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Indulge Your Most Decadent Food Cravings, Strip Away Pounds and Save Money.

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Stop Stressing, Start Indulging
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Remember how simple and comforting food used to be?

When you were a kid, there was nothing better than waking up to a thick slice of French toast, maple syrup and butter running over the edges, filling the kitchen with the smell of autumnal goodness.

Or coming home from school to a thick wedge of lasagna, the tangy sauce tickling your tongue and the melted mozzarella stringing little spider webs between your plate and fork.

Of course, that was then. You were a kid. You didn’t know any better. Now you’re a grown-up, and when you hear French toast, lasagna, or any of a hundred other childhood favorites, you think, Egads! Carbs! Saturated fats! Sugar! I can’t eat that!

Being a grown-up sucks, doesn’t it? Well, this book is about to change all that.

Eat This, Not That! Skinny Comfort Foods is here to make all your favorites a lot less scary—and to help you lose weight, eat great, and start enjoying the company of some wonderful old friends. All you need are a few smart swaps, and a quiver of simple recipes. Once you know a handful of secrets, you’ll be indulging in all your favorite comfort foods, and watching the pounds disappear. Rediscover favorites like:

  • Mac and Cheese: Ours will save you 890 calories and 74 grams of fat compared to the typical restaurant version.
  • Steak and potatoes: With 500 fewer calories and 50 fewer fat grams.
  • Supreme Pizza: Save 380 calories and 32 grams of fat per two-slice serving.

So what do you say? Are you ready to start taking comfort in food again?

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