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Breathing Better With COPD

COPD is caused by obstructions in the airways of the lungs
MedicineNet's Allergy and Asthma Newsletter
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COPD Stages, Symptoms, Emphysema, Bronchitis

COPD is a pulmonary disorder caused by obstructions in the airways of the lungs leading to breathing problems. COPD may be complicated by chronic bronchitis or emphysema...
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Many COPD Patients Have Trouble Finding Care

Americans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease face high out-of-pocket costs and other significant barriers to adequate medical care, a new report finds. "This report...
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Severe Asthma in Childhood Linked to COPD Risk Later

Though many children with persistent asthma get better as they get older, some may go on to develop chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in early adulthood, a new study...
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Do You Know the 'Hidden' Signs of Asthma?

While most people know that wheezing is a sign of asthma, far fewer realize that trouble sleeping or a persistent cough may also be symptoms of the airway disease, a new survey...
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Think You're Allergic to Penicillin? Maybe Not

Many people who believe they're allergic to penicillin actually aren't, an allergist says. "Hypersensitivity reactions are the major problem in the use of penicillin," said Dr. Thomas Leath...
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22 Worst Takeout Habits for Weight Loss

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Get ready for the weekend with our official Dairy Queen Blizzard ranking + the takeout habits you need to ditch.
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People Who Like Salty Foods Are Most Likely...
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The #1 Dairy Queen Blizzard for Your Belly
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Food Advice From America's Leading OB/GYN
Order, cook, and enjoy every meal with total confidence that you're eating the very best thing for yourself and your baby. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, chief women's health correspondent for ABC News, has created the authoritative, must-have healthy-eating guide for pregnant women, Eat This, Not That! When You're Expecting. Available for preorder now.
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22 Worst Takeout Habits for Weight Loss
Whether you're partial to Chinese, sushi, pizza, or something else, we've got the lowdown on the best and worst takeout orders for your waistline.
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Eating Too Much of This Food Could Speed Up the Aging Process
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The Must-Try Smoothie Trend That's Going Viral
Instagrammer, Alison Grisé Wu is making more than just smoothies, she's making artwork! Her layered and ombre designs are responsible for the smoothie trend that's taking over the internet.
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