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From a Spark to a Blaze!
Week of 03/23/2017 - Featured Blog Post
From a Spark to a Blaze!

SparkPeople has helped light my motivational fire. "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." Seeing the opportunities in front of me and every day taking small steps to see those opportunities become reality is the fire and zeal that I have needed. SparkPeople has helped to feed that fire and keep the momentum growing each day. Chris Downie's book "The Spark" has helped me get fit and transform my life into a positive, forward moving force.

Everyday I visit and take a few minutes to prepare my "fire". I read about pitfalls and positive points that will encourage me to eat right and get in the exercise that I need. I also take part in the SparkTeams and challenges:

1. Organize my life.
2. Prioritize my activities.
3. Visualize what success looks like.
4. Learn about health and those things that are important to me!
5. Don't worry about what others think! This is my life.
6. Be creative! Maybe your plans and desires will take time, but don't give up!

It only takes a spark to get this fire going, but soon all that are around can warm up in its glowing! Maybe we didn't start the fire, but we can keep it burning!

How will you turn your Spark into a blaze?

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I''m 29 (and holding) living in NorCal. I started SP at the end of November 2005. It has been so gre...

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