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12 Best Moves to Tone Your Middle

Do these fun exercises correctly and you could be rewarded with better balance and a leaner midsection.
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Weight Loss Wisdom
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7 'Bad' Foods You Can Enjoy
Some so-called naughty treats can actually help you slim down. Here are a few of our favorites.
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The Truth About Tea
Can it lower your weight? How long should you steep for maximum perks? We've got the answers.
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More Energy for Exercise
Sometimes the hardest part is making it to the gym. Try these tips for extra get-up-and-go.

Food Safety News - January 18, 2016 Patchwork of state regs on raw milk blankets the country

Food Safety News

Patchwork of state regs on raw milk blankets the country

By Cookson Beecher

There's more than one way to skin a cat. That's especially true when looking at how states are tangling with the dilemma of how to regulate the sale of raw milk. Even though federal law requires any milk that's sold across state lines to be pasteurized and prohibits the sale of raw milk across state... Continue Reading

FDA issues warnings to 3 dairy farms, 2 food importers

By Dan Flynn

Three U.S. dairy farms and two food importers were on the receiving end of warning letters recently from the Food and Drug Administration. The warning letters to the dairy farms cited animal drug violations involving antibiotics. The warnings to food companies in French Polynesia and Sri Lanka that import fish and juice to the U.S. concerned... Continue Reading

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The one diagnosis Charlie Sheen has been avoiding

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