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The Proven Way to Lose Up to 16 Pounds in 14 Days

Eat This, Not That!
The Easiest Path to Rapid Weight Loss!
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Thousands of people have melted fat with the best-selling Zero Belly Diet and now it's a revolutionary meal and workout plan app. Uncover the mystery of why some people gain weight and why some stay slim, with new research in nutritional genetics—adapted straight from the best-selling book!

I saw results almost immediately. After the first 10 days I had lost 10 pounds!
—Martha Chesler, 52, lost 21 pounds and 7 inches

Zero Belly is proven to work because we put more than 800 people on the diet, during a controlled test, and they lost up to 16 pounds in 14 days—while eating the foods they love!

I liked that there was a menu already done and easy to follow. The plan was spelled out, the drinks were tasty!
—Bob McMicken, 51, who lost 24 pounds and 6 inches

The Zero Belly Diet is a day-by-day program designed to attack fat, with nine scientifically proven powerfoods that make weight loss effortless. You'll eat delicious meals and drink amazing smoothies, and then do a simple workout plan geared towards reducing fat.

It's easy to stick with and makes sense. And the added benefits: flawless skin, less bloating and more energy!
—Jennie Joshi, 38, who lost 11 pounds and 2 inches

Get the newly updated Zero Belly: 14-Day Plan App and discover:

DETAILED COMPLETE MEAL PLAN + RECIPES: Savor exclusive Zero Belly recipes and track what you eat.

CUSTOMIZED DAY-BY-DAY WORKOUTS: Power through a workout plan designed by a certified personal trainer to maximize results in just two weeks!

EXERCISE LOGGING + TIMERS: Track your progress in the app, and chart your results every single day.

Download the Zero Belly: 14-Day Plan app now and begin your weight loss transformation today!

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Zero Belly Smoothies Zero Belly Diet Zero Belly Cookbook
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