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Best 20 Mainstream Nutrition Myths ( Debunked by Science )

Mainstream nutrition is full of nonsense
 Despite clear advancements in nutrition science,
 the old myths don’t seem to be going anywhere

14 Reasons Why You're So Tired

No. 1 may seem obvious. But if you're getting enough sleep and are still exhausted, something else could be going on.
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14 Reasons Why You're So Tired
No. 1 may seem obvious. But if you're getting enough sleep and are still exhausted, something else could be going on.
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11 Dos and Don’ts for Shedding Pounds

Which carbs should you avoid to slim down? What should you do about fatty foods you love? We share tips to help you lose weight.
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  Weight Loss Wisdom
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16 Ways to Eat Healthier
Which of these habits have you already embraced, and which ones do you need to work on?
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7 Exercises to Ditch Today
Don't waste time or risk getting hurt with these ineffective -- and sometimes dangerous -- moves.
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Garcinia Cambogia: Weight Loss Wonder or Not?
Some say this tropical fruit can block your body's ability to make fat. Is there a catch?

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Week of 09/29/2016 - Featured Blog Post

You're Never Too Old to Grow

I have been doing a lot of educating myself this time. Reading about goals, passions and keeping the drive going. I am also learning visualization, meditation and believing in ones self. It is funny how much power your mind alone has on your weight loss. Letting negative thoughts slip in can transform a whole day (week or year) if you let it.

I've been listening to podcasts and webinars, and one of the subjects that touched me tonight was how we give our day away by checking our email, Facebook, or texts. It pointed out that this is the most important time for YOU to plan what YOU need for the day before worrying about the needs of others. As I type it, it may sound a little selfish but it isn't. It makes sense. Why shouldn't you get your workout in, prepare your meals for the day and then schedule the rest of the day?

That is my short-term goal for this week. Get up an hour early, get my work out in, make my lunch and plan my day before getting sidetracked with others needs first! I am also setting aside blocks of time for my duties, chores and weight loss studies. I have a bad habit of not planning and going off the cuff, then I find things aren't getting done, or I find myself watching a whole season of a show on Netfilx! Organization and I have never been good friends and this is part of the reason I tend to fail at things I want to accomplish.

Keep learning and improving yourself, you are never to old to grow!

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