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Build a Better Body in Just Two Weeks

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Lose a Pound a Day!
Exclusive Flat Belly Plan from the editors of Eat This, Not That!

Do you want to look good for the beach vacation, reunion, or wedding that's looming just a few short weeks away?

Your solution can be found in THE RAPID FLAT BELLY PLAN, a brand new strategy to...

LOSE 18 LBS. in 15 DAYS!

And be the proud owner of a leaner, fitter, younger body.

Here's how it works:

  1. Order the Rapid Flat Belly Plan, an exclusive fast-track weight-loss program new from the originator of Eat This, Not That! It’s only $49.99, but delivers $250 of value in a program that strips away belly fat superfast and sets you up to keep losing 30 pounds, 50 pounds, or even more!
  2. Instantly download …
    • Your step-by-step instruction manual to start melting your belly immediately.
    • Your strategic 15-day meal plans, complete with menus, shopping lists, and recipes designed to strip away sugar weight, boost your metabolism, and shut down the hormones that trigger cravings and overeating binges.
    • Your 1-Minute-in-the-Morning Energizer exercise plan that jumpstarts your metabolism for all-day calorie burning. (Plus, other easy body-toning programs you can do at home!)
    • Your Success Journal and Food Tracker to demonstrate your progress and motivate you to achieve the best body of your life.
  3. Get Your 3 FREE Life-Changing GIFTS. Bonus instructional material will help you slash hundreds of calories every time you eat at your favorite restaurants without sacrificing flavor, show you the healthiest foods to fill up your grocery cart, and give you delicious healthy recipes you and your family will love.
  4. Start losing belly fat instantly… and more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

You deserve to look and feel 10 years younger. And melting away belly fat first and fast will give you the body confidence you need to wear the clothes that make you feel happy.

This program, not available in stores, is jam-packed with all the tools to lose weight rapidly, safely, and permanently. It's designed to change your eating habits for life without sacrifice. It's geared toward busy people who don't have hours to spend working out; the at-home workouts are brief but total-body effective.

Other benefits to expect from The Rapid Flat Belly Plan, which costs less than a pair of sneakers, less than a dinner for two at a casual restaurant:

  • You'll boost your daily nutrition with the six powerful FLAVOR foods that fight fat storage and reduce bad-for-you tissue inflammation that results from eating processed foods.
  • You'll eat more and weigh less. You'll eat three substantial meals and three snacks, including dessert and slash your daily calories without even noticing it.
  • You'll double your calorie burn while cutting your exercise time in half!
  • You'll tone trouble spots like the tummy, butt and thighs with energizing walking workouts you can do with friends.
  • You'll look and feel younger, and recharge your sex drive through simple adjustments to your evening meal and sleep habits.
  • You'll get back in shape and dramatically reduce your risk of the diseases and disorders that typically begin developing in middle age.

Order your Rapid Flat Belly Plan now!

What do you have to lose but ugly fat pounds superfast?

"It’s a celebration of tasty, wonderful, colorful, healthy foods."
– June Caron, who lost 12 pounds in 14 days.


Order Now and get 3 FREE GIFTS
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