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Everything You Need To Know About Metabolism Testing San Mateo

By Harold Kennedy

Food you eat performs many functions. Food does not only keep the body in the right condition, but also it keeps it working. Breathing, digestion and pumping of heart are examples of body processes. It is important to note that these body processes need energy. Energy arises from food. Metabolic reactions take place when food is being converted into energy. To know your metabolic rate you need to undertake Metabolism Testing San Mateo.

People living in San Mateo, should consider understanding metabolic processes in order to regulate their feeding habits. Basal metabolic rate is all about energy needed by body when one is not working. However, body will start burning more calories immediately one commences working. In general terms, women can know their BMR by multiplying weight of their bodies by 10, while men need to multiply their weight by 11.

Testing is intended to analyze amount of oxygen used by body. Quantity of carbon dioxide produced by body is also determined. In case, your body uses a lot of oxygen, then know that your BMR is high. During energy production process, oxygen and carbohydrates combines. When you measure amount of carbon dioxide produced, you know amount of energy formed by body.

It is important to notify your medical doctor, in case you feel that you need understand resting metabolic rate of your body. This will help the doctor guide you on how to prepare for the procedure. Generally, the process takes about 20 minutes or less. Oxygen breathed in, carbon dioxide gas breathed out and also electrocardiogram, are measured during this process.

For accuracy reasons, doctor will instruct you to wear a special mask, which covers mouth and your nose. This mask is intended to ensure you do not use oxygen from external environment during breathing but use that in mask. On the other hand, heart rate and also the rhythm are determined by sticking 10 EKG stickers on the chest. Your doctor will instruct you to remain relaxed during process so as to acquire accurate results.

Your doctor will advise you not to consume food at least four hrs prior to test. You will also be required not to perform exercises four hrs to procedure. Do not consume caffeine 3 hrs to test. It is good to be in clothes that will allow doctor access your chest with ease. Consider arriving on time and remaining relaxed during process.

When you know your BMR your nutritionist or your doctor will help you come up with appropriate program for the good of your health. In case, results show that there is need of losing weight, he or she will guide you on what to do in order to lose, gain or maintain weight.

Good candidates of this procedure are those willing to lose, gain or maintain weight. Results acquired from the test will help them comprehend items to eat and also the eating time in order to fulfill their ambitions. People suffering from sleep apnea and diabetes should consider undertaking this procedure. This procedure can also be performed by people intending to improve fitness of their bodies.

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