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Why do you want to be healthy & fit?

SparkPeopleHello from Sparkguy

Hi SparkPeople Members

I hope you are having a great start to your spring! I started posting activities and lessons for the Small Goals Commitment Challenge this week.

First, here is the overview of the SparkPeople Fuel for Improvement System. This will help you reach goals in all areas of life with an emphasis on reaching one small goal at a time. Importantly, this is a much better strategy for weight loss than just focusing on what you eat. Check it out to see for yourself.

Second, the first activity for the challenge is: Why do you want to be healthy & fit? This activity will put you in a much better position to fight for all of your goals.

Help us reach 5,000 presses for the Small Goals Commitment Button (you don't need to be logged in to press the button). Just click either of the links above and you'll see the button lower on the page.

Here is a great post from earlier this week by SP member Jan that I shared in a blog. In addition to her positive comment about pressing the button, I'm sharing this one because it's a great example showing why I like encouraging people to keep a journal with highlights from the day: it makes you accountable to have highlights from the day vs. just letting another day pass.

Great streak you have going! I also love pushing that little button too! There is just something magical about it and posting my goal to the daily community feed is working wonders for me because I don't like it day to go by and not have something to post! ( 45 minutes swimming laps today in combination with water aerobics) ..... The changes are working Magic, and I have been losing weight! Thank you for all you do!...


Chris "SparkGuy" Downie


Chris (SparkGuy)

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