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3 Reasons Why The Mayo Clinic Diet Is The Last Diet You'll Ever Need

Mayo Clinic Diet
Women Celebrating
In just two weeks, you could lose up to 6 to 10 pounds just by making small changes in your life.
This diet is not about deprivation and going hungry. Learn how to be prepared in the kitchen and master portion control, so you can enjoy your favorite foods.
This clinically tested approach to weight loss, nutrition and behavior change will help you succeed.
With the online program, you’ll get all the tools and support you need to stay on track with:
Meal Plans and Recipes
Eat great and lose weight with personalized meal plans, simple portion-control guides and more.
Interactive Tools
Track your progress with the Mayo Clinic Diet iPhone App, Healthy Habit Tracker, Food and Fitness Journal and more.
Personalized Experience
Boost your weight loss with personalized workouts, a robust exercise index, walking and running guides, and more.
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The Advantages Of Physical Therapy Russellville

By Timothy Jackson

Injury or chronic disease can have detrimental results on healthy living as it compromises mobility and makes performing regular tasks hard. For physical therapy Russellville communities affected by musculoskeletal aches and pains can find relief with practices that work with the body and not against it. Strengthening techniques promote improved function while specialized rehabilitation can restore regular movement and prevent the worsening of symptoms.

The process of physical therapy aims to enhance healthy operation and general well-being when improving the movement of the bones, joints and surrounding soft tissue. Where injury is suddenly sustained or chronic disease present, it can compromise mobility and make it difficult to perform normal activities. A large number of people affected by pain and aches are provided supportive solutions to achieve a healthier state of function.

The process of physical therapy includes long term healing procedure to support the health of the muscles, nerves and joints. Sustaining some form of damage can have a severe impact on the ability to move and engage at a healthy level on a daily basis. The performance of exercise techniques, tissue massage and the application of gentle stretching methods can enhance routine operation and wellness.

Most people use prescription medication when painful symptoms cause such discomfort it can no longer be tolerated. Soft tissue or nerve damage can become so severe that one can barely walk or stand up after a period of rest. A physical therapist does not recommend using medication across weeks to months because it can cause adverse effects on general health causing complications in another area of life.

For men and women who are living in Russellville, AR there are many therapeutic options that are made available to alleviate the stress caused by injuries or chronic aches and pain. A professional approach must be implemented in support of fully mobile states and means of managing the damage to the affected tissues. The goal for such therapeutic methods is to enhance recovery and ensure that the proper healthcare practices are implemented for improved function.

Therapeutic techniques are created according to the symptoms reported b patients to aid in improving discomfort and compromised well-being. The assistance provided by a reputable therapist includes a look at massages, rehabilitation through exercise and methods of promoting tissue health. The different strategies available encourage long term functionality and the ability to enhance states of weakness.

A professional who is experienced and certified in the practice will advise on the strategies that have to be applied to facilitate healing. A sudden injury to the soft tissues can benefit from structured exercises performed over a brief period of time and gradually increased to promote a fully mobile and stress free state. The non-invasive techniques are delivered to enhance general wellness and promote a strengthened state.

Physical therapy is a supportive process focusing on addressing individual healthcare needs without having to use prescriptions on a long term basis that will cause adverse reactions. The professional will work with individuals to improve normal range of motion without the experience of severe symptoms and compromised well-being. The different techniques implemented can protect against sustaining injuries or severe symptoms in the future.

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Everyday Things That Can Harm Your Liver

Too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but it can harm your liver, too. See what else may damage this vital organ.
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Everyday Things That Can Harm Your Liver
Too much sugar is bad for your teeth, but it can harm your liver, too. See what else may damage this vital organ.
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Tracking Really Does Matter
Week of 12/15/2016 - Featured Blog Post
Tracking Really Does Matter

It was Thanksgiving weekend, and I didn't track my family get-together. Totally understandable, right? Ah, but here's the crux: I haven't actually tracked in a month. (I haven't weighed myself either -- let's not go there!)

So today I decided to return to tracking. Everything. Guess what I learned. Calories are everywhere! I mean, all I had for lunch was a turkey and cheese sandwich, potato chips, a granola bar for dessert and creamer in my coffee. That doesn't even sound bad! Yet it added up to a whopping 655 calories! (And it wasn't even calorie-worthy!)

That's why tracking is so important. Okay, let's get back in. I'm about to make my grocery list with a few of my go-to meals from the Spark Solution book in mind:

Bacon-Swiss Scramble
Protein Pancakes
Quick Chicken Enchiladas
Curried Tuna Salad

It's the holiday season, but I can already tell that if I don't pay attention, then I'll regret the status of my health for the start of 2017. That's a recipe for failure!

Here's another motivation: I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and post that number on my SparkPage. The goal is that my January 1st weight must be the same or less. I'm not out to lose weight this holiday season; I just want to be healthier. (We'll save the weight loss for January!)

Who's with me?

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Motivational Member

It's Go Time!

Too long a story. I was hit by a car once. Gained way too much weight. Kept gaining. Jan 6, 2009 I w...

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Food Safety News - December 15, 2016 Raw, shelled pistachios recalled because of Salmonella risk

Food Safety News

Raw, shelled pistachios recalled because of Salmonella risk

By News Desk

HEB Grocery Co. LP is recalling bulk and packaged, raw, shelled pistachios because a random sample tested by the government returned positive results for Salmonella contamination. No reports of illnesses had been made to the company as of Wednesday when the recall notice was posted on the Food and Drug Administration's website. Texas locations of... Continue Reading

USDA suggests 'Best if Used By' labeling on meat, other foods

By News Desk

New labeling guidance from the USDA that is designed to decrease waste by resolving consumer confusion about "best by" and "sell by" dates on food may also boost in-home food safety practices by providing more specific information. Although infant formula is the only food product that must carry product dating under current federal law, many... Continue Reading

Duncan Hines cake mix recalled because of Salmonella

By News Desk

Pinnacle Foods Canada Corp. issued a nationwide recall Wednesday for Duncan Hines brand cake mix because of possible Salmonella contamination. Only one flavor of Duncan Hines cake mix — Apple Caramel — is included in the recall. It was distributed to retailers nationwide in Canada. "Consumers should not consume the recalled product described below. Check... Continue Reading

Egg men get extra time to file for review with Supreme Court

By Dan Flynn

Justice Samuel Alito has extended the filing deadline for a petition for a writ of certiorari in the appeal of jail sentences for one-time egg producers Austin (Jack) DeCoster and his son Peter DeCoster. Alito set Jan. 10, 2017, as the new deadline for the DeCoster's attorney, Peter D. Keisler, to file the writ with the... Continue Reading

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