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Food Safety News - January 12, 2016 Undeclared Soy and Anchovies Prompt Recall

Food Safety News

Undeclared Soy and Anchovies Prompt Recall

By News Desk

Kermit, Inc. of DeLand, Florida is recalling products co-packed for Peddlin’ Rooster, P.O. Box 1743, DeLand, Florida 32721, because of an undeclared allergen on the label. The undeclared allergen is soy and anchovies as an ingredient in Reduced Sodium Worcestershire Sauce and Organic Ketchup that is used in making the following products: Peddlin’ Rooster Gourmet... Continue Reading

B.C. Hepatitis A Outbreak Under Investigation

By News Desk

British Columbia health authorities are monitoring a Hepatitis A outbreak in Dawson Creek, B.C. and trying to identify the source of the viral infection. Northern Health’s chief medical officer Sandra Allison said there have been five confirmed cases. Dr. Allison said the health teams are trying to identify where the infected people have been and eaten in... Continue Reading

Release Pending Appeal is Denied for Parnell Brothers

By Dan Flynn

Brothers Stewart and Michael Parnell will not be released on bond pending the outcome of their appeals, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta ruled. Judges for the Circuit, however, did on Jan. 8 grant the Parnell brothers more time to file their appellant briefs. The briefs are now due 40... Continue Reading

Raw milk's 'explosive growth' comes with costs to the state

By Cookson Beecher

"Explosive growth." That's how Washington state's Agriculture Department describes what's been happening in the raw-milk industry in the past 10 years. The numbers say it all. There were only six raw-milk dairies in the state in 2006. There are now 39 — more than double the number in 2013 when there were 18. All are... Continue Reading

Chobani, Dannon at Odds Over Yogurt Sweeteners

By Coral Beach

Stevia leaf extract and sucralose are both safe as far as the federal government is concerned, but two yogurt giants are at odds about the zero-calorie sweeteners and the dispute has oozed into the federal court system. It only took two days for Chobani LLC and the Dannon Co. to reach the litigation level in... Continue Reading

Flint Water and Citizens Contain Lead

By News Desk

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services today issued its bi-weekly summary report on lead testing in Flint. Preliminary data indicate that 43 of 2,182 adults and children tested had elevated blood lead levels since Oct. 1. "In partnership with the Genesee County Health Department, we are working to engage and provide resources to... Continue Reading

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