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What Are We So Afraid Of?
Week of 04/13/2017 - Featured Blog Post
What Are We So Afraid Of?

Most of us are overweight or have been overweight, maybe recently. Yet, most of us have felt that good feeling when we are on the path to weighing less. Doesn't losing just ten pounds feel so much better? How about twenty? WOW! By getting rid of the toxins in our bodies we are able to move better and experience less physical aches and pains. We are able to sleep better, and that along with less stress are so important to our health.

So what are we so afraid of? We know what to do. I had to learn what works best for my body. I got halfway to my goal and then stopped and went in reverse. Now I am turned around again and headed in the right direction, and I am doing it this time! I know my triggers. I know what keeps me from losing...unhealthy processed foods, salt, too many carbs, too much cheese, too much liquor, too much stress and lack of sleep and movement. I have the knowledge. I have the tools. I am going to use them and not be afraid of feeling better. I do get tired sometimes, either due to stress or lack of food and movement, but I can rest then and regroup...and drink water. I am on my way to being the woman God wants me to be.

How about you? What are you afraid of? Feeling well? Getting outside and walking/hiking? Dancing? Having fun at farmers' markets? Having energy to do what you want to do anyway?

Join me on this road to health and happiness. What do we have to lose, other than the weight?

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