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College Softball Recruiting - 5 Steps To Getting The Scholarship Offer

By Richard Adams

You are trying to make it to the next level in softball after high school. College softball recruiting camps may be something you want to consider. These camps, which are often called showcase events or evaluation clinics, can help you get noticed by scouts or by university coaches.

Here are some steps that are recommend you take to give yourself the best chance of actually getting a scholarship or an offer to play at the university level.

Put all your documents in order. You need to become really good at documenting all your success and accomplishments. Keep any articles or other documentation that show your accomplishments on the field. Arrange them in order from your oldest to your very latest achievements so that it is clear for the recruiters to follow them up.

Talent - First of all, you must have the talent to play at the college level. No matter if you play at the high or ever junior university level, you must be a step above your high school competition if you are going to play at the university level.

Don't Burn Any Bridges. Just because you don't think you really want to sign with a particular school or at a particular division level, don't burn any bridges. You just don't know how the recruiting process will work out in the end and you don't want to burn any bridges so that your options remain open lest you end up regretting making that amateur mistake.

Getting Noticed - Sadly, some very good recruits have all of the first three factors going for them from the list above, but they never get recruited by any university coaches! Why does this happen? It can happen because they play on a bad team, they are at a very small or rural school, or their high school coach doesn't help them get recruited.

When you attend one of these events, the spotlight is directly on you. You need to be in great shape and prepared to play at your highest level. These events are run by coaches who know what they are doing and they will put you through drills which will show what kind of athletic talent you really have. One of the worst mistakes you could make would be to show up at one of these events not prepared to be at your best. It could end up being hurting your chances of getting the recruiting attention you have been looking for.

College softball recruiting is very competitive, but if you do your homework you can come out on top. If you are not currently being recruited, or if you are receiving very little recruiting attention, you need to spend some time marketing and promoting yourself. It can pay off in a big way."You can learn more about how to get on the path to playing in university, download our Free Report titled: Five Secrets You Must Know To Get Recruited For Athletic Scholarships.

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