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How Will You Go For It Today?
Week of 05/04/2017 - Featured Blog Post
How Will You Go For It Today?

My mother, who many of you know as Brooklyn_Born, has never been too shy to "go for it" - whatever it was. I am fortunate to have grown up with her example and wisdom.

I thought I'd share a fun side story about my 1982 piano competition - just one example of how BB was a role model in not giving up in a difficult circumstance, and instead going after what you need.

After I found out I had made the finals and was going to play with the Cincinnati Symphony the following night, my mother realized I needed a long dress. The next morning, we left the hotel and got in the car to go shopping.

Our 1970 Ford Falcon broke down on the freeway. We walked to a gas station at the nearest exit. Remember, in those days, they actually fixed cars at these places. Mom arranged for a tow truck. Of course, the car wouldn't be fixed for many hours. She told the man of our predicament - I had to be at the music hall downtown to meet with the conductor, and then rehearse with the orchestra in the afternoon, and perform with the symphony that night... and I needed a dress to wear, and how on earth were we going to get all that done without a car?

A kind woman overheard her and offered to drive us everywhere. She drove us to a local mall and we went to Sears. Only thing was - Sears wasn't open yet. We were pressed for time because I had to get to that meeting. Did Brooklyn_Born give up? No way. She banged on the door of Sears until security came. She explained everything to them and the store manager. Sears opened the store early for us. Amazingly, they had long gowns for a tiny, 70-pound 12-year-old, and we bought one.

The woman drove us to the music hall and I met with the conductor. I don't remember any details of the day after that, but at some point we must have gone back to our hotel because I remember BB had a duffel bag of dirty laundry with her at the concert. You might wonder why she would take such a thing to a classical concert/competition at a fancy music hall. It was because recording was not allowed. The symphony wasn't going to record it and provide a copy, either for purchase or for free. Not being content to have this milestone moment live solely in our memories, my mother sneaked a tape recorder into the hall in that bag of dirty laundry.

This morning, Brooklyn is running a 5K race about 90 minutes from her home. My husband and I ate dinner with her, my dad, and some old family friends last night and she made sure to order pasta. Her friend asked why that was important, and she said, "Because I'm racing tomorrow and I want to WIN!" She knows what she wants and does whatever she can to make it happen. So, here's hoping that 5K race goes well for her.

Do you have any plans to "go for it" today?

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