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Use This Rule-Breaking Plan To Uncover Your Abs in Just 5 Weeks

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Discover how you can cut hundreds of calories out of your day while still enjoying the foods you love.

As Seen In Woman's World Magazine Can you get abs in just five weeks by eating bacon, pizza, burgers, even ice cream? Yes, you can with Eat This, Not That! For Abs, the unique eating and exercise program from celebrity trainer Mark Langowski and Eat This, Not That!

Using groundbreaking new science, you'll eat hearty portions of delicious food for two weeks at a time, focusing on fat-burning, muscle-building foods like burgers, steak, and even pasta. Then you'll use a simple but effective 4-day cleanse to shred away fat, unveiling a lean, fit physique so quickly, you'll be shocked by the results.

The current issue of Woman's World Magazine describes how Good Morning America's Ginger Zee, 35, used a version of Langowski's plan adapted for nursing mothers to drop 10 pounds and three inches off her middle, taking her from the birth of her son Adrian to Dancing with the Stars in just one month. But it's not just celebrities who are discovering the speed-shrinking power of Eat This, Not That! For Abs. Woman's World also reveals how New York travel agent Michelle Smith, 46, lost 20 pounds and five inches of belly fat in just 60 days, and shares how Texas mom Maisha Thomas, 34 and already a healthy eater, lost 9 more pounds and 3 1/2 inches from her midsection in just four days.

The secret is a breakthrough diet strategy discovered at the University of Southern California—one that essentially tricks the body into losing weight using very brief periods of reduced calorie consumption. Langowski developed this basic approach into a delicious, satisfying plan that will allow you to:

  • Lose body fat—as much as 12 pounds in 2 weeks!—without ever feeling hungry or deprived. Discover how choosing a barbecue beef dish over a chicken salad at Chipotle can save you nearly 270 calories and 25 grams of harmful fat!
  • Boost your metabolism—instantly! Use the unique two-phase diet and fitness plan to jumpstart your body's natural furnace and start melting fat 24/7.
  • Shred down to abs in just 4 days! The unique LEAN phase of this program will strip away body fat even as your metabolism continues to rev.
  • Build a lean, solid core—without crunches! Get up off the floor and start having fun with exercise! With this unique workout program, you'll never get bored or frustrated, and you'll watch the pounds melt away.
  • End inflammation, and cleanse and heal your body naturally. This unique plan explains how lauric acid, a common but entirely avoidable additive in our food, creates inflammation throughout the body, leading to weight gain no matter how hard you try to diet and exercise. Lose it—and heal!

With a complete, easy-to-use eating plan that works for everyone, a simple and effective workout program, plus delicious recipes for meals, snacks, and even desserts, Eat This, Not That! For Abs is fastest, most effective plan ever designed to strip away belly fat and get you the lean, hard midsection you deserve!


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