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Want Inspiration? (Very good!)

SparkPeopleHello from Sparkguy

Hi SparkPeople Members

Quick update on my Small Goals Commitment Challenge: we added a counter to the Commitment Button a few days ago. Now each time you press the button, the total count increases by 1 -- showing that you are part of something special with many people reaching goals together. Try this out here (you don't need to be logged in).

The main topic today is a special request: a SparkPeople member named Anissa is battling liver cancer. She posted on her SparkPage that doctors originally gave her little chance to survive, but now she is making real progress and truly fighting this (she has also lost 125 pounds). Even while doing a 6th round of chemotherapy, Anissa is doing workouts and making posts to motivate other members. She posted this on my SparkPage:

"It's always been my goal in life to inspire others and help lift them up so they too can see that they are strong. Rise and stand is my motto. If you only have the strength to stand up again, that is enough to carry you through another day."

If Anissa is willing to motivate people to reach their goals while she's doing chemotherapy, then I think we can work together to help her reach her goal to inspire others. So I'm sending out this email to more than 1 million SparkPeople members and asking for your help with these steps:
  1. Read her message to others below (this post is how I learned about her story).
  2. If her message inspires you, then set a small goal in her honor and go reach that goal!
  3. If you'd like, go to her SparkPage and tell her you set a goal in her honor (plus wish her the best in her fight. Also, click the "read more about Miss-Willow" link on the SparkPage to read her full story -- very motivational.)
  4. Optional: forward this note to anyone you know who might be inspired by this and/or share this Facebook post with your friends.
Here is her original post:

Well day 1 of chemo round #6...exhaustion from the meds and light leg cramps. my 30 min in. And yes, I am taking care of myself... The exhaustion is the meds trying to mess with my head because I get plenty of sleep. That strap around my neck holds my chemo pump.

Merely posting to show others that if you want something bad enough, you CAN find the will to do it. I feel much more alert after getting my workout in. Nothing is impossible. Fight for what you want. You DO have the power. This is messy ol me right now.

Shortly before seeing Anissa's post, I wrote a blog talking about the great Viktor Frankl's lesson that no matter what happens to you, YOU have the POWER to CHOOSE your RESPONSE (Frankl learned this in a concentration camp, obviously a historically bad thing to have happen to someone). I told Anissa that she embodies Frankl's lesson.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate you helping another member who is inspiring all of us!


Chris "SparkGuy" Downie


Chris (SparkGuy)

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