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Exhausted, anxious, gaining or losing weight? Your thyroid may be trying to tell you something.
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Tired All the Time? Check This
Exhausted, anxious, gaining or losing weight? Your thyroid may be trying to tell you something.
What Your Blood Type Says About You
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Food Safety News - June 30, 2017 Importer recalls Mekong Master swai for lack of residue testing

Food Safety News

Importer recalls Mekong Master swai for lack of residue testing

By News Desk

A California importer is recalling 42 tons of frozen swai from Vietnam because it discovered the fish fillets did not meet U.S. requirements concerning residue sampling and testing. Vinh Hoan USA Inc. of Tustin, CA, distributed the frozen Mekong Master branded swai fillets to wholesalers in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin. The recall... Continue Reading

Stewart Parnell gets 15 minutes of fame on 'American Greed'

By Dan Flynn

Federal inmate Stewart Parnell, the former chief executive and part owner of the now defunct Peanut Corporation of America, is the featured subject of a new episode of CNBC's "American Greed."  The episode premieres at 10 p.m. EDT/PDT on Monday, July 3. Stewart, 63, is serving a 28-year prison sentence for knowingly shipping peanut products... Continue Reading

Rhode Island lawmakers delay decision on raw milk until 2018

By News Desk

It's now looking like Rhode Island’s legislature is going to put off any votes on legalizing sales of raw milk until next year. A nine-member special legislative study commission —to be known as the Commission to Study Raw Milk Regulations— has been recommended by the Senate Committee on Environment & Agriculture. It would make a... Continue Reading

Milk recalled in New York because of improper pasteurization

By Coral Beach

Routine testing by New York officials has revealed some milk from Mountain Fresh Dairy LLC was not properly pasteurized, prompting a recall of kosher milk that was distributed to food pantries and sold at non-profit stores. There is concern that consumers may have unused portions of the recalled 1 percent "Mountain Fresh Kosher Dairy Cholov... Continue Reading

2016 Salmonella outbreak revealed this week by CDC, FDA

By Coral Beach

Federal officials this week released the first reports on a Salmonella outbreak in 2016 that sickened more than 30 people across nine states and was traced to fresh hot peppers. The outbreak hit people from Texas to Minnesota, causing the hospitalization of at least eight out of 32 confirmed victims, according to a report in... Continue Reading

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