. 2 in the Federal Register. Staff from the department's Food Safety Inspection Service will explain what it means for... Continue Reading

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