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SparkPeopleHello from Sparkguy

Hi SparkPeople Members

This is the first time many of you have received this email, so here is a quick introduction that leads into this week's topic for everyone.

I am Chris Downie, the founder & CEO of SparkPeople. Many years ago, SparkPeople members gave me the username SparkGuy. That is where the name of this "Hello from SparkGuy" email comes from.

On a fairly regular basis, I send out a weekly email with a focus on staying motivated to reach your health and fitness goals and use those results to reach goals in all areas of life -- energy levels, relationships, family, career, fun experiences, and more -- goals and experiences you may have never thought possible.

For the past 7 weeks I have written about a challenge I'm building called the Small Goals Commitment Challenge. This challenge integrates lessons and activities from the underlying SparkPeople program I originally developed to help me overcome social anxiety. Then a co-worker used the same program to lose 50 pounds and told me this program changed her life. That was the "spark" that led to SparkPeople and the transformation of many thousands of lives.

I can tell you that no other site or app has a program like this, so I hope all of you will take a look at today's link to learn more.

One important message today is that nutrition tracking is great because it really works for several reasons. But SparkPeople is about so much more than nutrition tracking. If you aren't tracking your food or even actively losing weight now, I'd love to invite you to still stay involved in our app or website for activities like this Small Goals Commitment Challenge! I promise it will be worth your time and could change your life.

Today's topic for the challenge introduces the very beginning of this program with the concept of Crisscross Effects. Crisscross Effects show how one area of life impacts another area and how intentionaly using all areas of life together is a much better strategy for reaching your goals. In other words, this strategy is far superior for losing or maintaining weight than just focusing on the food you eat or even food and fitness.

Just visit this link to read more about Crisscross Effects and my experience originally putting this program together.

Here is a note from one member about this lesson:

Thank you for this info. I always want to know the why of something before the how because if the reasons for doing something aren't worth it to me then why would I put any effort into doing a thing!? There is so much info on this website, so many things to do and things to check out, it's just really helpful to have a blueprint in hand and a clear direction. In recent weeks I have found myself feeling resentful of the people on community feed who are losing weight (sometimes a lot of weight) while I haven't even started yet, can't seem to get started yet. This lesson has made me feel like I can do it too :).

I hope this member's comment encourages you to both read today's lesson AND be inspired that YOU CAN DO IT TOO! I'll be here to help however I can.

Finally, the simplest part of this challenge is to click the SparkButton to show your commitment to reach one small goal at a time. You don't need to be logged in to try this out. Help us reach our next goal of 15,000 button presses as a group. Just click to this week's lesson and you'll see the button at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it!


Chris "SparkGuy" Downie


Chris (SparkGuy)

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