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Week of 04/06/2017 - Featured Blog Post

I have not run 20 minutes continuously since March 13, 2015. It has been a little over 2 years. Two. very. long. years! The recovery from the pelvic fracture has been brutal. I just don't think there's any way of softening that reality.

I am grateful ... in spades ... for my pain tolerance, patience and faith in my ability to handle the outcome of recovery. Although I am running again, I am not running like I was prior to the injury and may never run like that again. I hope to add more running. But, we shall see what the pelvis can tolerate. My body continues to give me indications that I MUST EXERCISE CAUTION.

The last 9 months in this 2 year period saw me slowly increasing time on my feet. The longest weight bearing session (walking and/or running) that I've experienced since the March 2015 injury is 60 minutes.

When thinking of how to describe what I'm experiencing the following analogies come to mind...

I feel like a fledgling that's just experienced its first successful flight.

I feel like a horse that's just been turned loose for a good romp.

Come to think of it ... this is the first time I've looped the reservoir in over 2 years. Wow! Yeah. It's been a long time. WAIT ... actually, I may have done it once with my husband. I seem to remember trying it and sitting to rest half way around. It was too much, too soon and pelvic symptoms flared for weeks. I paid the price and recovery was set back.

Running for 20 continuous minutes ... what a fabulous way to initiate the weekend. Up and out the door for a run around our local reservoir. The air crisp and cool. The skies cloudy and gray with a threat of rain.

Enjoyed it. It was glorious. Absolutely, GLORIOUS!!!

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