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Are These 12 Bugs Living in Your House?

Yikes! You may be sharing your home with more creatures than you thought. Here are 12 that like to show up without an invitation.
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Meet the Bugs That Live in Your House
Yikes! You may be sharing your home with more creatures than you thought. Here are 12 that like to show up without an invitation.
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What to Eat Before and After You Exercise

See when to eat these foods in order to gain more energy and even burn calories more effectively.
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Diet Review
Dr. Oz's Ultimate Diet
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Food Safety News

Goat cheese — some unpasteurized — recalled for Listeria

By Coral Beach

Samples of goat cheeses collected Aug. 29 by Pennsylvania officials tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes but the Apple Tree Goat Dairy's recall notice was not posted by federal officials until Tuesday. The Richfield, PA, goat dairy has recalled feta, gouda, pasteurized chèvre and French herb chèvre cheeses because of the Listeria test results, according to... Continue Reading

Wilkerson remains in search of PCA 'exculpatory documents'

By Dan Flynn

Mary Wilkerson, the only defendant in the Peanut Corporation of America criminal case to be convicted and sentenced for the cover up related to Salmonella testing rather than the criminal conspiracy related to a deadly outbreak, has been here before. Wilkerson, 43, is serving a 5-year sentence at the federal prison in Marianna, FL, for... Continue Reading

FDA closes SM Fish; Listeria at facility matches sick people

By Coral Beach

Federal officials have effectively closed down a New York company after repeatedly finding Listeria in its food production plant, reporting that one of the seven strains of the pathogen in the facility genetically matches infections in at least four people. The Food and Drug Administration has suspended the food facility registration of SM Fish Corp.... Continue Reading

Dallas County blames Brucellosis cases on raw cheese

By News Desk

A record 13 cases of human brucellosis in Dallas County, TX, are being blamed on unpasteurized Mexican-style cheeses. Dallas County officials issued an advisory last week asking local clinicians to be aware of possible cases of brucellosis and elicit travel history and risk exposures from all patients with compatible clinical symptoms. When brucellosis is suspected, they... Continue Reading

More Food Safety News

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