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Strategies to restore hearing, manage dizziness and much more

Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance


Forget everything you thought you knew about hearing loss. Advances in medicine and technology are changing everything ...


Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota


Two of the most common reasons people visit a doctor are hearing loss and dizziness. Now you can get the expertise of Mayo Clinic right in your home to improve them both.

Today we have more options for treating hearing loss than ever before. You may be an ideal candidate for one of the many astounding improvements in hearing technology. Medicine and even social attitudes about hearing loss have changed for the better, too.

This second edition of Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance offers helpful guidance to find an effective treatment for your ear-related problems — one that fits your individual needs and lifestyle.

Hearing Loss: Many Possible Causes, and Now More Solutions Than Ever Before

  • It seems anywhere you go today, you see young people with some type of device in their ear. Using technology to hear what you want to hear is now hip, no matter your age! The idea that a hearing aid makes you look "old" is a thing of the past.
  • Years ago, hearing aids were large and cumbersome. The sound quality was like that of a cheap transistor radio. Today's models are compact with far better sound quality. Many options are available for your lifestyle and communication needs.
  • Don't assume that the newest, most expensive model is also the best — a less expensive aid might improve your hearing just as much.

It's a huge advantage in life when you can understand what people are saying. Each advance in technology and design seems to have only increased user satisfaction with hearing aids. A hearing aid isn't a sign of aging and dependence. It enhances your relationships, increases your independence, and helps you stay connected and involved.

Yet there's more to Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance than just hearing aids ...

  • Sometimes hearing loss stems from drugs and environmental chemicals. The book names several common culprits. Hearing improves when use of the drug stops.
  • In other cases, minor surgery may be all that's needed. Hearing often improves immediately after the procedure. Another surgical option resulting in permanent hearing provides noticeable results three to six weeks after surgery.

Get Mayo Clinic's Help for Dizziness, Balance, Ringing in the Ears and More

You'll also learn about dizziness and problems with balance, which are often associated with hearing difficulties. Doctors have identified at least eight common causes of dizziness. You'll learn about improved diagnostic tests that can help you and your doctor discover what's causing your dizziness, and what you may be able to do about it. And since dizziness can lead to falls, the book also provides half a dozen fall prevention tips.

Another common ear problem is ringing in the ears, or tinnitus. The book shares six self-help tips to reduce the severity of tinnitus and help you better cope with its symptoms. Complementary, alternative and new treatments are making life better for some with tinnitus. They reduce the stress of life and may help reduce anxiety.

More than 18 Mayo Clinic doctors and audiologists contributed to or reviewed Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance. It would be virtually impossible for you to see 18 different specialists and get the unique guidance of each, so this book is especially useful.

I started this letter by mentioning how advances in technology are helping people with hearing loss. Did you know that cellphones are one of the most important new technologies for coping with hearing loss? For example, many cellphones now come with hearing aid compatibility (HAC). Be sure to discuss your hearing concerns, and your hearing aid if you have one, with your cellphone provider. Check the book for more tips.

With 10 chapters and 240 pages, Mayo Clinic on Better Hearing and Balance is comprehensive and complete. You'll walk away with useful strategies that help you prevent, treat and manage many ear disorders and hearing loss. For only $29.95, order your copy today.

Yours in good health,

Christopher D. Bauch, Ph.D.
Medical Editor

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