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Run for More Muscle

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Run for More Muscle
Looking to add muscle? This study will tell you if you should run before or after you lift weights. Read on! (P.S. We're giving away a stack of FlipBelts, which keep your phone and wallet from bouncing out of your pockets as you run. Click here for details.)
Science Weighs In
Which Should Come First: Cardio or Weights? 
This Exercise Is Far and Away the Best Way to Boost Your Metabolism 
Better Balance and More Surprising Body Benefits of Indoor Cycling 
Find Out
8 Tips to Help You Lose Weight With Cycling 
Here's a Free Cycling Workout From Us to You
How to Start Strength Training After 50 (And Why You Should)
The Best Gym-Free Exercises for Beating Back Pain
Intimidated? Here's a Complete Beginner's Guide to Getting Stronger
5 Important Nutrients a Lot of Diets Lack
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What Your Eyes Are Telling You

Having trouble reading menus? Seeing double? Find out what that might mean for your health.
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  Women's Health
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Self-Care for Psoriasis
Try these 10 home remedies for help controlling and preventing flare-ups without a prescription.
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How Well Are You Living With AFib?
Answer a few questions about how atrial fibrillation is affecting your life, and get personalized tips for managing your symptoms.

The Lowdown on Love and Attraction

Do opposites attract? Is "love at first sight" a real thing? Find out, and learn how our bodies react to romance.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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Get the Lowdown on Love and Attraction

Do opposites attract? Is "love at first sight" a real thing? Find out, and learn how our bodies react to romance.
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