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Today Not Tomorrow
Week of 05/25/2017 - Featured Blog Post
Today Not Tomorrow

What did you do yesterday to be one step closer to reaching your goals?
What did you do for YOU yesterday? I did 3 miles on the treadmill, journaled my food, watched what I ate and my "me time" was going to Bible Study.

The days, hours, minutes, seconds keep ticking away. Time never stops when I wish it would at times. Just before my parents passing, I wished time would stand still so I could have spent more time with them. My kids are growing up too fast! It seems just like yesterday I was rocking them with their blankets, singing to them, watching them take their first steps and hearing their first words.


What does time mean to you? What does time mean to you as far as getting healthy and staying healthy?

Are you one of those that says:
I will start tomorrow.
I will do that tomorrow.
Tomorrow I will start eating better.
Tomorrow I will start exercising.

Does tomorrow ever come?

Today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday. Yesterday will be your tomorrow unless you change today. The future starts today, not tomorrow. Our future is unknown. And when the next day comes, if you do start today, or continue working on your goals, you will be that much further ahead.

What are you going to do today to work toward the goals you have set for yourself? What are you going to do today to keep moving forward to where you want to be? What are you going to do today so that you are heading in the right direction, the up direction, the positive direction?

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